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How Wikipedia is the best marketing platform?

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is one of the best and most used information sharing websites and encyclopedia in the recent times. It was created in the 2001 and since then it has gradually progressed to claim the spot of one of the most views websites in the world. Wikipedia works with people to make pages and anyone can become a contributor there. However, Wikipedia checks and assess all the information that is posted there and is rejected or removed on the basis of information and guidelines that are provided.Due to these guidelines, people have started to hire Wikipedia writing services. These Wikipedia writing services assist people in making the Wikipedia pages and get their purposes to be achieved.Although Wikipedia was created for purpose of information sharing however with time the purposes of Wikipedia have been shifted and the purposes that are now attached with a Wikipedia page are mentioned here.

  1. Information sharing

This was one of the basic purposes of Wikipedia pages since its evolution. Wikipedia was aimed to become an encyclopedia and make the information to be recorded and shared on a single platform to give people access to all the information that they want. This is still one of the basic purposes of the Wikipedia page creation.Wikipedia pages are created to share information about individual, organization, events and etc.

  1. Getting attention and creating awareness

Wikipedia is visited by millions of visitors daily. This fact was considered as the best thing to happen for gettinganythingrelated to marketing. If you want to get people to be aware of something or getting their attention you can make them be gathered through Wikipedia page and this will give you the attention that you are requiring. People will be made aware of you through your Wikipedia page and thus this is now another purpose that is extracted from the Wikipedia pages.

  1. Marketing

Everything that a marketing campaign requires, Wikipedia page has got all of it. From creating awareness to getting access to millions of people everything is possible through a Wikipedia page and thus now Wikipedia pages are used for the purposes of marketing. Organizations use the Wikipedia pages to get the attention of people, creating awareness and marketing purposes and is considered as one of the effective methods that are although not directly impactful to the sales but is proficient in marketing purposes.


Wikipedia as a marketing platform

As mentioned Wikipedia is used for marketing purposes and is made to be used to promote an organization or a brand. Here are some of the reasons of whyand Wikipedia is one of the best platforms for marketing.

  1. Access to millions of people

What does a good marketing campaign aim for? It aims for gathering the awareness and attention of maximum people towards the product or brand. Wikipedia could be considered to be the best platform for the same purposes. It has millions of users that access it on daily basis and these people could be considered as a potential target audience for any marketing campaign that is held on the Wikipedia. It gives marketers a chance to gather a huge number of people on a single platform.

  1. Backlink advantages could be gained

Wikipedia is one of the websites that havea strong backend and the SEO experts could take all the advantage that they want from this websites. The backlinking could be done from this website in order to gain the direct clicks on your websites and this could be used as a marketing strategy by a number of organizations. These backlinks could be considered important in digital marketing and possibly this could be one of the best ways to your website to be marketed.

  1. Monitor your presence

A marketing campaign or tool must have the tendency that it could be monitored through different things to record what kind of results it is extracting or what is the return that it is getting. Wikipedia can make this point of concern to be catered through making the monitoring of the page to be done. This makes you able to know about who has visited your page or who havebeen following you through Wikipedia which could be helpful to make the considerations on targeting the right customers and getting information about it.

  1. Keeping the information up to date

Unlike many of the other platforms, it is not the case with Wikipedia that information that has been provided once remains as it is for the rest of the time. Wikipedia pages could be edited and updated whenever wanted. Wikipedia editors work on editing a Wikipedia page to keep the information updated. This could be used in your marketing strategies and making a Wikipedia page will give you chance to keep the information updated and making the clients to get proper information about the brand or product.

  1. Photos along with written content could be used

If people say that photos can attract customers more than you can do that too with a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia pages allow you to post a picture along with written content and this could be used for effective marketing in order to bring some good traffic to your website.

These are the reasons why Wikipedia could be considered as one of the best marketing platforms in the recent times however the marketing there should be done in a specific manner that is allowed by Wikipedia as mentioned in the guidelines of Wikipedia. Using promotional tone and direct marketing could become a cause of deletion of the page but if used properly and handled delicately Wikipedia could give you a chance to make the best outcomes to be extracted from a Wikipedia page in terms of marketing your brand or product.

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