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Call Center Business Idea

call center business ideas
call center business ideas

Call centers business ideas are booming in today’s world. It is basically a department or an office where the
employees receive and do telephonic calls from new and existing customers. With the advancement
in startups and the urge for teenagers and college-going students to earn money, call centers are
becoming a thing. Also call centers are beneficial to companies because call centers offer a stage to
clients where the organization has the chance to improve its picture, resolve issues, and make a
more grounded client base.

Even though working in a call center can help you earn good money. If you want to become your
own boss, you can even start your own call center business idea. Follow these steps to ensure your call
center business is well planned out.

Planning Your Call Center
Are you planning to start your own Call Center? With lots and lots of competition out in the market,
no business can be laid and flourish overnight. There is a proper system that one must follow to
achieve your goal. Check out these pointers while laying own your business plan:

  1. Decide the setup of your Call center
    The main and important focus while planning a call center is whether you want to make it a virtual
    call center or an on-site call center.
    On-site call centers are the ones that operate from a specific location. The employees will enter and
    leave the office premises as per their shift hours and do the job that’s asked to be done in the office
    itself. It is more profitable as compared to virtual call centers. But, an on-site call center is a bit
    expensive as it requires you to rent a place, add necessary tools and equipment, and everything else.
    If you have a large business idea or good investment policy; you can go with on-site call centers.

Virtual call centers are entirely remote where the employees work from their homes and interact
using the internet. It is a good option if you are not looking at investing money. But, managing a
virtual call center isn’t a cakewalk. You can face a lack of productivity and work performance.

  1. Focus of the call center
    The services you offer totally depend on the focus of your call center. Any new call center ideas are
    being adopted by new start-up businesses. Some of the are:
     intelligent visual support

 Cloud-based call center
 Sending customers automated messages
 Providing data insights

  1. Outline your long term and short term goals
    Deciding on your goals while planning your call center will help you hire the correct number of
    employees for the plan. Not only that, it will help you be sure about the kind of operations you want
    to handle along with the implementation of the processes. Laying down your future goals helps in
    breaking down your progress into many parts that can be achieved step by step very easily.
  2. Lay down your budget
    Rent amount, licensing money, software tools, equipment, salaries, marketing, and websites; all
    these need to be covered when you are planning your call center start-up. Lay down a budget so
    that you can cover all these expenses and even then take out the profit from the company. You can
    even take help from the experts to do this kind of work.
  3. Perfect location
    Now since you have made up your mind about opening an on-site call center, the main focus shifts
    towards the location. Before finalizing the location, make sure the rent is under your budget range.
    Secondly, it should be easily accessible and within the range of some well-known food stalls or
    shopping centers which will help you bribe your employees well.

Problems with setting up a call center

  1. Agent enfeebling
    With a 9-5 desk job within a cubical, answering calls and getting low salary results in a high rate of
    burnout and poor performance. The biggest challenge today faced by call centers is the lack of
    recruitment since employees are getting better perks at other firms.
  2. Low customer satisfaction
    According to the USA survey research, 20 to 30 percent of call center’s calls are callbacks from
    previously unsolved issues. Many people in the US have faced bad experiences when it comes to
    calling centers either their complaint is unsolved or it gets even worse.
  3. Many tools
    Many call centers today focus on adding more and more software and tools to make the entire
    process smooth. As a result, the employee will have to use all those tools to solve a single query
    resulting in slow results and lots of confusion.
  4. Low performance
    Achieving targets and satisfying the customers is the most important base of a call center. However,
    there might be times when you are unable to achieve those numbers or even if you achieve them
    your customers might not be happy and satisfied.

Call centers should focus on building employee trust, strengthen their relationship. Doing this will
not only help them earn a reliable employee but will also help in company performance. Try
acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of the employee.
An optimal solution to improve customer satisfaction by providing Interactive Voice Response. IVR’S
collect the problems from the customer and guide them to the best agent that can offer the best
assistance to them. This way you will be able to gain their loyalty and trust.
Before investing in tools and software, do good research and look for the best software. o not jump
on all the software that are available in the market. You can even opt for a platform that has
multiple systems integrated into it.
Make your employees happy and at home to derive better performance from them. You can set up
schemes like employee of the month or rewards to the employee who scores optimal numbers to
achieve the target. This will encourage your employees to work even more efficiently.
Skills Required:
To run a successful call center startup, it is very important to hire reliable, efficient, and well-
qualified employees. Firstly check their qualification background. Look for people with a minimum of
bachelor’s degrees in any field. Check for their communication skills. You can focus more on people
who have participated in different debates and other spoken activities. You can go with laying down
the entire recruitment process which will help you find the perfect employees for your business. You
can even offer a training program to your employees to keep everyone on the same page.

Tools required:

Since a call center largely covered calls, thus investing in a business phone system is very important.
You can check out IP PBX, Virtual VoIP, or PBX. Along with that, there is certain software to
streamline your call center and check your employee performance and everything else. Research for
such tools and try purchasing the best at cheaper prices for a better outcome.

The US call center market continues to expand even after facing customer dissatisfaction. As per
research conducted by Site Selection Group, the market is set to employ 3.3 million call center
workers annually. With the increase in small businesses, the USA has become the largest call center
employer in the world.

With tons of business ideas out there, setting up a call center can be a lucrative business idea. Each
call center business has a unique idea and focuses running around it. Look for new and creative ideas
and hit the market with additional technological advancement for better customer service solutions.


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