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India Angel Fund invests Rs. 50 lakhs in its third Woman Led Ayurvedic Principles based Dairy Nutrition startup G.O.D. Cafe

India Angel Fund invests in its third woman led start-up G.O.D Café, an initiative by entrepreneur Sheetal Bhatt. With a vision of creating 1 Million entrepreneurs at the Grassroots level within next 3 years, Rahul Narvekar leads this round through India Angel Fund. He believes in creating value for start-ups with Mentorship + Money and is focused on supporting women entrepreneurs, who as per him prove to be more efficient leaders. 

In this time of the panic, paranoia and uncertainty, there has been an observable shift in the mindset of the people steering them towards making healthy lifestyle changes and a sheer focus on immunity building through natural foods.

Speaking on this investment Rahul Narvekar, Co-founder IAF said “My vision is to continue to invest in women led startups like Sheetal’s. So far we have funded 3: Souniya Khurana, Sneh Kulkarni and Sheetal Bhatt. Our unique offering is access to mentors who actively work with our founders and also write cheques. Our Mantra is Mentorship + Money. India constitutes an extensive market for Ayurvedic Healthcare and Sheetal’s goal with G.O.D. Cafe was the most interesting vision I had come across lately. It’s time to reboot, reload and relaunch for the world to come post this pandemic. India Network is soon launching a 6-month Accelerator Programme for women led startups with classroom training at EDII and IIM A” 

The full-fledged cafe is located at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. Since the pandemic, they are open to online orders and deliver freshly made dishes across the city.

About G.O.D Café

A first of its kind A2 Milk Cafe, G.O.D. Cafe serves healthy, satvik and guilt-free dishes made using only fresh and pure ingredients equipped with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Keeping high quality sanitization practices in place along with an Ayurvedic philosophy of ‘FOOD is RASA’ i.e. the one that nourishes our senses and body.

They serve 100% Preservatives and Additives Free products made from Gir Cows A2 Milk. It is loaded with calcium, a good source of B vitamins which ensures healthy functioning of the brain, nervous system, has rich quantities of healthy fats that helps keep blood pressure in check and a decent amount of Vitamin D, together the combination promotes strong and healthy bones.

Sheetal Bhatt has been in the forefront of promoting sustainable living by offering holistic, pure Ayurvedic products under Harrit Healthcare. Her latest venture G.O.D (Goodness Of Dairy) Cafe serves healthy, satvik and guilt-free dishes made using only fresh and pure ingredients straight from Harrit Farms located in Khardi. Keeping high quality sanitization practices in place, they not only appeal to the senior generations but also encourage the youth to develop a more sustainable-healthier lifestyle.

With an Ayurvedic philosophy of ‘FOOD is RASA’ the food is freshly prepared and served, equipped with all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They serve healthy Indian food and beverages made with the goodness of Gir Cow A2 protein milk. All the dairy products like Ghee, Paneer, Butter, are made from A2 milk, which is a rich source of calcium & protein. They also produce healthy snacks, masalas and mukhwas along with unique concept dishes like Almond Sheera, Ragi Sheera, Golden Milk, few among their broad assorted menu.

This influx of Rs. 50 lakhs would help support the business in expansion, growth and marketing to reach their goal and build a healthier ecosystem.

Sheetal Bhatt an Ayurveda expert and Director, G.O.D Café said, “These are unprecedented times and while it’s important to keep the spirit alive, it’s more important to fight it and gear up for the world to come. Our tomorrow depends on the decisions we make today. Over the years we have been promoting people to build a healthy living and this is a little step further in the process. At G.O.D Cafe, we truly believe that food unites like no other and no better time than now to habituate to a healthy lifestyle. It gives us immense pleasure to have a leader like Rahul believe in our vision and support our initiative with G.O.D Cafe.”

Rahul Narvekar, Co-Founder, IAF and Sheetal Bhatt, Director, G.O.D Cafe

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