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Cloud-based Design Platform “Ceros” announces to have raised $100M

Cloud-based design platform, Ceros recently announces to have raised a whopping amount of $100
million, an investment led by Sumeru Equity Partners.

If you are a designer, marketer or a content creator, chances are you’ve heard about Ceros.
Founded in 2012 and headquartered at New York, it is a leading cloud-based design platform that
allows marketers and designers to create immersive content without writing a single line of code. It
has customizable templates as well as drag-and-drop editors that help in creating interactive and
engaging contents.

CEROS- Simon Berg

Co-founded by Simon Berg, a 2 time CEO, was a Coffee Boy who at the age of 16 decided to drop out
and venture into the business world. He started Ceros in the year 2012 and has managed to onboard
some top clients like Bloomberg, BNY Mellon, Redbull, CBRE, Vmware etc. It has also acquired 2
organizations namely Crowd Fusion in 2012, and Chartblocks in 2018.

Simon Berg-

According to Crunchbase, Ceros has raised over $133.5 million in funding over 5 rounds, Sumeru
Equity Partners (SEP) and Greenspring Associates being its lead investors. SEP investment as led by
Sanjeet Mitra, John Brennan, George Kadifa and Vinay Kumar. It has more than 200 employees
across 5 countries. Its platform is used in different domains ranging from education, entertainment
to healthcare and financial services.

Backed by a team of experts, Ceros helps in creating a stand-out experience in no time. It has
hundreds of free, easy to use, customizable templates that will help your website to have an out of
the world look and feel. Its top features include creating pixel-perfect layouts, cinematic animation
experience, organizing and tracking, reviewing and optimizing devices instantly. It can embed
anything and can collaborate from anywhere in real-time.


COVID-19 Pandemic

With the COVID-19 Pandemic impacting the entire globe, mid-size and large scale businesses are
focussing more on digital presence. According to Ceros, they have doubled their customers in the last
few months as it provides Cost-effective and state-of-the-art features. Due to the recent funding and
enough to invest in IT and marketing, they have planned to expand and increase their customer base
across the globe. However, there are many competitors in the market that are keeping an eye to up
their game as well by providing better service and at competitive rates. These include Weld,
SnapApp, Zmags, Ion Interactive etc.

According to a recent interview with Simon Berg, when asked about his latest venture Ceros, he said
“ We have created something amazing from nothing. Some of the technologies used in Ceros didn’t
exist before. Creating is what makes my trick, and drives me.” Berg feels it will empower brands to
create richer, more user-friendly, engaging brand experiences with better stories to tell the world.
Ceros is using 79+ technologies for its websites only to give their customers an unforgettable experience”