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Be innovative, Be passionate, Keep striving towards your goal Says Director & Co-Founder Tutelage Professionals

My business is of HR practice, wherein I provide in house HR activities, training the employees of various companies, looking after their day to day processes and for some of our clients also provide outsourced HR services in the form of employee management, process management, engagement and sourcing of employees for the client firms.

What inspired you to go for this area of business?

Creating a difference in people’s life has been my utmost priority in life.
I have always tried to fill the industry gaps by coming up with new innovations in the people development area.
This area of business enables me to contribute back to the society in the form of helping people who are looking for jobs or even mentoring professionals in upgrading their skill sets let it be leadership development, young manager’s capability development, Business communication for starters, how to create a cohesive working environment as a team leader and many more.
Sharing experience with them and industry knowledge, helps them to widen their horizon and also get aligned to why they are in the role what they are doing and how should they excel to the next level.
When you contribute to development towards peoples life, the feeling is inexpressive! This is the WOW factor of my life or you can say the purpose of my living.

What are all the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

When I started the venture, I did not know a lot of things other than one simple principle, I need clients and I need to execute the work assigned with quality and in time bound manner. The typical challenge started post 6 months of the business, what you had planned at becoming and what you see in practice was vastly different. The immediate challenge was how to address cash-flow issues, we position ourselves as training partners and recruitment partners to companies, wherein the companies look at you as a vendor or a supplier for the services. We happen to overcome our cash-flow issues with support from friends and bankers who put faith in us.
Over a period of time gradually we got good clients who sought strategic partners for their organization in the people development area or executive search services from us, which grew our confidence in our work. Overheads management was never really an issue of concern, as that was one thing which was practiced with all the past companies I had served. We never had huge overhead, since capacity planning was one thing which was in the right direction.

As of now I am working on a unique model to help women in distress through a women safety app wherein they can reach out to other women and the administration directly for help in times of emergency or in case of their safety. The challenge which I faced for this was getting funded for the women safety application at the right time for its development. Once this application is ready, we will be giving away this app to all the companies where we provide the training for women safety at no cost.

Share with us the achievements of your company in the industry so far?

We have trained more than 30,000 females, in more than 300 companies on different women safety programs. We have contributed in improvising and enhancing customer experience for telecommunication retail store called Abhinandan to welcome the customer with a smile.
We have hired senior management professionals for our clients at the level of CFO, Director etc. We have supported organization in setting up their new department and functions.
Transitioning from a traditional way of operating the company to professional way of operation by setting up the framework of SOP, SLA and policies for the company and also changing the thought process of the management to training the employees with new policies and processes

What are all your future plans for your business?

We have some major announcements to make in the future with our new and innovative developments in the field of training and HR. As of now the soon to be launched all India Women safety app is underway which shall be launched by January 2019. An ambitious program which will revolutionize and see the issues of women safety in new light while at work. It will go a long way in not only developing and ensuring women safety measures/ programs in the country but also eventually lead to women empowerment Keep innovating in the area of Training and Development and contribute to the development of women safety application and women empowerment.

In the crowd of different businesses, how you differentiate your business?

The only difference we create is by doing thing differently, as this is just not business for me it is also something I am passionate about. As I said earlier creating a difference to peoples lives, gives me a high. Through self- defence training that we impart in various PSU and private sector has helped me realize this and now I am looking forward to the women safety application which will be out soon.

Do you feel you have achieved what you dream of?

I am still far from the journey I had planned for and continuous learning and new innovations are the only key to reach what I had dreamed of.

What are all the improvements you suggest in the area of Business you are in?

The biggest improvement in the area of business has been use of automation and AI which has revolutionized the HR industry but at the same time it has not been able to fully replace the human intervention and touch.

Any piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs?  

Be innovative, Be passionate, Keep striving towards your goal, Never forget why you have started the venture for.

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