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Top 20 Business Ideas in Massachusetts


Bloomberg has named Massachusetts the second most inventive state in the country.
Successful industries such as tourism, software development, and banking sectors have
spawned new ventures. Starting your own company is a hard path, and you should select an
idea that you’re dedicated to and genuinely believe in.
Boston is indeed a famous city in Massachusetts, America. This city is a globally recognized
place for a variety of reasons, such as its university education and metropolitan area (10th-
largest in the USA).
The following are the top 20 business ideas in Massachusetts that are highly profitable and can
be started with a little investment.

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Top 20 Business Ideas in Massachusetts

Online Marketing

Technology is rapidly developing and growing in today’s world. Everything has now become a
part of technology; books as ebooks, shopping as online shopping, school as online education,
etc. And since everything and everyone has gone digital, people are rapidly buying groceries,
clothes, etc. online. Therefore, the marketing area on digital platforms is a booming business.
Everyone who has started a business needs a marketing agency or company to market their
products in front of people. And if you’re thinking of starting a business in Massachusetts, then
an online marketing business is the perfect choice for you as you just have to attract customers
for different organizations and businesses through online platforms like social media


This business is rapidly growing at a rate of 8.8% (2014) in Massachusetts throughout the year.
Many people prefer online shopping as they feel it’s a safer choice and you get to compare all
the products. E-commerce businesses are one of the most profitable businesses of all time. And
if you want good money in Massachusetts, then consider this option. It will surely take some
time to grow your business, but once you get a sale, then there’s no need to worry. Just make
sure you don’t market false products and provide a good quality product to your customers. First
start with a little investment and sell only 3 or 4 products, and then after getting sales, increase
or expand your criteria of products.

Pet Care

According to a recent survey conducted in 2012, it was found that most American people spend
millions and billions of dollars (around 40 to 50) on their pets’ care. This particular area of
business is a growing and profitable business that has high stakes for the future. If you know
how to take care of pets and can provide appropriate services to them, then you don’t need any
degree to establish this business. Start your business by just hiring a professional or someone

who has enough knowledge and qualifications in this field. Or you can start this on your own if
you’re ready to learn or study the basics.

Environmental Consulting

In today’s digital and industrialization era, it’s very difficult to remain healthy. All the electronic
towers, automobiles, factories, manufacturing industries, etc., produce non-bio-degradable
waste, pollutants, plastic waste, harmful gases, poison gases, toxic chemicals, etc., which not
only affect a person’s health or animal health but also affect our environment. Scientists and
engineers are working to minimise these dangerous effects. If you’re a person who can actually
make a difference in the environment, then let me tell you that this particular organization is very
profitable in Massachusetts.


Whatever the situation or condition is, people always need and will need food to survive. And
most of the American people in Massachusetts love to eat in restaurants. A matter of fact, the
restaurant business provides most of the employment in the United States of America. Around
10% of the country’s population is employed by a restaurant organization or business. This
means only one thing: the restaurant business is highly profitable and growing. You can either
have your own restaurant or you can buy a famous restaurant franchise.

Sports Shop

Massachusetts is a state in America where many sports activities and events take place. And
many youngsters and teenagers are crazy fans of these sports events like baseball, etc.
Establish a store where you can sell sports-related equipment and products like baseballs,
tennis balls, rackets, jerseys, track suits, sports shorts, etc.

Adventure Club

As you know, Massachusetts is a state popular for its locations, its capital, Boston, and its
geographical nature. Many tourists, people, agencies, students, etc., visit the state to
experience the wonderful location and adventure activities like hiking. You can open an
adventure club that provides adventure activities like camping, personalized tours, hiking,
swimming, boating, etc. to tourists.


A photography business is highly recommended in Massachusetts as many tourists, magazine
agencies, entrepreneurs, and companies look for professional photographers. You just need a
camera to establish this business. First try to work for small agencies, corporations, etc., then
market your name and company to these people. It will help you make good connections.

Cab Service

Massachusetts is a busy state with residents and tourists on the go. You should open a
transportation cab service organization to help tourists and people with their travels.

Shipping Service

There is a huge demand for shipping services in today’s digital era as everyone prefers online
shopping as compared to offline shopping. Some of the organizations and companies don’t ship
their products to other countries. You can take advantage of this opportunity and establish a
shipping service organization that’ll ship products around the world to any corner of the world.
First you have to connect with local suppliers in that country, and then you have to deliver your
products to customers through them.

Gift Shop

Many people don’t know what to give their friends, families, partners, parents, etc. for special
occasions like birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, etc. A gift shop is a profitable
business as it makes tons of profit throughout the season and festivals. You can rent a place,
organize it, and then buy some of the materials from a wholesale market. This business has
huge margins of profit.

Day & nanny care services

You can establish this business at your home with almost no investment. Organize a room in
your home and simply get authorized to perform the necessary paperwork that needs to be
completed before starting this business. And start providing nanny or day services to the people
of Massachusetts. Select a perfect location for this business, like nearby a school, office, or a

Website Design & Development

If you have technical knowledge and know how to design a website, an application software, or
can work as a web developer, then you can easily make 6 to 7 figures a month. Just provide
these services to different clients, businesses, organizations, companies, etc. on a freelance
basis. Establish your business with an exciting name and then market your services on different
social media platforms. You can also make a website to list your services so that customers,
clients, etc., can connect with you and contact you from anywhere.

Interior Designer

If you know how to design the interiors of an apartment, house, place, etc., then this is the
perfect business for you. You just have to redesign the aesthetic and interiors of an untidy place
or room to make it more presentable, classy, and organized. You can start this business on your
own with very little investment. The people of Massachusetts pay a huge amount of money to
the interior designers.

Translation Service

Massachusetts is a very popular state in America because of its history. It is known for its
colonial, civilised and revolutionary wars. Therefore, many people around the globe visit the
state, and those tourists need a person who can communicate with them in their native
language. If you know more than one language and are fluent in them, then you can provide
translation services to tourists, or you can provide interpreter services to many clients, big
companies on a freelance basis.

Event Organization

If you love events, parties, birthdays, etc. and know how to manage things at these events, then
this is the perfect choice of business for you. You can start your business by organizing small
events or parties. At those events, you can market your brand name or company name by
distributing your business cards to the professionals. This is a very profitable business in

Game Reservations

Many Americans in Massachusetts are obsessed with sports and game shows.Some people
often buy tickets for their favourite games or matches a long time in advance. And because
some people are too lazy, too busy, or simply do not know about the match’s tickets, they
purchase them at the last minute.And some don’t get tickets to their favourite games or
matches. You can simply buy some of the tickets and then sell them at the very last moment to
needy people.

Cleaning Services

Most people in Massachusetts are very busy and have a tight schedule, which doesn’t allow
them to do these basic household tasks on their own. And hence, they need cleaning services
on a daily basis. Establish a cleaning service company that provides maids or staff on a regular
basis for the people. This is a profitable business as cleaning services are required by almost
every person. This business will make you a huge profit within a short period of time.

Professional Trainer

If you know how to dance, create art, cook, etc., then you can easily open a school where you
can teach these types of skills. You just need to market your skills and get more clients for your
business. You can start this business with a little investment.


If you have knowledge of different editing software applications that are used for editing
pictures, designing illustrations, and designing art, then you can establish a design business in
Massachusetts and work with private clients on a freelance basis. You can also work with many
professional photographers, modelling agencies, advertisement companies, and graphic

Massachusetts’s best places to start a business:

Location is one of the major factors that determines the growth rate, sales, and economy of your
business. Therefore, choose the perfect location for your business. Here are the top
marketplaces that will provide you with a huge crowd of customers, resources, or clients for your

Resources for establishing a business in Massachusetts
To start a business, you must be aware of all the resources that you need to structure,
establish, or manage your new business.
“Massachusetts – SBDC Network”
They provide 1-1 personalized guidance, counseling, training, guided paths, workshops, and
advice to new businesses or organizations in Massachusetts.
“Economic Development Council-Western Massachusetts”
They provide the necessary information, resources, mentorship, etc. that one surely needs to
establish a new business. You should definitely check their page if you want to start a business
in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts is known for industry, tourists, and academics, and it is a main emerging market
in the United States. Tourism contributes significantly to the country’s and state’s economic
growth in significant areas like higher education, engineering, informatics, finance, nursing, and
tourism, etc. Massachusetts does have a thriving financial system. It is a state where even the
government places a high emphasis on property. So, if you’re thinking of starting a business,
remember that you’ll have to pay taxes. You should register and obtain state authorization
before starting any large commercial enterprise in Massachusetts. Here is the complete list of
business ideas. The top 20 business ideas in Massachusetts that you can start with a little
investment and will be highly profitable are: designing, professional trainer, cleaning services,
game reservations, event organization, translation service, interior designer, web designing and
web development, day care, gift shop, shipping services, cab services, photography, adventure
club, sports store, restaurant, environmental consulting, pet care services, e-commerce, and
online marketing businesses.

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