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Camden is a far more diversified and multicultural atmosphere than any of the world’s larger IT hubs, the Bay Area or Beijing. It is one of the greatest areas on the planet to start a business. Camden’s blossoming tech and fintech sector has been branded the “new Palo Alto” after the borough was crowned the most enterprising section of London, with more new start-ups per capita than any other location in the previous year. According to exclusive research obtained by the Evening Standard, a total of 1055 new small companies were established in Camden between 2020 and 2021 – more firms per capita than anyplace else in London. The rate of new business formation contrasts with a countrywide fall in SME start-ups in the UK.

Camden Town is a neighbourhood in northwest London, England, around 2.5 miles (4.1 kilometres) north of Charing Cross. Historically in Middlesex, it is the administrative centre of the London Borough of Camden and one of the 34 key centres in Greater London named in the London Plan.

Camden Town, which was established as a residential neighbourhood in 1791 and was formerly part of the manor of Kentish Town and the parish of St Pancras, became an important site during the early construction of railroads, which strengthened its position on the London canal network. Service sectors like retail, tourism and entertainment have largely supplanted the area’s industrial economic basis. The region is currently home to street markets and music venues connected with alternative cultures.

Central London is also evolving, with places such as Holborn in Camden beginning to develop into a thriving business sector. The region east of Oxford Street, known as “Midtown,” is expected to become the next Shoreditch, with a slew of chic new hotels, restaurateurs, and rising and established businesses pouring in. Google and Mindshare have offices in the Central St Giles building, while major entertainment companies like DreamWorks and Warner Brothers have relocated to rebuilt complexes on Kingsway, and multi-million dollar international start-ups such as Blippar are also established in the area. Crossrail’s arrival in 2017 is expected to attract millions more tourists and workers to the city, so start-up entrepreneurs wishing to buck the trend need to move soon if they want to remain competitive.


A third of UK workers now operate on a freelance or contractual basis, which means they provide their skills (time and knowledge) to other firms for a charge on an hourly or project fee basis.

To become a freelancer, you must have a specialised talent that is in demand and monetizable. Web development, graphic design, copywriting, software development, company development, and virtual help are examples of in-demand abilities that cost high rates (you can do pretty much anything from logo design to writing press releases).

Then you sign up for UpWork and PeoplePerHour and take on as many freelancing jobs as you can get your hands on. To create your profile and earn employment, you need to build a good portfolio and amass a sizable number of favourable evaluations (you can price yourself cheaply on quick pre-set jobs to get this in place).


Handcrafted items have been highly popular in recent years (from personalised dog jackets to engraved jewellery and beyond), and demand for unique handmade goods shows no signs of abating.

Starting a handcrafted goods business is all about talent and selecting a trendy/in-demand variety of products that you can manufacture (you’ll need to carefully calculate product cost, hours, and materials). You may get started right away if you already have handcrafting expertise or know-how to manufacture a certain product. If you don’t there are plenty of skills, you can learn enabling you to make crafted products. For example, you may learn to make jewellery, books, or leatherwork to create a variety of homemade things. Selling homemade items has never been easier; you can reach customers through sites such as Etsy or NOT ON THE HIGH STREET (each platform charges commission on goods sold, worth noting that Etsy is the lowest). You may also create an online store utilising software such as Magento or, if you’re not technically savvy, Shopify.

To stand out in the handcrafted market, you’ll need to build a highly appealing brand and ensure that your product photographs and descriptions are good. From there, it’s all about generating favourable reviews to move up the ranks for certain searches in terms of consumer acquisition on creative platforms. For your shop, social media is a terrific location to market, especially these sorts of promotions.


Why sell your own when you can sell someone else’s (without the hassle/risk of a stock, delivery, and payment)? This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting another company’s product/service and receiving a commission if they sell a product/s based on a client you referred through marketing activities.

To get started, simply establish a basic eCommerce website for a certain niche (i.e. health and tennis) Find intriguing items with affiliate schemes (either directly from the provider or through third-party affiliate networks) and offer them on your store. Then connect all of the ‘Buy’ buttons to the supplier’s website (using tracking links). When someone buys, you get paid a commission on the sale. To get started quickly, work with Amazon Affiliates, who provide a wide choice of items (there is little to no initial investment because you do not need to acquire the product; you merely manage sales).


The process of purchasing and selling antique artefacts (of value/age) is known as antique trading. Because of the UK’s rich and old past, antiques may be found all around the country. Many fortunes have been and continue to be created by employing professional knowledge to acquire discount antiques at markets, auctions, and stores, then reselling them at a much higher price through the same channels.

Starting an antique dealing business necessitates a good general understanding of history/antiques as well as specialised knowledge of pricing, conditions, and resale value in the products you intend to deal in (for example, sterling silver jewellery, art deco lamps To begin, you can make a storage/workspace in your house. Then begin exploring for and acquiring antiques at boot sales and online auctions. You may resale these goods by putting them up for auction, selling them to other antiques stores/dealers, or selling them directly through your eCommerce site. This is one of those businesses where you may start small and grow to a significant size. There is also a lot of foreign interest in UK auctions, which drives up the prices of many antique antiques dramatically.


If you enjoy cooking and are capable of handling large-scale catering, a catering firm is an ideal small business concept for you. You can start by providing food in the form of pre-defined buffets (with sandwiches and such), then proceed to more elaborate catering services (such as hog roasts and formal dinners).

If you begin with simple catering alternatives for clients, your first equipment expenditures will be quite inexpensive because you will have the majority of what you require at home. However, you may need to employ staff for gatherings and purchase movable tables/buffet goods. As a food-based business, ensure that you have all of the necessary permissions (such as a cleanliness certificate for your cooking facility) and catering insurance (food poisoning is a serious problem).


A vehicle is one of the most expensive expenditures that a person or business will make. Both of these groups place a high value on the appearance of their automobiles, thus car washing services are constantly in high demand. This sort of company may be rapidly and cheaply established by negotiating with a local supermarket/gas station to conduct a vehicle cleaning service on their forecourt or parking lot. You simply need access to water, labour, and cleaning products (you must pick whether you will clean the interiors, exteriors, or both). A basic vehicle wash is quite inexpensive, with cleaning prices ranging from £5 to 15 on average; consequently, this business lends itself to volume.


If you enjoy animals and want to assist pet owners who are unable to be at home with their animals all of the time, you might consider dog walking as a way to supplement your income. You may be able to quickly establish a customer list by marketing your services in your local region (through a Facebook page, Gumtree, etc.). If you want to try out startup concepts like this, you’ll need to be physically fit, understand how dogs act and have a master harness (so you can walk multiple dogs at once). In certain locations, you may also require a licence to work as a professional dog walker, so it’s always a good idea to double-check before you start.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to become certified, you might be able to open your dog grooming parlour. There are courses available to educate you on how to correctly cut and trim coats and nails, shape dogs’ coats in the manner preferred by their owners, and even conduct professional pet massages. You’ll need professional equipment to achieve this, but you might be able to do business at your clients’ homes before investing in your salon. Marketing yourself will entail word-of-mouth among possible clients and consumers, as well as advertising on sites such as Gumtree and other directories. You may also be able to construct your website to list your products.


They believe fashion is like history repeating itself. If you look at today’s fashion, you will notice that it is comparable to that from a few decades ago. So, because fashion is always returning, why not establish your online store if you have a talent for apparel and fashion design? You may redesign old garments to suit your customers’ tastes and preferences, allowing you to carve out a place for yourself in the fashion business.


Health facilities are highly established in the UK, but you may improve them by launching an online platform where patients or family members can obtain a quick response in times of need. Emergency medical transportation and non-emergency medical transportation are the two sorts of medical transportation businesses. There are several profitable business options in this industry, such as elderly transportation, medical delivery services, air ambulance, and so on.


Do you enjoy cooking and baking? In such a case, this is one of the most cost-effective company opportunities for you. You could create a menu for your cloud kitchen/bakery, put up an online store, and allow individuals in your area to have their food delivered or picked up. This is a new specialised business concept that gained traction during the epidemic. And there’s more. You have the option of deciding how much business you want to operate or how many orders you want to handle in a day. Ambrosia The Bakery is just one of several successful businesses that have established their own Shopify storefronts.


Camden has long been renowned as a lively creative hotspot, connected with fashion, the alternative music scene, and amazing street cuisine from Camden Market and Camden Lock. However, this thriving location is also a terrific place to do business, with businesses ranging from fin-tech to banking, digital to design, and engineering to electronics relocating there. The excellent transportation connections and lively ambience make it an ideal location for meeting clients, inspiring your employees, and growing your business.

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