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Be passionate and persistent – Neha Suradkar Founder Style-n-File

I am a Makeup and nail artist and educator, also a Style Coach™ and a Grooming
Consultant. I am the founder of Style-n-File Makeup and Nail Studio and Academy.
Style-n-File is a boutique nail and makeup studio and academy, one of the firsts of its
kind in Powai. The objective is to make beauty, makeup and nails a part of lifestyle for
all women. We hope to achieve our goal by providing bespoke nail and makeup
services, and to train anyone who’s willing to pursue a career in makeup and/or nail

2. What inspired you to go for this area of business?
We moved back to India in 2014. I started working as a Style Coach™ and freelance
makeup and nail artist. I got an opportunity to work as a trainer with International
Makeup Brand Cinema Secrets. I am their PAN India Head Makeup Trainer now. I
conduct workshops on Grooming and Makeup for Corporate and Educational
Institutes as well.
In 2016, I started my Makeup and Nail Studio and Academy, Style-n-File in Powai. The
idea was to have a boutique nail and makeup studio, rather than a full-fledged salon.
Also, an academy, where we can offer personal and professional training in makeup
and nails.
Colors have always fascinated me. Makeup and nails give me an opportunity to play
with colours and explore my creative side. Since I have always been passionate about
teaching and sharing my knowledge, I follow my passion by providing makeup and nail

3. What are all the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?
After moving back to India, It took some time to understand the market and introduce
services that were not easily available, like personal makeup sessions which are simple
and practical. Making people understand the need to look good can be a daunting task
but if you walk the talk, things get a little easy.
Starting a business in a new place is a challenge in itself, starting from logistics to staff
to products, everything had to be figured out. At the beginning, the challenge was to
get good, well trained and reliable team, which we got over a period of time. Now,
slowly and gradually, all things have fallen in place.

4. Share with us the achievements of your company in the industry so far?
As an educator, the biggest accomplishment is see your students doing well
professionally after their training from Style-N-File Academy. Also, the clients who

come to learn personal makeup and are happy with the simple and practical approach
to the session bring a lot of sense of contentment. Happy Clients, happy brides and
successful students make your day
One of the biggest projects that I undertook was coaching the sales staff of Brand
Factory all across the country in personal grooming. Another one is working as a PAN
India Trainer for Cinema Secrets professional makeup brand.

5. What are all your future plans for your business?
We keep on upgrading our skills by trainings and our curriculum as per international
standards and techniques. Dreams are big… we look forward to expanding the
academy and train more and more people to fill the demand and supply gap in the
beauty industry.

6. In the crowd of different businesses, how you differentiate your business ?
At Style-n-File, we aim to make Beauty, Makeup and Nails a part of lifestyle rather
than something that is meant only for special occasions. We always take into
consideration the lifestyle and budget while doing nails and also while recommending
products during a makeup training session.
Makeup and nails are two upcoming fields in beauty industry. I have always liked to
work in a niche area rather than doing what everybody else does. There are already
plenty of salons around which offer makeup and nails as a part of their repertoire of
services but Style-n-File is a boutique nail and makeup studio offering bespoke
services in both.
As an academy, we train the people aspiring to get into the beauty industry through
these niche areas. As a makeup artist or nail technician, one can work full time, part
time or as a freelancer. You can explore your hobby or passion along with your
ongoing profession before you are ready to take it up as a career.
We are one of the very few nail studios in India that specialize in Japanese Nail art
techniques, which are detailed and intricate.
As a makeup artist, our U.S.P. lies in making makeup look natural on the skin and not
giving a “made up” look to the client. As makeup trainer, I like to make things simple
for people so they can easily adapt to makeup in their day to day life.

7. Do you feel you have achieved what you dream of?
There’s no end to dreams. Once you achieve a dream, you dream of something bigger
and that what motivates you to keep going. I am achieving my dreams and then
dreaming for more and hoping to achieve them too.

8. What are all the improvements you suggest in the area of Business you are in?
The biggest challenge the whole salon industry is facing is the problem of cost cutting.
There are people/salons who advertise their services for extremely low prices, which
is not possible to give with good quality products. The clients are attracted to those
low prices and end up having a bad experience.
Good education is extremely important for the aspiring individuals looking to step into
beauty and wellness industry. Most of the time clients are put off by therapists and
staff as they do not give proper information. Having well trained staff, technicians and
therapists will improve consumer experience and will help in further growth.

9. Any piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs?
I would like to advice that explore the options, focus on what you want to do. Be
passionate and persistent. Create a niche for yourself and always be hungry for more.

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