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Inspiring Interview with Akshay Saini, Co-founder of Tring

Tring is an innovative platform which helps fans to connect with their favorite celebrity   digitally through various means including getting personalized messages via video or text on Instagram.

a. A short video shout out: Once the fan books a shout out request, the celebrity will shoot and send a short personal video for occasions like birthday, anniversary, get well soon, all the best for exams, motivation, etc.

b. DM on Instagram: This is our entry level product offering to cater to the less affording masses. Through this product, the fan can receive a personal text message via DM on Instagram from the personal, verified Instagram handle of the celebrity.

What inspired you to go for this area of business?

After having successfully grown and run brick-and-mortar businesses, we were keen to enter the digital space. In the digital world, execution is key and scale is the goal. We chose the idea of Tring to further push and recognize the fandom of Indians.

Share with us the achievements of your company in the industry so far?

As of now, we have 700 celebrities on-board Tring. We are promoting Tring to our customers through digital marketing. The response is tremendous and encouraging. Within a very short time span, we have fulfilled close to 300 confirmed video requests, of which 50 orders are from NRIs.

What are all your future plans for your business?

We are on path to on-board 800 celebrities in this quarter and are targeting and aligning our plans to reach 10,000 celebrities by March 2021. Book more and more orders from tier 2, tier 3 and NRI audience

In the crowd of different businesses, how you differentiate your business ?

The USP of Tring is our count, reach and genre of celebrities and our audience base i.e. fans. We have celebrities from different arenas including TV/Film star, Regional stars, Sportspeople, Motivators, Influencers, TikTok-ers, amongst others.

We have on-boarded about 700 celebrities in a very short duration. And this is just the tip of the celebrities’ iceberg. ~This Mumbai startup lets you book personalised video messages from your favourite celebrities and surprise your loved ones with the gift they have always dreamt of ~ Mumbai, January 2020:In this digital age – where love is just a swipe away, and wishes at your fingertips, enters Tring!An online platform launched in December 2019– thatconnectspeople with adored celebrities for personalised video messages.

Tring was founded by Akshay Saini, Rahul Saini and Pranav Chabhadia.

The company has already raisedover $100,000 to build the working product and have onboarded 300+ celebrities from different domains. Tring aims to successfully raise a second round of funding,worth half a million dollars,out of which 40% is secured.

The platform connects people with their favourite celebrities who thendeliver personalised video wishes and messages –all with a simple click. Over 700 celebrities including Jay Bhanushali, ArjunBijlani, Rohit Roy, MandanaKarimi, ChahatKhanna, Shakti Arora, Aarti Chabria and many more are already on the platform. Akshay Saini said “The aim is to onboard over 1000 celebrities by end of March and deliver a few hundred messages, so that everyone can find their favourite celebrities on Tring.

We have currently received and executed varied requests including birthday wishes, all-the-best motivational messages, best wishes for anniversary, amongst others. But the absolutely amazing delivery we could arrange was for a little kid about to go for medical surgery – he was ecstatic when his favourite star wished him get well soon.

That is what keeps us tringing!” The founders are now excited to onboard sports personalities, models, TV and Movie Stars, comedians, bloggers and more celebrities from other domains on to Tring.

They want to be the catalyst in making dreams come true by connecting celebrities directly with engaged fans. It is very easy to gift a personalized message from acelebrity – the users have to register on the platform, choose their preferred celebrity and make a booking.The message gets delivered within seven to fifteen days to theuser or their loved ones.

The platform has devisedways of onboarding different types of celebrities creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

They are certain to do it in the shortest time possible. Tring is also partnering with charities with different purposes as most celebrities choose to donate their earnings from the platform. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and feel extra special by receiving wishes or greetings from their favourite celebrity?Be that special person who the superstars want to message. It is now in your reach on

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