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With heavy lockdown all over the nation and in other parts of the world has seriously dented many different sectors, startups are one of them. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has given and is continuing to give hard time to every business and startups thus endangering the jobs of people working in it. There are some real issues of revenues and expenditures faced by the startups.

While the digital startups and ed-tech startups business has not been impacted, in fact, they have seen a sharp rise in their business owing to the fact that everyone is enjoying services from the comforts of their homes and schools, colleges and other educational premises are shut and there’s still no clue when they will be opened again. But startups which need more physical presence than digital presence are suffering a loss and need to be prepared for some negative impacts.

How COVID-19 impacted 1 mg?

1mg, an online startup which delivers medicine has seen a structural growth in their business as people are avoiding to go out and ordering medicines from their home to prevent the containment of COVID-19, which is a positive impact for 1 mg online medical platform.

“We are seeing unprecedented demand right now, But, the fulfilment of orders is a major challenge. “Logistics is greatly hampered due to unavailability of the workforce as a lot of people have gone back to the villages,” said Prashant Tandon, founder and CEO of 1 mg.

“I think this is the time when all the value proposition of digitally delivered healthcare is clearly appreciated. And it’s not on the way only in the consumer side but the behavioural change actually is of the rest of the ecosystem, be it institutions, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and pharma companies. Even more profoundly for the government or the regulator. So, all of them are now waking up to the fact that this is how consumers are going to engage with health care, and how quickly they need to adapt to this kind of a new reality,”  added Tandon.

How Zoomcar is coping?

Banglore-based Zoomcar is a self-drive car in which a person can book a car online and use it for the time being they need. But with the impact of COVID-19, this business has seen a decline in its users as people are avoiding to go out, so the Zoomcar startup came up with a new plan to cope up with the impact of coronavirus.

“We are collaborating with all the emergency essential services providers such as large food tech, logistics and health tech players and government services to branch out our business,” said Greg Morgan, co-founder of Zoomcar.

“Companies can take advantage of these times to ensure quality. For Zoomcar, we’ve always had a very intense focus on IoT in terms of vehicle monitoring, driver behaviour monitoring. So, coming out of this type of crisis when people start to come back onto the road, we will focus on doubling down on this,” added Morgan.

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