Business Idea

Car Wash Business Idea

Car wash Business idea
Car wash Business idea

A sustainable car wash business requires planning, setting the business in motion, and then
marketing it. With the perfect location, good marketing skills, and top-notch service; opening a car
wash business can be lucrative. The automobile industry is booming currently. With the
advancement in technologies, more and more people are buying cars resulting in more and more car
washes required.
The car wash business can be considered as an option if you are the one who Is a car devotee. It
doesn’t require you to just open the store and hire the employee to do the task. The very important
factor behind opening a car wash is car knowledge. The understanding of the car, its features are
very important to offer correct services to the owners.
North America has considered the largest car washing market with an average of 2 billion car washes
annually. The market is booming since it offers the best services with an excellent amount to its
customers. If you have the required skills, passion, and money to start your own car wash business,
then stick around and read the article for important details.
Pros Of business:

  1. Always needed: Car washes can never be deployed. An American driver always wants to keep
    his/her vehicle clean and shining like a newly purchased one.
  2. Profitable: With the advancement in-car technologies, more and more people are buying vehicles
    each day resulting in more customers and hence more profit.
  3. Be your own boss: Being a business owner, comes with any responsibility but more certainly gives
    you the advantage to be your own boss. It gives you the freedom to make mistakes and take your
    own decisions.

Cons Of Car Wash Business

  1. Seasonal: The car wash business depends on seasons. During snows and winters, you might see an
    increase in the number of customers. But during rainy seasons, the car wash business sees fewer
    customers and profit.
  2. More than just washing cars: The business involves more than just washing a client’s car. The
    business is complex as well as expensive. With that comes huge responsibility for looking after the
    machines, managing staff and checking if there is any mishappening or not.
  3. Competition: With the growing amount of start-ups, the competition is really high in this business.
    It becomes hard to distinguish your store from your competitors since the services are always the
    same. In such a business it is hard to think out of the box.

Types of car washing services:

With the car wash industry booming these days, there are plenty of options for entrepreneurs when
they are looking towards opening their own car wash business. Some of them are explained below:

  1. Full-Service car wash: Most of the car washing companies in the country offer full-service car
    washing to customers. Since it becomes very easy for them to just go to one place and get all the
    services done under one roof.
  2. Exterior Car washing services: As per US data, approx 10,500 car washing companies in the USA
    offer exterior conveyor car washes. It is basically a type of car wash where the vehicle is put on a
    truck and dragged through a tunnel where it gets rinsed, soaped, washed, and dryer.
  3. Self-Service Car Washes: Such kind of car washing services can offer both full-service as well as an
    exterior car wash, depending upon the type you want to offer. It eliminates the use of staff members
    and thus the salary factor from the budget gets reduced.

The type of car washing company you want to open completely depends on the amount of money
you want to spend on such a business. I general, customers are happy going to the car washing
company that offers full services to them as compared to other types of car washes.

Cost of Starting a Car washing Startup:

Once you have the ideas as to what type of car washing business you want to start. The next very
important factor is the cost of setting up the business. Well, you can take up an already existing car
wash company which will cost you less in comparison to opening a new one from scratch. Rent,
equipment, and construction prices vary from location to location. It is estimated that around
$80,000 can be spent on constructing a car wash excluding the cost of rent and equipment that will
be installed in it. Cost of equipment can vary fro $31,000 – $49,000 per bay.

Step to start a car wash from scratch

  1. Research; The key to a successful business is doing thorough research about it. Visit nearest car
    wash services, do good research about the equipment they use, the services they offer, the earning
    they are getting from each service.
  2. Draw a business plan: Outlining your long-term and short-term goals for the business will help
    you grow your business. Include the salaries, cost of setting up, and marketing strategies in your
    business plan to get a clear vision of the business.
  3. Location: Once you are ready and have made up your mind about the business, it time to look for
    a location. Drive around your target areas, check the newspapers and online websites for places for
    rent. You can also take the help of real estate agents.

4.Paperwork: Once you have finalized the location, it’s time for paperwork. Send request for a
business license as well as insurance, taxes, and other important papers required for the business. If
you can, get information on local sanitary agents, their fees, and other important details.

  1. Financing: Look for finances. Today many of them are just looking for jumping on a new
    opportunity that might come their way. Do good research on your target investors and draw a nice
    business plan to press them and knock the deal off.
  2. Marketing: Cover all social media, send out flyers, podcasts, do promotions on radio and television
    to gain the attention of your target audience. You can even hire an expert that can help you lay
    down good marketing strategies for your business.
  3. Hire employees: Once you are ready to open your car wash business, it’s time to look for skilled,
    experienced employees. Look for the ones that have good communication skills so that the customer
    feels welcome.
    Tools Required: The car wash business to some extent relies on the equipment you are using. More
    equipment means more services to the customers. You will have to invest in:
     Washing equipment like a pressure washer, conveyors, etc
     Chemicals for waxing, cleaning, and soaking the vehicle
     Dryers
     Vacuums
     Brushes

 Carwash doors
 Water treatment systems
 Air compressors
 Anti-collision systems

The market:
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, customers spend around $5.8 million annually on car washing
when around 8 million vehicles are washed in a single day. It is estimated that a small car wash
business earns up to $40,000 per year in profit while a large and luxurious one earns around
$500,000 per year. As per US surveys, the car wash business is set to grow about 3.2% from 2019 to

  1. The US market alone is responsible for contributing 43.0% of the global revenue share by
    washing cars.

The car wash business is profitable if you are a car lover. A feasible car wash business requires
groundwork, getting the business rolling, followed by advertising it. Setting your foot in a such a
business do requires hard work, good researching and taking some wise decisions.

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