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Top business to start in California

California business idea
California business idea

Want to become an entrepreneur? Living in California? Wanted to know best businesses to start in California or lucrative business in california You don’t need to worry; we have few ideas to share with you on what business to start in California. Read till the end of this article and get to know about the most successful business in California or small businesses in California and investment, earning of the each business and we have added few tips to make your work easier. Lets first know about the California and its economy.

California is state present in the Western part of United states. California is reported to be the most populous state in US. The capital of California is Sacramento. Los Angeles, a well-known city all over the world is the largest city in California. California covers a total area of 163,696 sq mi. The state of California marks 3rd in the total area in the United States. California has a population of 39,538,223. The state of California holds 1st rank in population in the United States. The median household income of California is estimated to be $ 71,228 as of 2018. California holds 9th position in the rank of income.

The economy of California is reported to be the largest sub-national economy in the world. It has a gross state product of $ 3.2 trillion. When it comes to economy, the state of California has economy which is larger than the African and Australian continent. The economy of California is higher than the South America. The five biggest sectors in California which contributes to the employment of the state is

  • trade, transport, and utilities
  •  government
  •  leisure and hospitality
  •  education and health sector
  • And professional and business services

The state’s economy is majorly dependent on trade and international related commerce. The economy of California is greatly affected by the agriculture sector. The economy of California is quadrupled over the past three decades by farming related sales. Milk and cream, shelled almonds, and grapes are the three largest California agricultural products. Despite all the business in California, the poverty rate of California is reported to be 23.5%. In Northern California, specifically in Silicon valley, Santa Clara , and Santa Mateo countries have the highest technology sectors all over the state of California.

By the end of the article you will be getting answer to the below mentioned questions in your mind

What is the good business to start in California ?

What are the most successful businesses ? (California based Business)

What is the good business to start in present time ?

What are the types of businesses in California ?

Ice cream factory business idea

                        Who doesn’t love ice creams ? Starting from children to adults everyone loves to eat ice cream. No matter what the whether is hot or cold, windy or rainy . The families in the United states have the tradition to eat desert after meals. Not only in the United States many countries have this tradition. Ice cream is a thing that put smiles on people’s faces. You can start your business in small scale and then you can gradually develop that into large scale.

Depending upon your ideas and the need of equipment  , you can put an investment of $ 3000- $ 7000. Coming to the earning, consider you sell ice cream for $ 20 per kilogram and you manage to sell 35 kilogram per day , you can make up to $ 700 per day, it will be $ 21,000 per month

Cake Shop Business idea

                      What is a party or an event without cake ? Starting from birthday parties to weddings everyone orders kilogram and kilogram of cakes to add some sweet to their event. The raw material such as milk and cream are known to be the largest agricultural output in California which will reduce the cost of transportation of the raw material. The necessary skills for a baker would be creativeness, uniqueness, presentation and people will also ask you to customize the cakes according to their wish and making it more suitable to the theme of their party or event. You need to lots of patience for detailing and adding décor items and frosting according to the customer’s opinion. You can start the business at your home and sell home-baked cakes. Then you can gradually move your business to stores. You would can make a profit of $ 100- $ 1000 per day through home-baked cake. When you move to stores in cities and towns you can make a average revenue of $ 450,000 per month.

Baby Sitting Business idea

                    Since in most of the countries both the parents, father and mother are busying working they couldn’t take care of their children. The children need the most care and love especially in small age. The parents are looking for someone to take care of their children. If you have the patience and tolerance to take care of children, you can make money through it. You wouldn’t be needing even a single penny to start the business. Depending upon the number of children, you will be paid. The average earning of a nanny in California is reported to be $16.45 per hour. The rate per hour increases with the location, qualification and experience of the nanny.

Mobile Parlor business idea

                 Everyone in the world is running towards making money. No one has time to care for their own body. Mobile parlors are established for people who don’t have the time to go to the nearby parlor or salon and need someone to do services in their own home. You need to make sure that you provide good services. Your connection and customers will increase with the feedback from your previous customers. You will be needing some tools and products to start the business. You can earn up to $ 26.59 per hour depending on the package they have chosen and the products cost and the service charge you determine.

Restaurant business idea

                Restaurant business is spread all over the world. In this business, there is a thing that you have to prove to your customers that is your unique taste. Based on the quantity , quality of the food and taste of the food , the customers will be attracted towards your restaurant. The investment for the business is an average cost of $ 7000- $ 8000 which includes the property, licensing; kitchen, grocery and packaging; pamphlets and bill board; counter and chair; technology and software; staff uniform; mobile phones and laptops. The national average of income of restaurant business is reported to be $ 65,000 per year. The restaurant can yield an income somewhere between $ 31,000 and $ 155,000 per year.

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Cafe Business idea

              Opening a café business will be extremely profitable to you. You can sell variety of drinks like lattes, teas, espresso , coffee and you can also include vast type of pastries and other goodies. Most people come to Café to enjoy the free wi-fi available there and the peaceful ,quiet atmosphere there. You can design a theme- based café which will attract more customers. Feel free to spend your penny on beautiful décor items. You will be needing an investment of $ 7000 , you can spend your money on building your café according to your desire and creative thinking. An average coffee seller can make a revenue of about $ 215,000 per year.

Sewing business idea

            In today’s age nobody wants to wear a out fashioned costumed. Everyone is grooming themselves to look beautiful and confident. As the trend of the clothes changing constantly, it would be great to start a sewing business. The population in California is vast. If you know about sewing and embroidery this business will be a great profit to you. You can start the business at home sewing clothes to your neighbors and then gradually moving to sewing clothes for people in your street and you can find a store and set up your business there. This business will be your hobby turning to profession. People are looking for the sewing stores for alterations, weddings, home decors such as curtain, pillow cases, shades, duvet covers: also people are interested in designing new costumes to their pets, hand bags, toys and dolls. You can earn by taking up a sewing lesson also which be added benefit to your business. Few tips for your sewing business- Pay for models and dress them up with your own brand clothing , take photoshoot , create a new trend,  and post the photos in your social media feeds. You can make an income of $18,000- $67,000 per annum on average as a single person.

House cleaning services business idea

                People have to money to build their own home, bungalow, mansion, or even buy a penthouse, but they have the time and patience to clean them and maintain them properly. If you have the patience and tolerance to clean dirty places, and décor the home beautifully you can start a house cleaning services. You won’t be needed any educational qualification to start the business, you just need the patience, tolerance, creative decorating ideas. There is not even a penny to invest on this business. You will be getting paid based on the area of the house, the location and the type of cleaning they have availed. You can make $ 150- $ 250 to clean 2000 sq foot home.

Musical performance business idea

               Who doesn’t love music? The people of California have their own taste of music. If you have learned music and want to start a music based business you can choose musical performance. You can start performing music in small events and then you can move on to hosting concert. You have to make people to know about your existence with your unique music skills. An average income of a music performer in US can make about $ 54,986 annually.

Homestay services business idea

             If you have an extra, unused room , you can earn by renting them to students, tourists or guests. Advertise the unique features of your homestay services in order to compete with the hotels available in your area. Give best services to your customers. You can avail wi-fi services, home made foods to them. If you are in tourist hotspots , you can even be a tourist guide to your customers. The average money you can make through homestay services in California would be $ 600- $ 1200.

Errand services business idea

             For many people, it is such a hassle to perform even their small duties like grocery shopping. In most cases, the senior citizens cannot perform their domestic tasks. They are in need of someone to run errands for them. There is not even a penny to invest in this business. You have to do the errands given by your customer and they will be paying you. You will paid based on the packages, hourly rate and risk level of the work in rare cases

Training services business idea

                         You can make money by teaching the knowledge you have. It can be either dance, music, math, science, gymnastics based on your knowledge on the field. You can make the training services through both online and offline. If you choose to teach offline, you will be needing a place, you have to invest amount in renting places and you should have a great care in choosing the area. You can make an output of $ 40,000 per month through teaching services.

Flower delivery business idea

                 There is new trend of decorating home with beautiful flowers. It not only fills your home with great aroma but also makes your mind peaceful with the aromas from the flowers. If you love gardening and you can take good care of the plants you can start a flower delivery business. You can plant and grow wide variety of aroma flowers such as lavender, lily, hyacinth, jasmine, tulip, rose, freesia. You can even deliver fresh flowers to events; parties such as birthday party, proposal party; and also you can do wedding decors with fresh flowers too. People will be greatly impressed by the freshness of the flowers, the services you offer, the packages you have. The average money you can make through the flower delivery business is $ 29,234 calculated based on the $ 14 hourly wage.

Tourism services business idea

              Another one great way to start business is starting a tourism services. California has beautiful, stunning landscape views which is why it has an average of 42 million visitors per annum. California is  filled with family- friendly theme parks, desert, national parks, waterfronts. You can make money by helping the tourist to find hotels , restaurants and taking them around the places to visit based on the customer’s wish. You don’t need to invest any money to start the business. It will be added benefit to know more languages as it helps to communicate with the tourist from other countries.

Hurrah, you have reached the end of the article. We believe you have got ideas to choose your business and the tips to implement in your business. If you know anyone dear or near to you living in California and waiting for the right business ideas to start , kindly share this article with them, it will be useful to them.

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