Innovation plays a pivotal role in the overall business development- Aditya Kale CEO of AirAttix

Airattix is a startup hosting a market place ( where people can rent in
and rent out extra storage space and vacant car parks to genuine verified users for
goods storage and car park rentals respectively.
AirAttix provides a solution to common global problems. Looking at the increased cost
of living in metro cities people are going for smaller and compact houses, so they are
bound to require extra storage spaces. Likewise in the overpopulated metros, it's hard
to find a decent secured parking spot for your valuable cars. AirAttix provides a platform to resolve the above-mentioned issues faced by common man in his day to day life. AirAttix not only solves the issues of the customers but also creates an opportunity for the hosts to earn extra income from their unused, dormant storage spaces and vacant parking spots.

2. What inspired you to go to this area of business.

Ans: Airattix is founded in Oct 2019 and is based out of Pune. Airattix storage Pvt Ltd is a
sister concern company of Imperial Logistics (An established warehousing and supply
chain management company). Being in warehousing business we used to often get
inquiries from common people who wanted extra space for goods storage purposes.
Initially the company started a Public Storage Facility in Pune is one of its warehouses.
After getting an amusing response the company decided to set up a market place for
similar reasons to scale the business pan India as it was not possible to create assets
everywhere. Airbnb is one of the inspirations of this business model.

3. What and how are the challenges so far? How did you overcome them?

 Being a first of its kind venture Marketing and convincing people to list their
properties, is a major challenge. Breaking the traditional mindset of the Indian
people and convincing them to list their properties is a big hurdle. People have many
questions when it comes to the risk and security of the goods and vehicles, so we have to plan interactive events at various housing societies, malls and other public spaces to
convince and win the trust of the people.
People are liking the idea of extra income and that’s our major selling point.4. Future plans?

Ans: Now we are fully operational in Pune and have major expansion plans in other bigger
metro cities like Bangalore, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc in near future. Also we
are planning to grow overseas in the coming year.

5. What are the achievements of your company so far?

Ans: The company has managed to get almost 300+ hosts who have listed there properties
and also the company has tied up with various commercial properties (Like Shopping
malls) where we have set up Public storage facilities that are managed by Airattix. In
Pune we have set up a total of 6 public storage facilities, across various locations.

6. In the crowd of different businesses, how do you differentiate yourself?

Airattix is the first of its market place across the continents. Still, we don’t have any other
the company that is doing Storage aggregation business.7. Do you feel you have achieved what you have dreamt of?

Ans: The company’s CEO Aditya Kale is also the managing director of Imperial Logistics, a
well-established Logistics and Supply Chain management company.
It was his dream to grow his business across geographies, hence he invented Airattix.
Airattix is still in its initial stages and has a long way to grow to achieve the dream.

8. What are the improvements you suggest for the areas of business you are
Specifically in India, warehousing and storage business has been categorically being
related only to the corporates and manufacturing industry. Through Airattix we
wanted to break the taboo and introduce the concept of Public Storage to the Indian
Audience. When you are doing business for the common man the business strategy has
to be completely different.
The company has to have a more sophisticated approach and also has to have a proper
customer care service in place. Doing a common man solution can bring in volumetric
business to the company, but if not with a proper strategy it can hamper the growth and

9. Any piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs?

Ans: Innovation plays a pivotal role in the overall business development. Unless and until
you think out of the box and offer an unconventional solution to the audience, it is difficult to
sustain the competition.

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