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Top Business Ideas in Minnesota


Are you a Minnesota citizen looking for the perfect business idea? You’ve come to the perfect
place if you’re looking for something specific. There are many business prospects in Minnesota,
and thus to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 20 of the greatest business ideas.
Minnesota has effectively changed itself from an arable state to something like a dynamic
economy in the past. Minnesota is currently home to a diverse range of enterprises spanning
many disciplines and sectors, thanks to the support of some of the world’s largest corporations.
Agriculture-related businesses have undergone fast transformations in manufacturing,
information technology, and finance.
The digital world has brought new opportunities for small enterprises in Minnesota throughout
the past. If you really want to set up a business in Minnesota at your residence, here’s an article
that will surely guide and help you.

The top 20 business ideas in Minnesota

The following are the top business ideas that you can easily start in Minnesota with a little

Digital Marketing

There are many small and large companies in Minnesota that are looking for marketing
agencies. Every business, not only in Minnesota but also worldwide, is going digital, and hence
all they require is advertising services. You can start this business at your home; you’ll just have
to provide marketing services like customized social or advertising campaigns, SEO marketing
(search engine optimization marketing), and many other digital services. The goal behind these
marketing services is to make people aware of a specific brand so that their sales rate keeps

Recycling Pick-up

Recycling pickup business is one of the businesses that can make you billions while also
helping you clean the environment. This is the type of business that most people don’t know
about, and if they do, they don’t prefer this line of business. It includes work like picking up dirty
things from a waste bin and recycling them. People usually think that cleaning and picking up
dirty or nasty things is not part of their job. But only the smart ones who know about nasty things
known as dirt choose this kind of business and make a profit by recycling the waste products.


The franchise business is a very profitable business as the brand or franchise of let’s say, coffee
shop (Starbucks), pizza corner (Dominos), clothing (Coco Chanel), etc.), is already in the
market. You just have to take the franchise and set up a store, restaurant, or shop. There are
several franchise opportunities available in Minnesota. There are numerous franchise
opportunities available, including food franchises, clothing franchises, automobile franchises,
transportation franchises, cleaning franchises, and so on. You can make a huge profit in this line

of business. Just be patient and establish this franchise business and you will easily make 6 to 7
figures a month.

Mail Order Services

This business will surely make you a huge profit if you provide or offer quality services. This
business is a great innovative idea if you are a person who usually stays at home or if you just
need an extra income. Select a niche or item that you think people in Minnesota would love to
receive or buy. And then take good photographs of that item. Deliver your items or products to
your friends, relatives, etc., and don’t forget to mention quotes, contact details, and a description
of your item. If your product or item is of good quality, attractive, and beautiful, then people will
definitely refer you and your business to other people, which will bring you more customers.

Bed & Breakfast Business

Minnesota is quite popular among tourists and travelers. Many people, especially tourists, visit
the state throughout the year. And you can take advantage of this brilliant opportunity. You can
open a business that offers services like complimentary breakfast and a place for tourists or
travellers to stay at an affordable charge. Many youngsters, people, or adults prefer to stay at a
local place rather than an expensive hotel just to have a thrilling experience.

Social-Media Management

Many companies in Minnesota look for social media agencies who can handle their accounts
professionally and manage them. Companies pay a large sum of money to these agencies in
return for their services. You don’t have to invest any money to start this business. Learning
how to handle, manage, and work with social media accounts is all you need to do. You can
also choose your specific niche in this line of business, like, for example, Facebook social media
marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Instagram marketing, promotions, etc.

Music Lessons

If you know about music, rhythm, notes, etc., you can easily open a school where you can teach
music to kids, adults, or teenagers. Or even if you know how to play a musical instrument, you
can open a school where you can teach how to play that musical instrument. You just have to
make a little investment in setting up the school. Beginning at the beginner level, then market
your services to kids and people interested in music and musical instruments both online and
offline. There is indeed a huge demand for musical teachers in Minnesota.

Packaging design firm

If you are a creative person and know how to design certain things, then let me tell you, you
don’t have to waste your skills and talent. You can start a business where you’ll design certain
packaging products, logos, boxes, etc. Matter of fact, companies pay a huge amount of money
to packaging designers as they help them to design their products’ packaging in a certain way,
which is more attractive than usual packaging. People don’t buy the product, they buy the
product that is behind the frame, simple psychology.

Niche Website

If you love writing content, then this is the perfect choice for you. Start your own website and
post content on that website consistently. In a recent study, it was found that most American
students earn 6 to 7 figures a week just by simple blogging, or writing content on their websites.
Decide on your particular niche and write on that topic. You can write about many things, like
scientific things, general discoveries, movies, shows, series, television, etc. This business will
take some time to grow. You just have to be very patient and consistent.

Business Planning agencies

Many entrepreneurs in Minnesota are planning to grow and establish their small and big
businesses. All they need is some technical knowledge, resources, and guidance. You can start
a business planning firm that will provide those entrepreneurs or people with services such as
proper guidance, technical knowledge, statistics, data, resources, mentorship, and professional
advice in order for them to start or establish their businesses.If you think you have the
knowledge and experience to help these entrepreneurs, then this is the right line of business for

Travel Agency

Minnesota is quite popular among tourists and travelers, as you know. Minnesota is also ranked
among the top states that have a large number of tourists annually. If you open a travel agency,
believe me when I say that big revenue will entice into your pockets. Many teenagers or young
people book agencies to help them with their travels. You just have to provide good quality
services like food, restaurants, travelling services, staying places, hotels, lodges, club services,
adventure activities, etc., to your customers, aka tourists.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re that person who hates to go outside and loves to stay at home, then this business is
just for you. Many high-level corporate people’s clients pay a huge amount of money to their
assistants, whether they are virtual or not. This means whether you’re working for them digitally
or in person, they’ll pay you for your services as long as you help them in their line of work. You
can also provide these services on a freelance basis. You just need to have some technical
knowledge, like how to handle data, work with technical software, etc. Even if you don’t know
any of this, just relax and find out what you’re good at and what type of work that you can do or

Juice bar

Because Minnesotans are conscious of the food they consume, they prefer healthy foods and
beverages to junk food and beverages. You can establish a nice juice bar in Minnesota that will
offer nice and healthy drinks and juices to kids, adults, or teenagers. This business can be
easily set up with a little investment. You just have to provide tasty and healthy juices to your
customers. Small bars and food stalls make huge amounts of money as compared to five-star
restaurants or bars. Many people in Minnesota are cutting back on junk food and soda drinks,
and now it has become a trend among youngsters. They prefer to drink lemon water rather than
soda water.

Fashion Boutique

Everybody loves nice and classy clothes. Many people prefer to design their own clothes rather
than buy branded clothes. It makes them satisfied and happy. You can establish a clothing
boutique business that will design fashionable and trendy clothes for the customers or people as
per their needs. This business can be set up with a little knowledge and investment. You just
need to have the basic knowledge of stitching, fabrics, patterns, and designing, and then you’re
good to go. Remember, every business requires time, patience, hard work, and knowledge to

Flea-market Vendor

You can choose this line of business if you have a good eye for nice, nice things and if you have
basic sales and marketing knowledge. You’ll have to sell things and items for some cash. This
market has huge scope and demand in Minnesota. You can definitely sell any items on the flea
market, like handicrafts, jewellery, books, secondhand items, decorative lamps, pottery, hand-
crafted crockery, etc. This line of business has a substantial amount of growth on a daily basis.
The American people of Minnesota value art and hand-crafted things. They love to buy these
things. Therefore, this business will be highly profitable for you.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning is one of those services that is needed by everyone on a daily basis. You can easily
start this business with almost no money. All you need to have is some cleaning equipment.
You may already have some cleaning supplies at home, and you can begin with those.And you
also need some cleaning chemicals like detergents, soaps, etc. You can establish this business
at your home. You can provide cleaning services to the people of Minnesota on a regular basis.
Most people in Minnesota are employed, and they have very tight schedules. Therefore, they
can’t do this cleaning stuff on their own. Hence, they require these services.

Sporting Club

A sports club is a recognised youth club that promotes, develops and focuses on a specific
sporting activity. The sport’s purpose is sometimes recreational, educational, competitive,
ambitious, or a result of such activities that are solely dependent on its rules. People like to
hang out in places where they can easily connect with people who share their interests and with
whom they can talk about and debate issues, particularly sports.You can establish a fun sports
club, including several areas for followers of various sports activities. It is a great money-making
business idea that you can do in Minnesota.

Vintage Furniture

You can establish a vintage furniture organization in Minnesota, America. People love vintage
and old things. Many people have the habit of collecting vintage things, whether it’s clothes,
jewellery, furniture, coins, crockery, paintings, art, documents, books, etc. In fact, many people
pay more than the regular amount to buy vintage things. You can easily start this business by
collecting some of the vintage furniture and then selling or auctioning it at a very high price. This
is a very prosperous and profitable business at all times. As time passes, the value of your
vintage furniture will increase, not decrease. It’s just like having an asset for business.


The American people of Minnesota generally prefer online shopping rather than offline
shopping. You can establish this business at your home, or at your shop (if any). Just click nice
pictures of the products and then list them on shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Start
with 3 or 4 products and focus on them at the beginning. After receiving numerous orders,
increase your category or products accordingly. In this business, there is a huge margin of profit
depending upon the products you choose to sell. You can buy those products from the local
wholesale market in Minnesota. Many people earn around 5 to 6 figures on a weekly basis from
the e-commerce business.

Website Designer

If you have technical knowledge and know how to code or work with technical software, then
this line of business is just for you. Many website designers earn a huge amount of money
annually depending upon their services and skills. You just need to know how to code, have
knowledge of designing websites and have technical knowledge to start this profitable and
growing business. Many clients, people, agencies, or companies pay huge amounts of money to
website designers to design their websites according to their preferences. You can also offer
this service as a freelancer, on a website, on fiverr, upwork, or LinkedIn, and grow your
business through various social media platforms.

Best Resources for Your new business in Minnesota.

To start a business, one must have the necessary details and resources so that they can
minimize the failure rates of their business and grow their business quickly. Below are the top 6
best resources for reference that will help you start and grow your business:

“For Incorporation Services: ZenBusiness.”
“For Planning Software: LivePlan.”
“For Accounting Software: Xero.”
“For Bank Accounts: Capital One.”
“For License Services: Incfile.”
“For Website Builders: GoDaddy.”

Minnesota’s best marketplaces to start a business.

Location is a major factor that determines the growth rate of your business as it decides the
number of customers that you’ll have on a daily basis. So select the right and perfect location for
your business. Below are the best marketplaces in Minnesota:
Saint Paul,

St. Cloud,


Minnesota’s economic growth is ranked ninth in the United States, and the wise investor can
benefit from a variety of organizations, businesses, companies, and franchise
opportunities.Several Minnesota companies are either already in existence, allowing the
investor group to refine and improve them, or they still need to get established but have the
necessary viability that is needed to ensure business success. Digital marketing, recycling
waste, franchise, mail order services, bed & breakfast, social media management, music
lessons, packaging designs, website, website designer, e-commerce, vintage furniture, sports
club, cleaning services, business planning services, travel agencies, virtual assistant, juice bar,
fashion boutique, and flea-market vendor are the top 20 business ideas that you can start or
establish in Minnesota easily with a little investment.

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