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Dream needs to have a sequential approach

Satyendra Singh

We all dream to get more and more success in life, be it in career, family life and even beyond.  But when does the career start or when do we get married? When do we start to walk? When do we learn to run?

We may come with suggestions in terms of years and age.

But my take today is that it is all done in a phased manner and that too at a particular age or phase of life. It is obviously not the day 1 of our life. It takes time and we have to go slow but in a steady and consistent pace.

Slow does not mean walking slow. It just means to ideate and do a little value addition to it. It means inching towards the ultimate dream. Even the term ‘dream’ is completed when we put ‘d’, ‘r’, ‘e’, ‘a’, and ‘m’ together and that too in a sequential manner. Same goes true for attainment of it.

The road to the dreams is not built in a day and so is the roadmap. An addition a day computes the success. Just pick up a single task and do it today. Tomorrow is the day for the next task. Keep the journey on. The catch here is that we don’t have to complete the task only but it needs to be quality oriented too.

For instance, if you wish to write a book then you need to draft the outline the chapters, learn the typing and editing, do research work and start writing each day. Should you delay the very start of this project or if you miss the daily contents then nothing else is compromised than your own dream courtesy your own-self.

So, the first thing first.  Just start.

Then comes the execution part. This is the toughest thing to do. Toughest because the steps have to progress religiously. Toughest because all the devils such procrastination, the delaying attitude, the irrelevant excuses and every damn thing would be there to divert you from your path.

The only thing that can keep you going is the commitment and dedication to such an extent that you don’t divert because of the festivals, family functions, vacations, trips and other chores that would otherwise seem to be interesting. I would however give a cheat code to do. Don’t forget to take a break once in a while and do whatever you wish other than the project that you have taken in your hand. No single thoughts to the project at all during this time.

This is to break the monotony and any pressure because of the project undertaken. Once your mind gets freshened up, get back and follow the schedule in a regular manner. This would help you to be away from Parkinson effect and do justice with your interest, focus and rhythm for your own passion.

This is a very common pattern with the legends of the respective fields. Be it a dancer, be it a singer or even a sportsperson. They get back to their passion as soon as they get a free time.

So, here is the takeaway for you.

Be slow and steady and avoid all kinds of distractive devils from your life. It is a challenging task I know but no thrill without challenges, isn’t it!

My sincere wishes to you with a note. Keep your passion high and take the very first step. Since the journey has begun now, you better be slow and keep your pace steady and consistent. You will reach the top for sure.

(Satyendra Kumar Singh, is a well-known writer, career counselor, trainer and educationist. His experience in management, information technology and education sector is around 20 years. He regularly organizes workshops for skill development and job creation, as well as inspire people to recognize their talents and make it their career.

He is a panelist on several media channels and writes his views on national and international issues. He can be reached at [email protected])

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