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Amazon India delivery business idea

Amazon India delivery business idea : Amazon has become one of the leading brands in India. Its widest range of products, quick delivery service, easy returns & refunds, and additional services have made it the nation’s most preferred e-commerce brand. Just what any successful business does, Amazon has brought a lot of employment opportunities with it. It has not only provided wide access to the businesses who are registered as a seller with Amazon but has also generated other business opportunities. One such opportunity is Amazon delivery business idea.

Amazon India delivery business idea

As it is the most used e-commerce website, there are hundreds of delivery to be made every day for a single locality. Delivery is the soul of e-commerce business. Any kind of failure in it may cause a severe damage to the entire brand. That is why Amazon pays its keen attention to the delivery part of a business by coming up with various innovative ideas. One such idea is creating delivery points in each locality.

How does it work?

Anyone can register with Amazon for the delivery point. You are supposed to deliver the consignments dropped at your registered pick-up point by the logistics department of Amazon. You are only expected to deliver within the range of 5 kilometers. The number of packets is only this much that you can deliver all the consignments within two to three hours.

How does one earn?

Amazon has a fixed payment decided for each delivered packet. No matter if the package is big or small or multiple packets to be delivered at a single place. You will get paid for each packet you deliver. Apart from that, an additional fixed amount is provided as a petrol allowance and mobile allowance. In India, the company also provides some extra amount on promoting digital payment in place of cash payment.

How to register the delivery point with Amazon

First of all, make sure you have a place which you can provide for delivery point. You do not need a big place to keep the packets because you only receive a sack-full of goods which are supposed to be delivered within the same day. Secondly, make sure you can spare two to three hours every day for this work. Even if you hire a delivery person you still need to continuously monitor the work to make sure it is done properly. Lastly, you must have your own vehicle to use. The company can only provide you with fuel expenses. Rest you have to manage yourself.

When the abovementioned points are settled, do the following:

  1. Submit your basic details online along with your address.
  2. The logistic network of Amazon at your place will contact you.
  3. It will take the soft copy of your following documents to upload in the server:
    1. PAN
    2. Address proof
    3. Bank proof (Cheque or bank statement)
    4. Gumasta license having the address mentioned which you want to register for the delivery point.

It may take one or two days for you ID to generate. Then you can happily proceed with this business idea.

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