Laundry Service business idea

Welcome entrepreneur! Happy to see your interest in this type of a business. Let me put some light on laundry service.

A job like washing the clothes also needs some sort of expertise. Different types of fabrics have different types of washing styles. Not taking care of which affects their longevity of usage. We often find certain instructions regarding the washing methods on the package or labels of a cloth. For example, some clothes mustnot be washed with hot water, some should not be dried under direct sunlight, some should not be washed with other clothes as they leave color and some should be washed carefully to prevent shrinking. But how many of us can spare time to take care of those things in our daily life. That is why, it is better to take laundry service especially for your expensive clothes.

If you can manage the infrastructural arrangement, laundry service is a great business to do. The expertise which is required in washing style will come to you when you start working. You are only required to seggregate clothes as per their correct washing style and treat them accordingly.

When and how

For laundry service business idea you need to dedicate your full time. As a part-time it does not seem a comfortable business.

You are required to have at least two to five washing machines to start this business along with a place to do the work. In case you are a little short on investment side, then also you can proceed with this business.To reduce your investment amount, manage it at your home if possible. Take washing machines on rent. Location plays a vital role in such a business. If you are at a place where people mostly prefer doing laundry at home, then things may not work as you think. But still you can give it a try because people may change their habit after having an option of laundry service available near them.