10 business strategies you should do during lockdown to stay ahead in future business

We all know that the business will be disrupted as there will be uexpected changes in business process due to this coronovirus COVID-19 pendamic as our business world is changing so our business senerio will change accordingly it is very unfortunate situation for many of ud but onth the other hand it will bring more opportunities for new startups as well as the big or small both will be on same pitch more or less the way business are performed will be changed for big businesses as well startups this is the time where a startup can do hockey stick growth in order to do that i have listed out 10 business strategies you should plan during lockdown.

Cost cutting : cutdown your unwanted expenses and keep only required expenses.

Capital Investment : avoid capital investment invest in operation technology and digital transformation.

Digital payments systems :  you should integrate in your business to be to stay ahead of the curve because people will avoid physical contact with each other.

Digital sales funnel : create digital sales funnel like lead captureing tools e commerce website for sales etc.

Digital channels : Build your digital channels facebook twitter linkedin instagaram tiktok find where your customers are and get engaged with them.

Infulancers : hire network with digital infuluncers to enable your marketing.

Work from Home infra: work from home will be on high demand jobs as a business you need to design your business in such a way where you employee can also works efficiently from home if you do not strategies you work from home setup when your competitor will offer their employee to work from home your business will not be able to retain your employee in such situation therefor during lockdown you should strategies your work from home setup once lockdown get streamlined you should be in a position to do all necessary changes to provide your employee with a options to be work from home.

MIS and Data Tracking : mis and data tracking of your employees partners etc will be the need of the hour as your employees partenrs will be working remotely you will have to build your dtata tracking such a like you can able to get daily progress on every day.

Process Automation : automate your process with the help of technology software etc.


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An MBA in HR and Marketing from AIMS Institute (Bangalore University), He heads digital business he has a rich experience that he has garnered from his previous organisations Including leading Banks, NBFCs & Genpact India. He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Heavy Group of Companies.

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