Business Ideas housewife business idea

Business ideas for housewife

Business Ideas for Housewife
Business Ideas for Housewife

Are you looking for profitable best Business Ideas for House wife ?

In this article we are going to give you the best business ideas which you can start immediately and all this Business you can start from your home and it does not required much investment to start it. please read carefully till the end and we are very sure you will be able to start your own business by the end of the entire blog.

lets get started

All the ladies out there who have taken the responsibility of being a housewife, I think you are wonderful. You are running a great responsibility in the form of household and raising children. A better society always depends on the culture that parents impart on their kids. Ladies who are homemakers are having a major share of this responsibility which they do marvelously. I have never seen such a multi-tasker like a housewife. Their job is often underrated despite it takes all those skills which one requires to run a company. Skills like time management, financial management, resource management, motivating others, finding solutions and many more.

I understand that many of the housewives are willing to be financially independent but without compromising their household responsibilities. Therefore, I have come up with some home-based business and job ideas for you. But to proceed with any of them, you need to arrange a few infrastructural requirements. They are a computer, the internet connection, a properly installed phone line connection or a mobile phone and social media presence. Now, let us find out what are all the business ideas for a housewife.


A woman who’s well versed in any language can start working as a language instructor. Sometimes language instructor is also a need in companies for which they hunt language instructor online. Women can also teach any language online by targeting students who want to learn any particular language or can set up a language institute in home where students from around can come and learn a new language such as English or any special language such as Spanish, French, Japanese or Chinese.

Capital Required- The only investment it will call for is promotional charge of your classes which can cost you somewhere around 2-3,000

Market size- All the people who are willing to learn any new language as nowadays knowing two or more language has become a must. You can receive a large number of investment.

Profit Margin- The margin will be the difference between promotional cost and the fees you’ll charge from the students.

Income- Your income will depend on the number of students enrolling in your classes.


If your hand has magic of taste, this is the best business for you! You can set up an online platform where people can place orders for your tasty pickles and jams and for offline business you can deliver your pickle and jam in around your city. You can prepare special seasonal pickles and jams which will help you hunt more customers.

Capital Required- The investment that will require for this business will be spend on buying jars and other packaging products, ingredients used in jam or pickle, promotion cost and delivery charge. It can be around 25-35000 investment.

Market size- Every household needs pickle and jam. Caterers, office and hostel mess, canteen, restaurants can also order jam and pickle.

Profit Margin – The profit margin will be the difference between the cost of making the pickle and jam and the cost that you’ll charge from your customers per kg or per bottle.

Income- Once you’re able to build a customer base you can easily earn upto 20,000 per month.


You can set up a coaching centre in your home for whatever subject you’re comfortable with. You can fix a particular time and schedule for students and run your coaching institute accordingly.

Capital required- You’ve to buy some study materials such as a board, marker, duster, notebooks, print posters for advertisements and a coaching board for reference. This will call for around 10-15,000 investement.

Market size- There are many children who want to seek extra help from tutors to study. There’s a cut throat competition in market for a coaching institute. You’ve to attract good amount of students to run your classes smoothly.

Profit Margin- The expenditure required to maintain the classes and the fees you’ll charge from the students.

Income- This depends on the number of students who’ll attend your classes and the fees that you’ll charge from the students.


If you’re not comfortable of setting up an institute in home, teaching online is also one of the option that you can follow. There are many online ed-tech platforms such as Vedantu, Unacademy etc that requires teacher to teach from their home and in return they’ll pay you monthly salary. You can even set up a youtube channel for yourself where you can upload the videos of the topics that you want to teach and can conduct live streams for interacting with students.

Capital Required- For this business, you need a good quality smart phone, internet connection, Laptop.

Market size- Internet is mother of opportunities. You can get variety of maximum number of students here.

Profit Margin – The difference between your expenditure of good quality smart phone, internet connection and the salary you’ll receive or the money you’ll make out of your youtube channel and persona online tutor business.

Income- With good amount of views on unacademy and Vedantu, you can earn upto 15,000 INR.


If you believe in nature and natural elements of environment, make herbal soaps out of natural ingredients such as Neem, Aloe Vera, Chandan, etc. This will help you stand out from those soaps which are available in markets. Natural and healthy soaps will help you to find a customer base.

Capital Required- This business will also call for promotional charge such as pamphlets, posters, boards and samples. Materials which will be used for making soap will be the additional expenditure. Initial investment can be around 10-12,000 INR.

Market Size- There are many people who prefer organic and herbal soaps. Promotions will help you gain them.

Profit Margin- The difference between cost of promotion, production and the money that you’ll impose per soap.

Income- With decent amount of customers, you can earn up to 8-10,000 per month.


If you’re good with decoration and creative skills, you can set up this small business of Gift baskets. You can design gift baskets for different occasions which can include some customized gifts, drinks, chocolates and cakes. You can take orders online as well as offline and deliver the gift basket anywhere.

Capital Required- Initial investment will be spent on the materials use for decorating and filling up the basket, shipping cost and promotional cost which can vary somewhere between 15-18,000 INR.

Profit Margin- The difference between cost of production of the basket and the amount you’ll charge from customers.

Market size- On occasions and festivals, the business will see a huge market base and customers lining up. Online market will be more open for you.

Income- Your income will depend on the number of orders you’ll certainly have.


Cooking classes is the best way to turn your passion for cooking into your earning. You just need a kitchen and target students around your locality and city who wants to learn cooking and start teaching them in your free time.

Capital Required- Purchasing all the equipments for the classes and cooking ingredients, promotional charge. Your initial investment can vary from 10,000 to 16,000 INR.

Market size- There will be a huge competition but there are many people who want to learn cooking classes of all the age and of all the genders.

Profit Margin- The difference between the cost of equipments, ingredients and the fees you’ll charge from them.

Income- Income solely depends on the number of students and the fees you’ll levy on them.


If you don’t agree with the idea of setting up a cooking classes at home, you can probably go for online cooking tutorials. Create a facebook, instagram page and a youtube channel where you can upload cooking tutorial videos and attract audience. After which you can also teach cooking on Skype, Zoom and Google meet to different people across the country.

Capital required- For setting up this, you require good quality f smart phone, laptop and internet connection.

Market size- Internet has a huge market size and you can probably get heavy amount of students if you perform your classes and promotion activities religiously.

Profit Margin- The difference between the expense of internet, accessories and the amount you’ll receive based on views and followings.

Income- This depends on number of views, subscriptions, likes and following.


If you’re passionate about Yoga and possess some Yogic skills, becoming a yoga instructor can be suitable for you. You can call your friends, people from around and teach them yoga in morning or evening. You can even teach yoga through online interactive platforms such as Youtube, Skype, Zoom etc.

Capital Required- It calls for no investment, but if you’re willing to promote your classes then a minimal cost of promotion will be required.

Market size- Nowadays, people are very much into health and fitness, so you can expect a good market size.

Income- It solely depends on  the number of students and fees structure you’ll issue.


If you’re well versed in vocals and music, this can be the right thing for you! Take singing classes for people of all the age who wants to learn music and vocals and charge fees from them accordingly.

Capital Required- If you’re setting up it in your home, you can expect that the investment will be required for buying musical equipments which can cost upto 10,000 INR.

Market Size- There are so many people out there who wants to learn music but also there is a huge competition in market.

Income- You can expect a decent income out of it if you’re able to hunt decent amount of students- Up to 15,000.


Corporate gifts includes pens, mugs, wallets etc which usually have company’s name and logo imprinted. You can take contract from corporate offices and business and take orders to prepare their gifts. You can arrange someone who can help you make customized gifts with Company’s logo and name and send gifts accordingly.

Capital Required- YFor this, you have to invest money in buying gifts and in customization process. You can expect an initial investment of around 20,000-25,000 INR.

Market Size- There are so many companies and communities in the market which can give you contract.

Income- You can expect income of somewhere around 20,000-40,000 per month as per the contracts and orders you’ll receive.


Chocolate making is one of the fun and enjoyable small businesses that you can set up. You can bake variety of chocolates and sell them in different occasions and can also bake them for parties such as kid’s birthday party, Christmas party, farewell party etc.

Capital Required- The investment will call for spending money on materials required to bake chocolates and packing them which can vary from 2,000-5,000

Market size- Who doesn’t love chocolate? You’ll probably get a good amount of customers but also a good amount of competition.

Income- If everything goes well, you can expect an income up to 8,000 INR.


Students these days are often confuse about what they should opt and what path they should move on. You can come into their rescue. Talk to them, analyze their skills and shortcoming and suggest them a good career option which they can follow and become successful. You can conduct counseling both online and offline.

Capital required- It will not call for any investment apart from a little investment on promotions.

Market size- There are so many students confused about what they really need to do will, so you can expect a good market size for this business.

Income- You can expect up to 8-10,000 INR.


Dancing is an art and if you’ve knowledge about it you should absolutely put it in practice. Various dance forms ranging from classical to hip-hop, choose the one you’re comfortable with. You can teach it at your home and you can even take online classes.

Capital required- Nearly 8-10,000 will be invested for setting up a dance institute at your home and if you’re taking online classes, good quality smart phone, laptop and internet connection is require.

Market size- Market size would be enough if you’re able to attract students. Dancing is in trend and everyone wants to learn it. Though, you’ll face neck to neck competition as there are many dance instructors available.

Income- Income ideally depends on the number of students and the fees structure.


Flowers are demand of every season, festival and occasion. You just need time and patience to grow flowers in your little space and sell it in forms of garlands, bouquets, for decorations and there are so many uses of it. Use your networks and contacts to supply flowers for weddings, festivals and other such occasions.

Capital required- It will call for around 5,000 INR investments for purchasing seeds, pesticides and other things to grow and deliver flower varieties.

Market Size- Market size is large for it as flowers are needed for every occasion.

Income- With targeting right amount of audience you can earn upto 10,000-20,000 INR.


Engaging kids into extracurricular activities is very popular these days. You can organize dance workshops, craft workshops, summer camps, winter camps, calligraphy classes and so much more to keep the kids busy and enthusiastic.

Capital Required- Startup investment will be around 5-7,000 INR for purchasing materials and promotional activities.

Market size- Kids are open to learning new activities these days and parents want their children to be open to new experiences. There are large number of children who will be willing to take part.

Income- You can earn up to 30,000 INR from this business.


If you live any big city like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Banglore etc- finding a reliable and trustable made is quite difficult. Either they leave the job or they’re fired because of various issues faced by both maid and the owner. You can become a medium between them. Customers who need maid will contact you and inform  their requirements and you’ll find a suitable maid for them.

Capital Required- This calls for no investment.

Market Size- This is something new and unique business to do so you can expect less competition in this field. There are many people who face trouble in finding a suitable made.

Income- It will depend on how much customers you’ll receive and how much you’ll charge from them.


Day care is one of the best business for women to work on from their home. The parents who are searching for suitable and safe place for their children can leave their children with you. Children are epitome of love and joy. Not only you’ll earn money but will also spend some quality time with them.

Capital Required- The capital required for this business will vary from 6,000 to 8,000 for buying toys and other necessities for children.

Market size- There are so many families where both of the parent are working and need a safe place for their children, the market size is quite enough for this business.

Income- You can fairly earn upto 25,000 and much more if you’re able to attract customers.

19. Jewellery designing

The current fashion trend encourages artificial jewellery that matches to the outfit and occasion. If you possess the skills of designing jewellery, this is perfect for you! Take orders and design beautiful jewelleries for your customers. You can set up an online page and website for people across different parts to place order.

Capital required- The capital will be invested in buying materials for designing and promotional activities for your business.

Market size- The market size is also quite huge as there are many people out there willing to buy customized and hand-made jewelleries.

Income- You can earn up to 10,000 INR.

If you have passion for fashion, you can set up this business easily. You can design clothes by your own and set up a fashion studio in your home. You can keep a helper for yourself and design the best possible clothes. People these days like to wear personally designed clothes that stands out!

Capital required-The capital required for this business is quite high. It will range around 30-40,000 and also you have to pay salary to your helper every month.

Market size- You’ll face huge amount of competition in thus business but with right efforts and different design you can fairly hit a large number of customers.

Income- This is the highest paying business if everything works in your favor. You can earn upto 50,000 and even more!

20. Online data-entry jobs

Such jobs do not require any special qualification or any special skill or knowledge. In data-entry, you only have to enter the data in the websites from the document provided to you. Search for such jobs through the internet and apply for the one you find suitable. You can have all the liberty over time to complete your work. There are deadlines in certain data-entry jobs, therefore you have to manage time. It is one of the best home-based jobs for you.

business idea for housewife writer
Content writing business idea for housewife

21. Content writing

If you the skill of writing and have the flair for words, you can definitely think for becoming a content writer. In this type of work, you have to develop the unique and original contents for the company. The content can be either information providing or marketing related, you may get some material to write or you may have to rely on your own research. But if this business captures your interest no difficulty can hinder your movement towards success.

Home tuition Business idea for housewife
Home tuition Business idea

22. Tutor

If you happened to be good in academic skills during your school years, why don’t you make use of that? Do some revision if you need and start providing tuitions to the children in your neighborhood. Your own kids can also study along with your students and can make new friends.

Skill Development Business idea for houseife

23. Skill coaching

Every woman is blessed with some or the other talent. Apart from academics, there are other skills as well in which they can provide coaching for. Some of those skills are cooking, painting, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, embroidery work, make-up, and beauty related skills and many more. Think of making use of the skill you have.

Blogging business idea for housewife

24. Blog or Vlog

If you are not getting students due to your location or other reasons, start writing blogs or making vlogs. In this way, you can not only make use of your academic as well as others but can also earn more through broad access. There are many pre-designed blogs providing websites such as which you can use. Apart from that, Youtube is the best and the most economical option if you go for a vlog.

freelance tele-calling for housewife

25. Freelance telecaller

If you are good in communication skills, then this a job you can consider. You may not know but there are many companies which look for freelance telecallers. Do some search on the internet and you may find a relevant job for you. If the working hours suit you well, then it is the best option to proceed with.

Online selling business idea for housewife
Online selling business idea for housewife

26. Online seller

If you can manufacture anything in small quantities at home, you can sell them online. It can be anything such as cookies, snacks, pickles, handmade crafts, handmade jewelry etc. Give some time to think and come up with a good product to sell online.

27. Marketing associate

Those ladies who have a social media presence and are highly active can consider being a marketing associate for the products of many companies. You are expected to provide your feedback to your social media followers. You can go through the following link to know more about it in detail


Copy writer is a person who writes for commercial use for business, websites and blogs. If you’ve the idea of working in this field and have confidence in yourself that you can compel data on any given content, this is perfect for you with flexible timing.

Capital required- There’s no capital required, only skills.

Market size- There are many websites and business looking for copy writers online.

Income- You can earn upto 10-15,000 INR per month.


Healthy and organic eating is in trend nowadays. If you have knowledge about right diet meals and healthy foods, you can start this small business where you can instruct people about their diets and prepare a diet chart for them on daily basis according to their purpose and requirement. You can also instruct people through online medium.

Capital required- It doesn’t call for any kind of investment just a right knowledge of food.

Market size- The competition is huge but there are many people out their searching for instructors who can instruct them diet plans for achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Income- You can fairly earn upto 10,000


Freelancing business is very much in demand these days. Freelancing as a content writer, graphic designer, video editor etc. Companies can contact you and enjoy your service for a certain period of time and you can earn high profits out of it.

Capital required- It doesn’t call for any investment.

Market size- There are many companies, communities searching for freelancing services though there are many freelancers online but there are plenty of opportunities available.

Income- Highly profitable you can even earn upto 30,000.

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