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Don’t hesitate in taking risks for your business.-Sanil Chandran Founder & CEO – Naadan Group.

Hey, folks! I am Sanil Chandran from Raipur, who is turning his passion for providing employment all over the country into an empire. We had a small scale business, dealing in marketing & selling of traditional products from different parts of India. This idea empowered me, and hence I wanted to reach this to every corner of the world. My core value is to generate more employment along with promoting our traditional food products Internationally.

I founded  Naadan Corporate Pvt Ltd. with Mr Rakesh Mondal In 2018. In which Naadan Stores is the profundity for online and offline marketing. By the time he expanded his business into Travel, Technology, and now AdMyService is a new venture as a contribution to the Ad Industry.

My journey

I was not that lucky to enter the market. I have countless competitors. Especially in the early days of building our startup, we faced many rejections and then at one point of time I felt that this is not my cup of tea. However, I follow Philip Kotler and his strategies of marketing inspired me so much and I was like, I really want to do this. And I gave a new start to my business again. I have faced many downfalls during this journey. And then I got my basic right and the real challenge lies in accepting that it is not possible to know everything in one go. In business you learn from the failures and experience that you made in the industry. So this is my learning in life that helped shaped who I am today.

What is your inspiration?

I honestly believe that the last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%. After doing most of the work on any project, I felt it’s not working anymore and I fall out umpteen times but I strongly believe in the positive attitude towards anything. And definitely, Team is important for me. My team has the strength to break the iceberg of problems coming in the way of business. They inspire me in numerous ways. There are times when I have the faintest ideas, they solve it for me. That keeps my zeal vivacious.

What is your goal through this business?

Empowering people through my business. We Strongly champion this concept.  For this, we hire freelancers from different parts of India and now we have come up with the idea of franchising one of our new venture AdMyService. In which we will be providing franchise to the people who want to start the business with low risk.  You can visit us at for more information.

What are the newest ideas that you have incepted in the industry?

I want to contribute to the industry by making Raipur an IT hub, and hence we are planning to expand in various sectors such as software development, brand promotions, digital marketing, travel exposure, E-Commerce business and much more to come upon.

We provide ERP software, as we all know software is an integral part for companies. If it’s a Hospital, you need the doctor management software, likewise a travel company that needs travel management software, the school needs school management software, and all business needs the payment gateway software etc.  We work on various software to make your work easy to manage.

One of our units does the brand promotion by using various digital marketing tools including social media marketing which renders our clients in various ways to connect with their customers. To various mediums, our clients get to connect with their customers like engagement leads and conversion.  Today digital marketing is a boon to the industry where you can reach your potential audience with least expense.  Apart from this, we offer various YouTube ads, theatre ads which increase the credibility and reliability of the brand for our clients.

What makes your business unique amongst your competitors?

We are into Marketing, public relations, and social media. Like other companies, we also have a team of creative people but to stand out from the crowd, Credibility and Superior Customer Service is our USP. Our consistency in the USP makes us the fastest-growing company in the industry. “We don’t just serve a product or service, we contribute to your experience.”

How do I keep myself motivated?

My real passion has always been business and entrepreneurship and solving the problem of unemployment in India. And I wanted to continue that business media field. I never gave up with all my family support and dedication towards that. I am definitely looking at some exciting times ahead.

As an Entrepreneur, What do you enjoy the most? 

I have always a lot on my mind and I have always enjoyed my work.  I take my work as a responsibility and code of duty. I enjoy the most when there is a challenge in any project in which there should be brainstorming and a lot of difficulties in completing the project. There is nothing in like limitations of resources and time in any business. “Love what you do and do what you love” is my key to enjoy as an entrepreneur.

What tips would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Taking risk is the most essential part of any business, the more you take risks, the more you grow. Every day you get to learn something new. Failure can be the best thing that happens to you whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee. Because failure allows you to learn more than success does. Be fearless in your Pursuance.

You’ll always have uncertainties.  You have to come up with all the brainstorming for that situation. Opportunities come with a bunch of surprises- Good and bad ones. It’s about how you deal with them. And then as you become more successful, the problem-solving skills improve as a matter of course.

Where your business can be reached on the web?

You can visit Naadan Group of Companies at and find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They can also email me at [email protected] or call 8889827777

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An MBA in HR and Marketing from AIMS Institute (Bangalore University), He heads digital business he has a rich experience that he has garnered from his previous organisations Including leading Banks, NBFCs & Genpact India. He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Heavy Group of Companies.

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