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Delivery service as business idea

No I am not asking you to become a delivery boy/girl. Here I will discuss how delivery service-providing can be a great business idea.

Now a day, whether we have become very busy or very lazy, I can’t comment on that. Whatever it is has been the reason for our preferring home deliveries over personally visiting the shops. The main reason for the outburst of the e-commerce websites is that they bring your product to your doorstep. Therefore, the local shops and food outlets have also started home delivery services in order to stay competitive. But it often comes as an extra burden to them. They have to hire a delivery staff, pay for fuel expenses and spend on packaging as well. These things often distract them from their core business. How good it would be if they have an option to outsource these jobs.

You as a delivery service agent can provide all these services to them against a charge amount. The amount must be less than the cost they have to bear if they provide delivery service themselves. One thing to keep in mind is that it is not a one-man job. You have to hire a few efficient people under you. In this way, you will not only be a self-employed person but will also generate employment for others. You don’t need a warehouse for such delivery services because the item has to be picked from the source and delivered to the customer directly.

When and how?

You don’t have to wait for the need to arise. It is a service which is already in demand. You may not have observed. There must be some old people around you who need their regular medicines to be delivered at home, an injured individual who needs his or her favorite restaurant’s food at home or a pregnant lady who want her groceries to be delivered at home.

How to start? Talk with all the shopkeepers, pharmacists and restaurant runners around you. Ask them whether they will appreciate such a service or not. If you get a good response, you can consider this business. Find out what all procedure is involved to get a license for such businesses in your state. Get done with all the formalities required. Enter into an agreement with all those shops who are ready to avail your services, hire a delivery staff and at last, you are good to go.

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