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Autodesk to acquire Pype Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Autodesk with recent agreements has done the deal to acquire Pipe Technologies Pvt Ltd.

With this, the workforce of Autodesk company in Banglore will expand.

Besides this, Autodesk has invested in more 8 startup companies since 2017.

Autodesk says this acquisition will add help in adding value to their construction cloud suite.

In addition, it will empower Autodesk in providing services and help to contractors, subcontractors and owners to increase productivity and reduce related risk.

Pype technology combines Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to analyze data- project plans and project lifecycles.

Moreover, Pype will also provide a helping hand in reducing manual entry and human errors thus will decrease not only workload but also increase efficiency.


Collaborating Pype and Autodesk will result in streamlined project management too.


“Pype’s robust machine learning capabilities will empower Autodesk customers to connect workflows across the building lifecycle in new ways and optimize their businesses for long-term resiliency,”  says the CEO of Autodesk.

Sunil, the founder of Pype says that this movie will work tremendously in expanding capabilities of the suite.

The whole acquisition process will end by October and the amount spent in acquiring Pype Technologies Pvt Ltd is not disclosed yet.


About Autodesk

Autodesk is the US-based 3d Software service provider with 10,000 + employers and about 500of them working in India.

Autodesk provides services to Engineering, media, Entertainment and other various fields.


About Pype Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Pype Technologies- based in the US and Banglore was founded in 2015 by-

Sunil Dorairanjan –

Karuna Ammireddy-

The Company offers software that helps in preventing reworks, cost overruns and project delays.

The platform also offers actionable insights on the basis of workflows of projects.