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Hey there entrepreneurs! We are bringing for you some interesting home-based business ideas. Many of us dream to run our own business but lack of funds often comes as a major hurdle in our way. We need money to build or rent an office, to hire men-power , to meet other infrastructural investments and many more. But there is one thing which you can do is start with some low-investment business ideas and save enough out of it to fund your dream project. There surely are certain businesses which can be done from home. Let me enlighten you with some of them.

Online data-entry jobs

Such jobs do not require any special qualification or any special skill or knowledge. In data-entry, you only have to enter the data in the websites from the document provided to you. Search for such jobs through the internet and apply for the one you find suitable. You can have all the liberty over time to complete your work. There are deadlines in certain data-entry jobs, therefore you have to manage time. It is one of the best home-based jobs for you.

Content writing

If you the skill of writing and have the flair for words, you can definitely think for becoming a content writer. In this type of work, you have to develop the unique and original contents for the company. The content can be either information providing or marketing related, you may get some material to write or you may have to rely on your own research. But if this business captures your interest no difficulty can hinder your movement towards success.


If you happened to be good in academic skills during your school years, why don’t you make use of that? Do some revision if you need and start providing tuitions to the children in your neighborhood. Your own kids can also study along with your students and can make new friends.

Skill coaching

Everyone is blessed with some talent or the other. Apart from academics, there are other skills as well in which they can provide coaching for. Some of those skills are cooking, painting, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, embroidery work, make-up, and beauty related skills and many more. Think of making use of the skill you have.

Blog or Vlog

If you are not getting students due to your location or other reasons, start writing blogs or making vlogs. In this way, you can not only make use of your academic as well as others but can also earn more through broad access. There are many pre-designed blogs providing websites such as which you can use. Apart from that, Youtube is the best and the most economical option if you go for a vlog.

Freelance telecaller

If you are good in communication skills, then this a job you can consider. You may not know but there are many companies which look for freelance telecallers. Do some search on the internet and you may find a relevant job for you. If the working hours suit you well, then it is the best option to proceed with.

Online seller

If you can manufacture anything in small quantities at home, you can sell them online. It can be anything such as cookies, snacks, pickles, handmade crafts, handmade jewelry etc. Give some time to think and come up with a good product to sell online.

Marketing associate

Those who have a good social media presence and are highly active in that can consider being a marketing associate for the products of many companies. You are expected to provide your feedback to your social media followers.

Online secretarial services business idea

Even the secretarial services can be provided from remote locations. You have to do all those tasks which a secretary is supposed to do. Mostly there will not be any specific qualification asked by the company other than good communications skills. The work mostly involves sending or replying e-mails, attending or making phone calls, organizing meetings, making timetables and notes.

If you have better skills, then the work area may also extend up to making PowerPoint presentations, generating reports, data entry and bookkeeping.

Proofreading /Editing business idea

There are many budding writers who need your assistance to make their work better. Sometimes as a writer we fail to spot our mistakes. Those mistakes are easily pointed out by others on proofreading. Most people look for freelancers for such assistance. You can provide proofreading as well as editorial services to young writers. All you need is to have a great command over language with good knowledge of grammar to provide better service.

One successful completion of assignment can ensure more work on your plate. This job not only lets you work remotely but also lets you have time flexibility.

Business plan design business idea

Have you ever come across a person who has a brilliant business idea but cannot express its revenue model by using statistics or graphs? If yes, then you must know that there are many others with similar issue. Anyone who is looking for an investor for his or her business idea has to express the idea first. A proper presentation has to be prepared to convey the business plan properly. If you think you can convert those plans into tables and graphs, then you can be of great service to many.

You can work on a contract basis in your free time.

Financial Advisory business idea

If you possess a good grip over the financial sector or have the qualification related to that, then it is just the work for you. It can be done both in part as well as full-time, depending on your choice. There are certain certification courses which you are required to complete before serving as an authentic financial advisor. Your client base can be wide enough including everyone from individual to big companies.

You need to keep updating yourself with new investment tools, taxation policies and financial rules & regulations to serve your clients properly.

Meal planning business idea

You can be an online meal planner for food enthusiasts. You can advise your clients on easy prep meals, suggest food on the basis of its nutritional value and can plan a balanced diet according to their body requirements. It is much more than just sharing the ingredients and recipes, although it is also a part of being a meal planner.

Newly married and hostlers often need kitchen related advice. Like how much groceries should they buy for the week and what all should they buy? A suggestion from an experienced is always welcomed.

Caretaker for babies or old ones as a business idea

In families where husband and wife both are in the job, they need someone to take care of their infant or old ones in the house. In certain cases, there are both infant and old ones who are needed to be taken care of. A helping hand is a much-needed thing in such situations.

You need no special academic skill to be a care-taker but an experience and a heart to serve are the prime qualifications for such jobs.

Spiritual advisory business idea

If you possess the qualification in the field of philosophy or have attended spiritual classes, then it is time to help others. There are many people around you who are in the need of spiritual healing. Your few words can make a big difference in their lives. Depression, anxiety, frustration are some of the invisible diseases which slowly kill an individual. Meditation can help them come out of their agonies. You can be a hero if you can successfully satisfy their spiritual needs.

Massage therapist business idea

Join a course in massage therapy and become a therapist. You can provide home service to people near you. Having a massage therapist next door is like a dream come true for many. If you serve well, your clients are very likely to stick with you for long. You can also train a few more people and can start your own Massage center.


Online career counseling business idea

If you don’t have much knowledge in this field, still there is nothing much to worry about. You can easily acquire the required knowledge and can start your own online consultancy. Many young graduates around you might be facing confusions regarding career choice. Grab the opportunity and be at their service. Your work will speak for you that is why always toil yourself to deliver a good result.

Relationship advisory business idea

You may not know but there might be people around you who are facing a rough time in their married life. Many of them are might be on the verge of getting separated. Your valuable advice might save their marriage. If you have been a person who is a keen listener and solution provider in your friend circle, you should consider this profession. Other than being a decent earning provider, it is a noble job too.

Astrology business idea

Many people learn astrology out of interest but what they don’t know is that it is a huge market in itself. This area of business includes:

  • Palmistry
  • Tero card reading
  • Horoscope reading

Online Surveyer business idea

Certain websites like Mysurvets, InboxDollar, Global Test Market invite people to do surveys. It does not require special skills and can be done in spare time.


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