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How Late is the Closest or Nearby Grocery Store open, Timings, and Much more?

How Late is the Closest or Nearby Grocery Store open, Timings, and Much more?
How Late is the Closest or Nearby Grocery Store open, Timings, and Much more?

Do you want to know how long the grocery store down the street will be open? How late does the grocery store next door stay open? You’ve come to the correct location. Many supermarkets or food stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to serve customers. 7-Eleven has 46,000 outlets and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 24-SEVEN is likewise open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you live in India, you can use the website “stillOpen” to see what time the nearest or nearest grocery shop opens or if it is open 24 hours in your neighbourhood or region. You can also use the Walnut Application to search for “find a store nearby that is still open.”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve covered all of the features and information in this post that will assist you in locating nearby grocery stores that are open or operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Because of the COVID-19 lockout, ordering groceries from internet businesses has become nearly difficult. It’s difficult to get a slot availability on any online delivery service these days, whether it’s BigBasket, Grofers, Big Bazar online, Zomato, Swiggy, or any other, therefore many are turning to adjacent offline retailers. However, how can you tell if a nearby grocery store is open or closed during a lockdown? Is there a supply of the things you’re looking for?

Do you have a really tight or demanding schedule because you work in an office? Do you have a habit of forgetting to buy groceries for the week? Do you have no time to go grocery shopping during the day? Do you have a pressing need for groceries? Don’t know where to go for low-cost, high-quality products and groceries? Do you despise shopping on the internet? Do you despise shopping for groceries online? Are you someone who has been taken advantage of, conned, or duped by internet shopping?

In such a situation, one option is to call them and inquire. But what if someone doesn’t know the store’s phone number? In that situation, there are some internet programmes that can tell you whether or not a store is open. These tools can also tell you about the availability of the things or products you’re looking for.

Let’s begin with the question, 

“What is a convenience store?” and “What is a convenience store?”

A grocery shop is a place where people gather to buy groceries such as food and household supplies for everyday use as well as special occasions such as festivals, parties, and buffets. The grocery stores cover a wide range of things that are utilised on a daily or regular basis by ordinary people.

People typically purchase products and items that they or their family members require or require. Many large and wheeled carriages are usually present or accessible for clients on the entry side of grocery stores so that they may easily take a large number of things through a wheeling cart and shop in the grocery store. Customers are also given large packaging bags in grocery stores so that they can easily handle or take such big things safely home without losing any of them. People go to the grocery shop to buy enough food to last them for the full week, or even a month.

The missions of grocery and convenience businesses are very different. Grocery stores are a popular shopping destination for people who need to buy food and household items for both everyday and special occasions. Consumers can buy for goods that their home may require for a long time because of the vast variety of products and brands available, as well as high inventory levels. At the store’s entrance, large, wheeled carts are offered, with the expectation that shoppers will fill them with enough food to last a week or more.

Convenience stores, on the other hand, cater to shoppers who require one or two items immediately. For example, the lack of shopping trolleys reveals a lot about how convenience stores work: Most consumers will just buy a few products and can simply bring them up to the cash register, so there is no need for a cart.

During the lockdown, residents have gone to grocery stores and stocked up on items that will last more than three months, allowing them to be isolated at home for the duration of the lockdown. Fresh bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, undecayed produce, fresh spices, dairy items, sweets, cookies, toiletries, food items, child food items, diapers, washing detergents, cleaning items, sauces, snacks, towels and tissues, soaps, sanitary items, liquids, canned sauces or vegetables, and some organic merchandise, packaged food items, frying oils, mineral oils, oatmeal, farming or agricultural products, sugar, salt, and frost are all items that grocery stores stock up on.

A convenience store differs from a food store in several ways. A convenience store is a store where people go to buy things fast or right away. A store where customers go to buy a few products, usually one or two that they require or need right now. Because people do not buy that many items from a convenience store, there are no large wheeled carriages or carts present. Convenience stores may give tiny or medium packaging bags for their goods, allowing customers to conveniently transport one or two items home or elsewhere. When compared to grocery stores, there aren’t nearly as many people in convenience stores.

Here are some of the largest multinational supermarkets:

7-Eleven is established in a total of 46,000 different locations.

SPAR is established in a total of 13,500 different locations.

Walmart is established in a total of 11,088 different locations.

Aldi is established in a total of 10,366 different locations.

Carrefour is established in a total of 10,103 different locations.

24SEVEN are established in a total of 120 different locations – India.

Many resources can assist you in locating nearby food stores that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quikr has developed an innovative website called “still open” to assist customers in finding or locating the nearest and local grocery stores that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Under critical services, the website includes numerous elements that provide important information, such as “open medical clinics,” “close COVID-19 centres,” and other nearby retailers in your location or region. It is a crowdsourcing (crowd knowledge, crowd creation, crowd voting, and crowdfunding) platform that allows others to add crucial information about “Still open grocery stores” on an innovative website.

The website is updated and regulated on a regular basis in order to give or present users with reliable information. The lockdown caused a lot of disruption and had a negative impact on people. The government permitted specific rules and regulations for local retailers, nearby grocery stores, and adjacent convenience stores during the lockdown. The businesses were open at a set time and for a limited number of people, so that a large throng did not gather at those locations, generating a more chaotic situation in the pandemic as we tried to keep our distance from others. The majority of people were unaware that their local grocery stores had a time limit. Quikr came up with “still open” – – to overcome this problem.

People from Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and many more Indian cities and states visit this website. People, shop owners, and retailers of local stores in the local area submit information on their surrounding local stores or grocery stores to assist others.

The Walnut application’s new feature, “Identify a store nearby,” is an online tool that lets customers find local stores that are open 24 hours a day and information about neighbouring food store schedules. Under its new function in the Walnut programme, it also has various required products such as medical clinics, grocery store items, and all other everyday requirements. You can download this Walnut application from the Google Play Store free of charge.

In this scenario, Google Maps is the most useful and efficient tool available. Google Maps can help you find nearby grocery stores and closest grocery stores, as well as all the essential information or specifics, such as what time of day or night the stores are open, store and product reviews, customer reviews, and so on. When you type your address into Google Maps’ search box, it will automatically display or list a variety of features such as grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels under the various category tabs. It will also notify you whether or not the nearest or adjacent grocery stores are open. It will also provide you with the phone numbers of several local food store owners in your area. You can call them directly to inquire about how late their grocery shop is open.

How to get food delivered to your house using internet applications:

Download the online delivery apps to get groceries delivered to your home. There are a number of apps available, but here are a few of the finest for getting groceries and other everyday necessities delivered to your door:

Big Basket 

Blinkit (formerly Grofers) 

Amazon Pantry 




Online delivery from a retail store(If they provide home delivery services)

Apps like DMart Ready, Spencer’s, Nature’s Basket, and Easyday are also popular, but their services are not yet available across India. Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in and enter your PIN code to see if the service is available in your area. You can order groceries online if the service is accessible.

Apart from home delivery, one of the most interesting aspects of shopping groceries online using these applications is the savings and tempting offers they provide, as well as a membership club with additional benefits.

However, in order to survive the pandemic, many grocery stores in India have gone online, and many have chosen a hybrid model that combines the best of both channels. You may grab their phone number from Google Maps, share your grocery list with them over the phone, and have everything delivered to your house.


Buying food from local grocery stores rather than internet shopping sites like Swiggy, Big Bazar, and others is a significantly better option. Because you don’t have to obtain the same high-quality item you ordered after looking at some of the greatest photos on online purchasing sites. While ordering groceries online can save you time, it can also be a rushed experience for you. You’ll pay a lot of money for the same things that are accessible in your local grocery store, and in the end, you’ll be the one who pays a lot of money for extremely substandard products that may be of reduced quality. If you want to buy groceries from your local grocery store but don’t know what time it opens, let me tell you that we have included all of the information you need in this post to help you identify neighbouring grocery stores, the closest convenience store, and how late the local grocery store is open.

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