Inspiring interview with San Banerjee-Cofounder, CEO of ADDA

inspiring interview with San Banerjee-Cofounder, CEO of ADDA
inspiring interview with San Banerjee-Cofounder, CEO of ADDA

ADDA is a native Apartment SuperApp. It is designed to take care of every single aspect of community living. You can pay maintenance, be updated real time about gate security like visitor or staff check in/check outs, get all the important notices from your Association or RWA, with COVID lockdown in place, the App has now even become a platform to connect essential service providers to residents, or even get immediate help in emergencies with the Panic Alert feature. The App is powered by a suite of products in the backend like ADDA ERP and ADDA GateKeeper

What inspired you to go for this area of business?

 Wanted to solve Problems, take risks while doing so.

 Wanted to surround myself with people who believe and they can change the world – sustainably.

Being an apartment resident myself, experienced the issues of community management first hand. And felt this problem needs a streamlined solution to help residents focus more on the overall sustainable growth of the community.



What are all the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

 Apartment communities everywhere depended on Yahoo, Google groups for their communication. Maintenance payments were done via cash or cheque. Data was maintained in Excel sheets. So there were already too many platforms being used to manage one single community. ADDA offered them one platform for all their needs – collecting maintenance, maintaining account books, communication, posting Association notices, streamlining maintenance and repair workflows. It was an innovative product to a problem craving for a solution. So perhaps the only challenge we faced was skepticism – that can one product indeed solve so many issues? 


Since our focus has always been on perfecting the product, we could overcome this challenge. We were confident our product works, we used it ourselves. We knew the efficiency of the product would win over the sceptics. 


Share with us the achievements of your company in the industry so far?

The greatest achievement is in being able to create a product that can quickly adapt to what the market needs. For instance, with the pandemic creating havoc, we were quick to enhance the product to streamline contactless deliveries, make emergency contacts available to all users at a tap, and get in touch with doctors or medical personnel in their communities in case of emergencies. 


What are all your future plans for your business?

  1. More product enhancements R&D

  2. Region expansion


In the crowd of different businesses, how do you differentiate your business ?

 Every business has a certain model that works for them. What works for us is ensuring our product is always user oriented. 


Do you feel you have achieved what you dream of?

 Dreams are ever evolving. The moment we achieve a milestone, the dream becomes bigger.


What are all the improvements you suggest in the area of Business you are in?

 More awareness about residential community management.


Any piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs?

 Do what you would do to be with the love of your life. 

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