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6 Difficult Things You Can Face While Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the new marketing tools that entrepreneurs are using to have an established brand identity. Since Wikipedia is one of the most influential sites, marketers understand that having a Wikipedia company page will impact their business very positively. The credibility that is associated with Wikipedia enhances the brand reliability. Moreover, the wide and diverse audience range of Wikipedia allows the brand market to expand to a great extent and introduces the brand to the international market. These all benefits of having a Wikipedia page attracts the marketers and business owners towards having a Wikipedia page.

Other than marketing purposes, people also create a Wikipedia page for sharing information that they think should be known by others. Wikipedia also have biographies of popular personalities belonging to many different Wikipedia’s policy to allow volunteers and users to edit the existing information and adding further information makes it a possibility for everyone to create a Wikipedia page. However, there are a few things that can be difficult to handle when you are editing Wikipedia to create a page. This article is going to point out six major issues that are faced by people when trying to create a Wikipedia page.

Inappropriate Writing Style

One of the most noticeable characteristics of Wikipedia is that it provides the information for free and thus, everyone who can access the internet can access the information on the site. This is the reason why Wikipedia is popular among a huge range of audience that include students and general public as well as scholars and professionals. This diversity of audience demands a writing style that is both, extensive, readable, and comprehensive, which is sometimes difficult. However, you need to fulfill this demand in order to have your article published. You can take help of a professional Wikipedia writer to write the article properly.

Covered Topics

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that supports up to 301 languages and it is said to have the biggest information collection in human history. This wide information collection covers a good number of topics from various disciplines. This is why it is important to check if the topic is already covered before starting to write. If it is already on the site, you can choose to edit the existing page to include any missing information.

Original Ideas

Wikipedia has a criteria to have only ‘accepted information’ on the site and thus, it does not allow any original ideas, hypothesis, or unpublished researches. Also, the information that you add to the site must not include any ideas that do not have proper references and citations to be proven.  Writing without including your perspective is sometimes becomes a difficult task, especially if you are writing about your own brand. It is recommended to proofread your article after writing to eliminate any ideas of this kind.

Notability Criteria

Remember that not every brand or person can have a Wikipedia page. There is a notability criteria that Wikipedia has set for who is eligible to be on the site and who is not. The criteria includes a good reputation in local media and no controversial associations. Also, the brand or the person should have a presence on the internet. Meeting this criteria can be difficult for some newly established brands.

Knowing the Policies

Wikipedia has a set of policies that must be followed. But to follow all the policies, you must know all of them. Knowing all the policies and following them can be difficult sometimes. For instance, Wikipedia does not allow direct promotions in order to avoid impartial and incorrect information. The content that you write or edit on the site must be free of any kind of promotional stuff or advertisement content.

Unverifiable sources

When researching a topic for writing a Wikipedia article, you must collect resources for references and citations. However, Wikipedia has settled a criteria for referencing and citation where it only accepts references that are verifiable. To write an article on a topic in depth and have enough verifiable references is essential for publishing a wiki article and it becomes difficult especially if your topic is not a common one.


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