Different Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs!

As women paved there a way to becoming entrepreneurs, the way is full of ups and downs for them. They succeed but also they face many pebbles coming their way and becoming a hindrance. Dealing with such obstacles are sometimes very challenging but as we know women are superheroes, they face it and ace it.

Becoming an entrepreneur is never a cakewalk, it is full of adventures and obstacles. In the process of setting up, there will even come a time when you might think of giving everything up but giving up should never be an option. Give proper time, work for your dreams and eventually, you’ll succeed but the way to success is going to be very tough. Even after setting it up, sometimes you’ll face various issues. Women are often subjected to these issues in major.

Here are some of the issues that women entrepreneurs face-

1. Balancing work and home

Women entrepreneurs are often entitled to two responsibilities- Looking after their family and looking after their business. Sometimes it becomes really challenging to strike a proper balance between the two for women. Emergency in families often led them to overlook their work whereas men are often entitled to only work-related responsibilities.

Sometimes giving long hours to work becomes difficult and hence women are not able to give and spend time with their families. Women who work live a very hectic and busy life, striking the correct balance between the two is an art that only women can master but this is a drawback that they face in between.

2.  Competition with men entrepreneurs

Earlier, men were the one who was associated with business now with the advent of women participation in setting up businesses and becoming entrepreneurs, sometimes women face very intense competition against men. In the patriarchy society, people tend to see women as weak links which are also a challenge for women to prove them wrong and work overcoming all the taboos and giving tough competition to men.

3. Constraints in funding

Investment and funding are the core elements of any business. This is where women face lots of challenges which at times becomes very difficult for them to overcome. Most of the women don’t possess properties and assets which can be used for investments and it also becomes difficult for them to seek loans due to lack of collateral availability. This problem is not confined only to Indian women but also this problem exists in different parts of the world.

4. Minimal support

Support is the backbone for setting and running any business. In order to shape your individual identity and find a space for your business in the world of businesses, support is the foremost requirement. Unfortunately, sometimes women have to hassle way more than men to seek support, find a safe space and prove their worth to the world. In male-dominant societies, women face this problem on a very large scale.

Sometimes they don’t even have anyone to guide them, mentor them and give them honest advice. They alone tackle taboos, issues, competitions and try to give their best to fit in and kiss success alone.

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