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International Trainers Federation going to launch Border Beyond Borders Chapters

Delhi – NCR based International Trainers’ Federation is endeavouring for the last decade to give an industry status to the training or training sector. Rahul Raj, the founder of International Trainers’ Federation, is himself a trainer who has done a lot of work on the skill development programs with the Government of India, private sector and corporate world. In the past few years, skill development programs have been used as a tool for skill development in the country. During this time private sector and corporates have also understood the power of training – skills.

Rahul Raj laid the foundation of the International Trainers Federation with the idea of ​​advancing the training and trainers as well. He gathered trainers spread across the country on one platform and worked on how to develop them into an industry.

While the Government of India is working on Skill Development with the institutions like National Skill Development Corporation, National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship Development Institute, the need for trainers in the country also increased rapidly.

During this time, despite the need for trainers and training, Rahul Raj of International Trainers Federation also felt that the need of the training industry is being understood in the country and the world but the need of trainers are being ignored many times. To solve these problems, Rahul Raj created this platform and spread it across the country.

After strengthening his roots across the country, Rahul Raj is now moving forward with his team to provide it a global connects. They also want to spread the International Trainers Federation to BIMSTEC nations (BIMSTEC Nations – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Myanmar, Thailand) and other south-western countries.

Moving ahead with this initiative International Trainers Federation has organized the Bangladesh Initiation Meet on July 28. Twenty to twenty-five delegates from the country and abroad met in this meet. Bangladesh Initiation Meet has discussed various topics of training, trainers and the industry. The moderator of this virtual live session was Rahul Raj, founder of the International Trainers Federation.

Fhardhadul Islam of Bangladesh led the virtual session as the guest of honour. Fhardhadul Islam is a part of ITF, Bangladesh and he is going to be Voice of ITF in Bangladesh. Under his leadership training, trainers fraternity and industries of Bangladesh will be well connected with ITF, Bangladesh. In his leadership ITF, Bangladesh will surely provide motivation across industries of Bangladesh.

While Arpit Gupta, BK Bhup, Ravi Raman, Amit Sinha, Manjira Bagchi, Martin Henry  , Gangadhar Kocharlakota, Raina K Tandon, Mayank Sharma, Surjeet K Thotha, Pooja Bhardwaj, Leena Chhbara, Dibyendu Chatterjee, Ketak Chaabra, Gopal Rai etc. joined the meet as Steering Committee Member. While Aranb Chaterjee and Uday Banerjee has joined the meet as Special Invitee.

All these participants are veterans of their respective fields and are involved in training, media, SMEs, Startups and other industry ventures. Soon another virtual meet will be organized where members of the Bangladesh Chapter of International Trainers Federation and office bearers will be elected.

Soon the International Trainers Federation is going to launch its other international chapters as well. We are in talks with the training fraternity of many countries, Rahul Raj, founder of International Trainers Federation told Business Updater. The International Trainers Federation is now going Border Beyond Borders with this global step.

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