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Business Ideas for housewife to start and earn from the comforts of their home

In a patriarchy society where male members and husbands are found to be more dominating, with the advancement of the 21st century, the time for housewives has come to take up the front seat and become truly independent. For every little thing, housewives are dependent on their husbands but not anymore, the clock has clicked right for all the housewives now to turn their passion into their business and turn their hobbies into their monthly earning.

With the advent use of the internet and its widespread use of it across the world, the internet gives an opportunity to learn, explore and expand everything every day. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and every other social platform has something new and different to offer for an individual to grow and learn. There are so many people, individuals and business setups that grew up with the help of opportunities provided by various social media platforms.

To turn your passion or your hobby to business the most crucial thing is that try to make it your own with your own personalised creative ideas that will make your ideas and business different from others! The market is already very highly competitive and to outshine you and yourself will not be easy but with right efforts, hard work and proper guidance you will ultimately reach your goals.

Women now can turn their passion into their business and earn by working from the comforts of their home and with that, they can continue to fulfil their duties as a wife, as parents and whatever responsibilities they’re adhering to doesn’t need any compromise.

How women should start a business?

Running a business is not a bed of roses, there will be ups and downs, there will be rejections but what is most important among all is to never give up and believe in your capabilities.

  1. For a woman to start a new business, skill is definitely one of the most vital components that are needed. Every housewife has some skills which they master single-handedly.
  • Identify your skill that you probably want to turn into your forte and business, work on it and fly high. Identifying your skill is the foremost step towards your success.

After analysing your skill that you want to convert into something of your own is your first step towards your goal. One step at a time.

Baking happiness in forms of homemade cakes and cookies

After the complete analysis, it’s time to move a little forward. Suppose, of all the skills you chose bakery items that you bake the best such as cookies, cakes,  homemade biscuits, chocolates, muffins and pudding for which you receive compliments from your friends, family and relatives.

Bakery baked items are always in demand and if you’ve mastered the art of baking at your home, this is the right time for you! The most common business for anyone who’s into the bakery business is delivering cake for anniversaries, birthdays and any such occasions, cookies and homemade biscuits, muffins for households or for any party and chocolate for birthday parties and for kids.

2. Create a list of your friends, neighbours and relatives who probably ask you to bake for them or someone who always compliments your baking skills. Tell them that you’re starting a small business of bakery items and they can place their orders of cake, biscuits, puddings and chocolates whenever they need. Also, ask them to spread the words to other people so if anyone is looking for a homemade, good quality and delicious bakery items can contact you.

After the completion of the above steps, now comes the digital part which will give your business a separate identity and will shape your business structure.

3. Think of a creative and attractive name for your social media presence which will probably attract the customers towards you and help your budding business grow. After deciding on a name, mark your presence in every digital platform- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to promote your business. Make that page and invite people to like and follow it.

For your digital presence, a little bit of investments is required to spread your brand and your products. A good quality camera is the first requirement for digital presence as your pictures and videos are the things that will attract people towards it, so you cannot compromise the quality of your content. Instagram and Facebook accept paid promotions that help your page to reach to more people and to gain more audience. The plans and varies in both the sites and you can choose accordingly.

4. Opening a youtube channel and documenting your baking skill in which you’ll prepare different items will give you views, suggestions and if everything goes well, you’ll start having customers to place orders.

With all such steps, your bakery business will grow and with right efforts and hard work you’ll reach your success destination.

Handmade happiness- Personalized gifts and decorative items

 If you think, you’re creative and good wit artistic and craft activities then go for it.

  1. The step is the same contact people who compliment on your handmade crafty things and decorative wall hangings and paintings. Tell them about it ask them to inform others too.
  2. Set up your Instagram, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts, feature your best work. Develop the platform to a point where people can place online orders with you. Promote your work and try to come up with ideas that will make you stand out from others!
  3. Make videos of the process of how you make your personalized gifts, decorative stuff and m=develop a tutorial videos that will attract more audience towards you!
  4. Think out of the box, come up with new products, new handmade gifts for birthdays, friendship days, anniversaries, valentines day and other occasions that will encourage people to buy from you.

A little bit of investment is required to begin your business and to take it forward. Once you’re able to attract a decent amount of audience, your expenses will be eventually covered up with the money you’ll earn.

On top of that, once you’ll be able to establish your digital presence, brands and other platforms will contact to collaborate with you and even pay you for collaborations. This will help you attract more people and your business will take up to a different level.

With efforts, hard work, investments and dedication a woman can definitely reach to her desire goals, earn by sitting at her home, shape her own identity and become independent!

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