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Top 20 business ideas in Maine


Maine is a pine tree state in the United States of America where local and small businesses or
organizations are an integral part of their diverse culture, which supports the economy of their
state. According to the “United States Census Bureau” (2014), many businesses in Maine have
fewer than 500 employees, making up around three-fifths of the state’s private workforce. It is a
small state in the United States of America that has the lowest unemployment rate at around
3.4% in America.
Maine’s economic growth is relatively stable, thanks to its large market for expanding small
firms. Maine’s has a diverse culture that is supported by its business-friendly policies and
supporting government rules that open up a world of new possibilities for organizations or
businesses. Maine has quite a fairly structured tax reporting style in the country, in a way that
makes it easy for a company to run or work without any problems. It is popular for its agricultural
products and services like paper, wood, food, etc., and also for tourism, which directly
contributes to its economy.
Maine’s manufacturing, textile, agricultural, and other businesses are the backbone of the
state’s thriving economy.The state is also known for its sports activities like soccer, football,
fishing, baseball, basketball, and other outdoor activities. If you’re looking for an idea to start a
business in Maine, then you’re at the right place. This article will provide you with the top 20
business ideas to start with in Maine that will be very profitable and can be established with a
little investment.

The following are the top 20 business ideas in Maine:

These are the top 20 business ideas in Maine that you can start with a little investment and that
will bring you lots of profits throughout the ups and downs of the seasons.

Blueberry Farming

Maine is one of the leading blueberry producers in the United States. If you’re thinking about
starting a business in Maine, then go for blueberry farming. It has a huge market in Maine as
well as in other states of America.

Agriculture Farm

Agriculture provides a living for a sizable portion of Maine’s people. Maine is a major exporter of
a variety of agricultural products, both domestically and internationally. If you already have
undeveloped land, launching an agri-business business can be lucrative.

Metal Fabrication

If you start your private metal fabrication enterprise in Maine, you’ll have plenty of customers to
serve, including cement factories, petrochemical plants, textile mills, steel mills, and aluminium
and copper manufacturers. You might also be able to generate generalised fabrication for small
shops. The reality is that even the fabrication industry in Maine is prospering.

Dairy products business

Dairy products business is a profitable business that you can establish in your own home with a
low initial investment. The abundance of dairy farms in Maine allows you to obtain everything
you’ll need to start this business. You can sell fresh milk and other dairy-related products at your

Guest House Business

Maine is very popular for its sports and outdoor activities. Many tourists visit the state
throughout the year to experience these sports activities. Sports activities like fishing,
basketball, hunting, football, camping, hiking events, swimming, and boating. You’ll need
enough capital to build a small club house, guest house, apartment, etc., so that you can rent
the place, apartment rooms, or house to tourists throughout the year. And let me tell you,
throughout the year, tourists will book your place, house, apartment, rooms, etc. in advance.
This business will surely make you tonnes of profit.

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Gas Station & Convenience Store

Gas stations and convenience store businesses are the two main services that are needed by
people on a daily basis. Therefore, it has a broad scope in the state of Maine. Start your
company’s own gas station, or you can also buy another famous company’s franchise. Also,
consider opening a convenience store next to your gas station, as it will make you more money.
Make sure you have the necessary equipment related to a vehicle, packaged foods, water
bottles, non-alcoholic drinks, and beverages.

Business of Leather Goods

Leather is one of the items that are highly produced by the people of Maine. You can get leather
items and other resources at fair prices from the Maine’s market. You can manufacture leather
goods, items, or clothes and sell them in Maine or outside Maine. It will be easy to find leather in
this state of America, and hence it will be a very profitable business for you.

Consignment Store

Consignment store in Maine can be very profitable. It is basically a second-hand shop where
people will provide you with their used items, like books, shoes, clothes, equipment, etc., that
they no longer need or use. And you’ll provide the owner with a smaller share when the items
get sold. There is a huge scope and demand for this business in Maine, and yet it will be a very
profitable business for you.

Designing packaging product or brand logo business

Many big companies or organization look for creative people who are experts in designing, be it
graphic or visual. This business doesn’t require any prior investment. You need to have basic
knowledge, of designing a logo for a product, brand, etc., or product packaging. You have to
design packages for the company which will be then distributed for further advertisement and

Daycare Services

Maine is a state that has high employment rates, and therefore, many people, including
teenagers, adults, and couples, are working full-time to support their lifestyles, needs, and
families. For this reason, they cannot look after their young children and hence need daycare
services. You can start this business with a little investment. All you need is some toys and
knowledge of how to take care of small or young children.

Website or Niche Blog

If you have a habit of writing blogs and you’re interested in writing in your preferred niche, then
open a website or niche blog site. If you don’t know how to build a website, then don’t worry.
Hire a professional or some tech guy who will make a nice website for you where you can write
about anything. You write about science fiction, movies, celebrities, science experiments, news,
etc. This business will take time to grow, so be patient. You have to write engaging content
consistently. You’ll be shocked to know that many bloggers make 1000000$ in a month and
make the same amount of money in a week.

Nail Salon

Salon buisness is one of the profitable businesses which requires very little investment to set
up. You can start this business at your home or in any other location in Maine, or you can
provide these services to your customers at their home. You’ll have to do manicures, pedicures,
etc, for your customers.

Freelance Writing Services

If you love researching, writing content, and editing, then this is the perfect choice for you. If you
love writing, then you can start this business on your own and at home. You can write for
different clients, agencies, publications, authors, and companies on a freelance basis. All you
need is a laptop or a smartphone. You don’t have to be an expert in writing. You just need basic
publishing and writing knowledge. And you can also work part-time or in your free time,
depending on your daily schedule.

Bed & Breakfast Business

As you know, Maine is a popular state that is famous for its outdoor activities and sports
activities. Therefore, many visitors or tourists travel to Maine just to experience these activities.
You can open a business that will provide these tourists or visitors with bed and breakfast
services during their visit. You can provide them with rooms or a hotel lodge for their stay, with a
complimentary breakfast included. Many tourists will prefer a place with complimentary
breakfast rather than an expensive 5-star hotel.

Customized Tour or traveling Services

As mentioned above, tourists, visitors, and locals travel to Maine throughout the year. And they
require a travel guide for their tour around the state of Maine. A tour guide not only gives a
customised tour but also provides them with necessary details like the location of famous
restaurants, hotels, etc. Sometimes they provide them with a proper plan, including their stay,
cab service, laundry, camping, hiking, etc. This business is highly recommended because it has
the potential to make you millions.

Online Dating Consultancy

You’ll provide online advice on how individuals should approach strangers, partners, or friends
on online dating websites or on social platforms.

Online Magazine

If you like writing, editing, and publishing content, then this business is for you. An online
magazine is either a paid subscription or an advertising publication that focuses on a single
topic or area and can easily raise revenue while archiving substantial amounts of content.
Although there are currently other magazines mostly on the same topic, you may be able to
provide something fresh and original to your audience that positions you as a policy maker in
your profession. If you’re currently writing a lot of material for a website, whether for yourself or
for your organisation, it might be time to think about starting an online magazine.

Online Survey

If you want to start a business with zero investment, then this online survey business is the
perfect choice for you. You can start this business at your home. Many big companies and
survey organizations will pay you enough money to do this task.

T-Shirt or top Printing Business

In today’s digital era, many people now have the opportunity to design t-shirts, tops, outfits, etc.
online. Teenagers, entrepreneurs, and designers are now looking for agencies who can print or
manufacture their designed t-shirts, tops, and clothes. There is a huge market for this business.
Or you can design your own t-shirts, print them and start selling them through online or offline

Furniture Making Business

Maine is popular for farming and its agricultural products. And wood is one of these products
that can be found in any corner of Maine. All types of wood, from which you can make or mould
beautiful and classic furniture, are available in Maine’s market. This furniture making business is
very profitable and is a developing business in the state. You can also sell or export your
furniture online. Furniture demands exist throughout all the seasons.

Resources for small businesses in Maine

If you’re planning or starting a new business in Maine, then you should know about the
resources which will help you to make your business grow, progress, and be profitable. Maine
SCORE is one of these resources, i.e., organisations. Their volunteer experts, mentors, and
business professionals will provide you with a road map, free advice, and business
expertise.They will help you to grow your business more quickly without any hassle. And they
provide all these things, guidance, services, all for free.

Maine’s Best Places to Start a Business

Before starting a business, one must be aware of the location, i.e., the marketplace, where there
is a huge crowd of customers, suppliers, and buyers. There is a famous rule related to that

which says, “find out where is the demand and then supply.” You should understand that
business runs solely on this principle. Your business’s growth and success depends on many
factors, and location is one of them.
Here are some recommended locations to start a small or big business in Mine for Startups:


Maine is a pine-tree-covered state in the United States of America where local and small
enterprises or organisations constitute an important element of the state’s diversified culture and
economy. Manufacturing, textile, agricultural, and other businesses are the front wheels that
propel Maine’s thriving economy. Maine received high scores in a state ranking released
recently by “the personal finance websiteWalletHub” when it comes to launching a business. In
the national survey, Maine ranked in 13th place. Maine somehow doesn’t require all businesses
to be licensed. Nevertheless, it’s basically dependent on the size and type of your business.
You may need a state licence or your local authority’s licence or permits. Maine is a small state
in the United States of America with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, at
roughly 3.4 percent. If you’re looking for a company concept in Maine, you’ve come to the
perfect place. This post will provide you with a list of the best 20 business ideas that you may
start in Maine that are both profitable and easy to setup. The top 20 business ideas in Maine
are: furniture making business, t-shirt printing business, online survey business, guest house
business, gas station + convenience store business, freelancing writing business, bed &
breakfast business, travelling services business, daycare services, website or niche blog
business, nail salon business, designing (product packaging or logo) business, consignment
store business, leather items business, online magazine business, blueberry farming,
agricultural farm, metal fabrication business, online dating, Consultancy, and dairy products

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