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Blogging business idea

Blogging business idea
Blogging business idea

If you are here, then there are chances that you already have some knowledge about this business idea. If not, then I am happy to see your interest in learning about it.

We often find certain articles on the internet returned as a result after putting our queries on search engines. They are people like you and me who write those articles. The difference is just that those people are well-informed ones. They use the internet as a platform to share their knowledge and expertise with others. It helps them reach masses while sitting on a comfortable couch at their home. All they do is create their blogs or vlogs and put all their ideas into it. We can also find various relevant video blogs in our search. Such blogs are fashionably called as vlogs. They are blessings to those who do not find reading long articles on the internet very appealing.

If you wish to be a blogger or vlogger ask yourself a few questions. Do you possess any expertise or knowledge which can be shared with others? Do you think you have any piece of information which might be useful for many people across the globe? If yes, then start giving words to them and write them down. Or give them a good script and conversion to a video.

What is blogging ?

A blog is an online journal offering information shared by writers or groups of writers on their views
or information about a particular subject. It is like an online diary offering various types of content
such as text, videos, pictures, GIFs, and more. A blog is like a social tool that allows extrovert as well
as introverted people methods to interact with the world.

There is no limitation as to who can blog and what kind of blogs they want to write. Some people
start blogging as a hobby, some as their side income while some take it as their career. As long as
people have interest, access to online tools that will help them create content can make blogs and
promote them with viewers.

There are many reasons to start a blog. Some people use it for personal use while there are a few
handfuls of people who consider business blogging. The purpose of blogging for business is to
increase the visibility of the company and rank high on google. With the growing number of startups
these days, the use and demand for blogging are also increasing. New businesses today, rely on
blogging to help them grab the attention of their consumers. Without blogging, their website will
not be seen on google and hence lose in the business.

Be it business or personal use, the basic idea behind blogging is to connect with relevant audiences
and boost traffic. A blog allows you to build a brand and showcase your talent. For business work, it
adds a great call-to-action; to increase traffic on the websites and target audience with good-quality
content. With the help of creative content and engaging posts; it becomes easy to build trust and
connect with the viewers.

Blogging business idea problems

Even though blogging is considered the easiest thing on earth; it comes with some problems and
thus one should think twice before pursuing blogging. A lot of beginners fail to find the right topic
for their website. They might want to start makeup, fashion, clothing, photography; all at once which
distributes their attention and thus leads to too much stress.

Viewers today thrive for quality content. thy will check out your blogs only if they find some
trending, interactive, or completely new. Quality content is considered the biggest weapon in
blogging. Even if you have lots and lots of ideas that keep coming up to your mind; there will be a
phase where you will find yourself juggling your mind for new and quality content.

Your blog represents who you’re and thus having a unique voice is very important. Having a
distinctive voice in your blogs will define your blogs and ultimately attract viewers. But finding a
unique voice for your blogs sometimes becomes difficult.

The most heartbreaking problem of blogging is to put all your dedication, devotion, time, and energy
towards your blogs and still unable to get traffic. It could be because your SEO game is not strong or
you are devoting too much time to writing content than promoting. There are so many reasons
behind not getting good traffic on your blogs.

Blog idea solutions

Just as you build a house, the first stone is chosen very carefully; similarly while starting blogging,
selecting your niche is very important. Pen down all your key interests and start researching and
evaluating them. Search for your competitors and ask yourself if you are up for this much dedication
and devotion.

The main purpose of you writing your blogs is for your target audience and hence it is very important
to keep their mindset and interest in mind. To deliver an outstanding piece to your audience, it is
very important to do proper research about what you are writing. Go through your competitor’s
page; sometimes taking inspiration from them can even work. If not content, try delivering
interactive videos, GIF’s and images to liven up your blogs and make them more user-friendly.

Having a specific audience will help you have a unique voice for yours. Whether you are targeting
makeup lovers or photographers; your target audience will help you pick your voice. Once you get
your target audience, try interacting with them. Do good research as to what they want to see, what
is their slang, and what do they expect from your blogs.

Make SEO your best friends. Try using various SEO tools that will help you get traffic on your
website. Backlinking is another very important key feature when it comes to promoting your
content. Not only that your presence on social media and the means to promote your blogs are yet
another and most important part in increasing traffic. Make influencers your friends, do shoutouts,
collaborate with others for giveaways to gain the attention of your viewers.

Blogging tools

Along with delivering new and quality content, there are many blogging tools that are designed to
help start your blog and increase your blog visibility. Beyond just writing content; it is very important
for a blogger to make them eye-popping and promote them on social media platforms to increase
engagement. Hubspot is one such platform for bloggers to go through if they are unable to find
topics or just to find some popular blogs topics. Hemingway is another tool that checks your blog
and highlights the areas of improvement. Along with such tools, there are tools such as Sendible,
Quora; that will help you increase your digital marketing game and increase your visibility as well.

Blogging market

With the increase in bloggers today; there are more than 570 million blogs on the internet. The
number of bloggers in the USA alone is around 31.7 million users till 2020. Depending upon whether
you are a full-time blogger or a part-time; your income will certainly vary. During the initial year of
blogging; you can earn $500 – $2,000 per month. As you increase your audience and increase
engagement and visibility you can see a significant increase in your revenue. There are many full-
time bloggers who are earning $200,000 per year by devoting 10-15 hours per day towards blogging.
Along with content writing skills, for becoming a successful blogger you must also possess
networking skills, follow-up skills, editing skills, and marketing skills.

When and how do i start blogging business ?

First of all, make sure you have enough time to spare for this business idea. There are many bloggers and vloggers who have established themselves successfully. To compete with them you have to give it enough time. Therefore, whenever you feel you can give sufficient time to your business idea, then immediately go for it.

The best way to do is to use the already existing blogging platforms. Whenever you are ready with your idea and the content try to make sure that they are your original creation. Because plagiarism may land you in trouble. Some of the best blogging and vlogging platforms are

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla
  • Ghost
  • Weebly
  • Youtube(for Vlogging)


Blogging includes writing content, updating them, networking, and interacting with the viewers.
Blogging helps in developing a relationship with the audience and a successful source of earning
income. The success of a blog totally depends upon your niche and the time and energy you are
willing to put in. Even though blogging is considered and seen as a very easy and simple means of
earning comes; there are many cons it brings along.

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