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Advantages That Women Entrepreneurs Enjoy Over Men!

Women over man entrepreneur

Women are emerging in every field of life. Women are no longer confine to the thresholds of the house, but are becoming independent and giving cut-throat competitions to men all over the world. Women are leading everywhere from academics, music, athletes to business, dancer and painter, everywhere women have imprinted their names. It is wonderful to watch women growing and shaping their individual identities without men.

All the women who are doing excellent in their career are silently removing the taboo that is attached to the word- working women. They are giving their blood and sweat to do best in their lives and fulfil their dreams.

There was a time when the word business was only associated with men, but now women have entered in the entrepreneurship skills and the ball is in their court now, setting examples across the globe. Women are founders of great startups and brands such as Falguni Nayar, Founder of Nykaa and there are so many more hustling to create the best and making their heartbeat with proud!

Women entrepreneurs are at more advantage than men, as mentioned the ball is in their court now. Women enjoy several benefits being an entrepreneur over men which makes it a lot more favourable for women to start something of their own.

Why women entrepreneur enjoy more advantage over men entrepreneur?

1. Multi-Taskers 

Women are the biggest multi-taskers in the world. Even if they work day and night, they look after their house, children, husbands and parents efficiently and strike the balance between home and work perfectly. These superpowers of multi-tasking help them to grow their business by the rapid pace as they manage and run everything smoothly. They give attention to every minute detail and transform everything.

On contract, men tend to focus on one thing, one goal and are not big multitaskers as women which gives more advantages to women over men.

2. Pain Tolerance

Women are indeed superheroes and can bear the pain of high intensities without complaining. Every month their menstrual cycle is one of the proofs how women are stronger than men in multiple ways. Carrying a life inside the womb for 9 months is another example of strength women holds and pain they suffer in day to day life. When a woman gives birth to a baby, the pain is similar to the pain when 206 bones of our body cracks. In managing the business there are many ups and downs and being mentally and emotionally strong is an additional advantage to women which perhaps men don’t have. There are many phases in setting up a business, many layers to it even after it is settled, many painful moments which are very harsh to juggle with. Women being more tolerant, come out of such obstacles more smoothly and effectively than men.

3. Patience

All the boxed should be ticked to appreciate the patience level of women. Men are more subjected to anger easily whereas women are relatively calm, patient and understanding. Business demands the dynamics of being patient, calm and more understanding towards customers, staff members and clients. Anger, mostly spoil things whereas handling situations with patience help business grow and bloom. In this point also, women are in more advantage over women.

4. Listening skills

Women possess great listening skills, they are more open to criticism, suggestions and demands as compared to women. They handle the customers better than men as they give attention to every small detail that a customer has to say.

Here’s an example of it- If you go to buy clothes where both men and women work as staff members. If you’ll ask men to show a shirt for you, he’ll line up a variety of shirts of your size for you and you’ll be confused which one you should buy whereas a woman will ask you your choice and preference- colours, pattern and everything that is important and line up with selective shirts and make it easy for you to choose from! She will also give you honest suggestions about how it is looking on you and will help you select the best one which will suit your personality!

5. Socially active

Let’s face this truth- women are more engage socially and that is the reason in a house, women manage most of the social connections, relations and events. They love to talk, listen, participate in various activities which is an added advantage for them in running a business smoothly over men. To set up and run business, being socially active is one of the most important aspects which helps in building connections and goodwill with staff members, clients and customers in order to make the business a big hit!

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