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Interactive Employees Platform- Mesh Received Funding From Y Combinator and Angel Investors

Interactive Social networking site that provides a platform to employees- Mesh, raised funding from some of the investment firms and angel backers.

The investors include  United States-based investor and accelerator Y Combinator. The investment was confirmed after a tweet. Other participants of the investment include seed-stage Liquid 2 Ventures and founders of startups such as Cure. fit, CleverTap, and Meesho.

The Angel investors who participated in this investment are- Alvin Tse who is Xiamoi’s Indonesia Director, Founder of Mercury Immad Akhund, and angel investor Sumon Sandhu also took part in the funding exercise as reported by The Economic Times. Though the funding amount is not disclosed by any of the investment participants.

The company is aiming to provide Facebook-like social feed which will be user friendly to the users and will help in better interactions of Employers and employees. It will have additional features such as will try to recreate the essence of the physical working environment.

Mesh, was founded by Saurabh Nangia, Rahul Singh, and Gaurav Chaubey in early 2020 with a vision of providing an unbiased and interactive platform for employees with features of tracking daily and weekly tasks, managing long-term goals, and receiving feedback from managers. The goals of an individual, firm or team can also be broken down and privacy can be changed to private in order to ensure proper security for the data.

“At present, corporates typically use two disparate platforms, one for managing their monthly and quarterly goals, and another one for managing their daily and weekly deliverables,” said Saurabh Nangia, Co-founder of Mesh.

The future plans of the company and how the company will use the fund into use include integrating data from third parties such as customer relationship management platforms.

“The goal is to capture real-time data about employees and start giving these insights back to both employees as well as the leaders and the managers within the company,” added Saurabh Nangia.

Currently, the startup has some big customers such as Fampay, 1mg, ShareChat, ClearTax.

The investment in this startup is another example of how some businesses are growing at a rapid rate due to the pandemic where meeting and conducting physical business is next to impossible. In such cases, startups of these kinds are coming to rescue and save from whole economic downfall.

Just like Ed-tech platforms are seeing large investment and reach of millions of students from different parts, similarly, startups like Mesh are also very useful in such tough times to continue the working system.