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Top 20 business ideas in New Jersey


Are you searching or looking for the perfect business idea to establish in New Jersey, America?
Then you’re at the right place. We have, after thorough research, statistics, and analysis,
compiled a list of the top 20 business ideas that one can easily establish in New Jersey with or
without a small investment and can generate millions of profits from that business.
Businesses in New Jersey have changed dramatically throughout the years, thanks to the
state’s thriving pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Medicines, chemicals,
telecommunications, food manufacturing, electrical equipment, printing, and tourism are the
main industries in New Jersey. The state’s solid scientific economy has allowed it to stay ahead
of the competition.
New Jersey has a large pool of educated workers thanks to its strong economic climate. While
the state’s economy is dominated by large corporations, local enterprises play an important role
as well.

The top 20 business ideas in New Jersey:

The following are some top business ideas in New Jersey that one can easily establish with or
without a small investment, which have the highest success rates and will be highly profitable
for you.

Pizza store

You can establish a pizza store in New Jersey. Most people in New Jersey prefer eating pizza
for their lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. People prefer eating pizza on a regular basis, at
parties, on birthdays, on special occasions, etc. Pizza is more of an Italian staple, but still, New
Jersey people prefer and like eating pizza for their meals. You can establish this business with a
little investment. All you need is a good pizza recipe. You can also buy a franchise of a famous
pizza brand or you can establish your own brand or pizza shop in New Jersey.

Car wash

People take better care of their cars than they do of other things. In New Jersey, people often
visit car wash services twice or thrice a week just so that they can keep their precious cars as
new as when they bought them. Nobody likes to look at and drive a dirty car. Some people don’t
have enough time to wake up and clean their dirty cars in the morning before going outside with
them. Most people in New Jersey have busy and hectic schedules, so they do need car wash
services to help them out. You can establish or start this business with a little investment and
some equipment.

Healthy food Cafe or restaurants

Well, we all know that cafes or restaurants are the places where we do more than eat food. We
connect with people, we celebrate things, spend time with friends or close ones, hang out,
celebrate special occasions, etc. while eating food. A restaurant business is always a great idea

for doing a business. It is a very profitable and prosperous business if one selects the perfect
location for the restaurant. You can establish this business with a little investment by simply
renting a place, or if you have extra space in your apartment, then you can also start with that
space. All you need to do is cook healthy and tasty meals for your customers.

Interior designing business

Anyone can easily design a home’s interior, hall, and outdoor space, but it’s very easy to tell
whether your apartment or house was designed by a professional interior designer or by an
amateur. An interior designer perfectly designs and organises the space in an articulate
manner. That is the reason most people prefer interior designers when it comes to designing
their homes. One can easily establish this business if they have knowledge, skills, and
experience in interior design. You can also design your friends’ and relatives’ houses as a
startup, and you can make a good document or portfolio to market your designing services.

Solar Installation

Solar installation is a business that is highly profitable and will definitely sell in today’s
generation. Most people are tired and sick of skyrocketing electricity and gas bills. People are
looking for an alternative source of energy that would cost less money. Solar installation is an
alternative source of energy that is less costly and more environmentally friendly. You can
establish a solar installation and repair services business along with training so that people can
maintain and take care of their solar installation by themselves.

Soap-making business

You can establish a soap making business at your home with a little investment and knowledge
of soapmaking. Everyone uses soaps in their daily lives. You can make specific organic soaps
and sell them through online platforms like social media platforms, Amazon, eBay, etc., or
through offline channels like a store. People prefer home-made organic soaps rather than the
chemical ones manufactured by factories. This business is quite profitable and can make
millions if you are smart enough to market it correctly.

Roller skating rink

Children and teenagers love roller skating, and in today’s generation, it’s kind of cool if you’re a
person who usually does or practises skating. Even adults, children, and teenagers’ hearts have
been captured by skating rinks. It’s a kind of lovely and safe entertainment space for everyone
where they can all chat, meet, and connect with each other. You can establish and setup this
roller skating rink business with a little investment. This is a very prosperous and extremely
conceptual business that one can establish in New Jersey.

ATM business

It’s a very comfortable, creative, and flexible business that one can easily establish with a little
investment. You can run this business just by sitting at your home. All you have to do is stock
some cash regularly and safely in the ATM machine. In these times, most people prefer going to
the ATM machine to take out their cash rather than going to the bank. And people also pay

service charges when they get easy access to their money through ATM machines. You can
establish an ATM machine in the market place where there is enough of a crowd.

Car Rental business

You can establish a car rental enterprise in New Jersey. You can easily establish this business
with a little investment. And if you have more cars, you can easily start this business with almost
no investment. All you have to do is rent your car on a daily or weekly basis at affordable and
regular prices, so that people who might not have cars can actually rent them for work. Many
people who have cars are also the ones who rent cars for going outstation, traveling, etc. This is
a very profitable and active business that will make you good money.

Screenwriting services

If you love writing and if you’re a person who can write fantastic stories, scripts, or fiction, then
you should definitely consider establishing or starting a screenwriting services business. You
will have to write scripts and stories for your customers, clients, publishing companies, etc. You
can also sell your written stories, fictional series, or scripts to other popular production houses.
You can build a brand if you’re passionate about writing. You can provide your services to
individual clients or agencies that publish stories, etc.

Pottery business

If you’re a person who loves pottery and practises this art on weekends, then you can easily
turn your art, passion, and creativity into a successful pottery business. One can easily establish
this business with very little money. This business is quite a profitable business. People always
love art. If you think you can create wonderful pottery with your hands, then you should
definitely consider starting this business. You can sell your pottery and art to other people
through online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc., and through offline channels like a
pottery store, etc.

Bed + Breakfast business

The B&B business is a very profitable business at all times. You can easily establish this
business in New Jersey as people all around the globe visit New Jersey to see its natural,
historical, and cultural attractions. You can provide a room, a lodge, or a place for the tourists or
travellers to stay, with a complimentary breakfast included in it. People prefer going to a local
place for their stay rather than going to an expensive 5-star hotel. You can establish this
business with a little money. Just rent a place or apartment to turn it into a room or place for the
tourist’s stay. You can also start this business if you have an extra room, space, or apartment.

Skateboarding lessons

You can start a school or a centre where you can teach skating to children, adults, teenagers,
etc. If you’re a person who loves skating and knows how to skate properly, then you should not
waste your skills and talent. You can start a centre where you can not only teach but also
connect the top skaters to the official or national skaters. You can coach kids and people who
are particularly interested in this sports activity. This is a very innovative and very rewarding
business. You’ll have to do what you love to do, i.e., skate, and that will make you good money.

You charge kids or people according to their skills, age, etc. and can divide them into beginner
classes, intermediate classes, and advanced category classes.

Berry export business

You can establish a berry export business in New Jersey. Berry’s business is considered to be a
very profitable and prosperous business in the United States of America. You can easily
establish this business in New Jersey with a little effort and a small investment. New Jersey
ranks as the second state among the other states in the US in blueberry production. You can
buy or rent a farm for blueberry production and farming. You can sell your agricultural products
within the state and you can also export them to other states or countries.

Online podcasting company

Many people are unaware of the fact that the podcasting business can make millions of dollars
depending upon the crowd of listeners, advertisement companies, and their customers or
listeners. If you have a wonderful voice that forces people to listen to your point in a
conversation, argument, etc., Or if you’re a person with a melodious voice, then you should
definitely consider establishing a podcasting business before your singing profession. You can
do this business as a side hustle, which will make you a lot of money and support your
economic growth. You can start this business from your home. All you have to do is record your
podcast and then sell them online, or you can create your own podcast channel.

Child care services

Mothers are very strong women. They love their children and family members unconditionally.
But truth be told, they too are human beings and even they need some kind of help to do
multiple and unlimited tasks. And, sometimes their busy schedules and hectic days come into
play, and they are not able to provide the best care for their children. There are many single
mothers also, and they also have hectic or tight schedules. They are unable to be with their
children at that time.And therefore, they have to send their children to daycare or child care
centres. You can easily establish a child care centre or provide childcare services with a small

Stitching and alteration expert

People will always need a person who can do stitches, fix things, mend buttons, etc. on their
clothes. You can establish a sewing or alteration specialist business on your own with almost no
money, even at your home. All you need is some stitching and mending skills. If you love
sewing clothing, then you should definitely start this business, make a strong bond with your
customers to maintain healthy relationships with them, and then gradually increase your
customer base by making wonderful dresses or clothing for them.

Freelance web designer

You can establish a web developer business in which you’ll provide many technical services to
your customers. There will be a wide range of customers in this line of business, like specialised
clients, tech companies, startup companies, famous and branded organizations, etc. You’ll have
to help them by building their websites, solving technical software problems, etc. This business

has a huge scope and demand in the worldwide market. You can easily provide these services
on a freelance basis to your customers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., or you can also take on
personalized projects on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or

Personal Trainer

You can establish a personal trainer services business with a little investment. You can provide
services like Personalized training, exercise or yoga sessions, boot camps, dieting regimes,
aerobic sessions, heavy workout sessions, ab workout sessions, etc. to your individual clients
and customers. You can list your services on a website or on social media platforms to connect
with nearby customers or people. And you can even open a centre where you’ll provide
personalized workout sessions for your customers. This is a very profitable business. Many
clients and celebrities pay huge amounts of money to their personal trainers for their 1-hour
workout sessions. On the plus side, this line of business and profession will not only make you
good, but will also keep you in good shape or good health.

Certified resume writer

We all know how crucial it is to write the perfect resume, CV, or portfolio for a job. It essentially
indicates your capability, skill, and experience. Your resume is crucial since it is the initial point
of contact or communication for your HR or manager. A well-written CV can help you land a
lucrative job. And putting together a résumé for yourself is a pain. The majority of people are
talented and skilled, but they don’t realise that writing a beautiful resume is also a skill. You
should consider starting this business if you have the necessary knowledge and academic and
professional writing talents.

Best marketplaces in New Jersey to establish or to start your new business:

Location is a very important factor that determines the success and growth rate of your new
business, organization or venture. Below are some top marketplaces where you’ll find good
resources and enough customers for your new business in NewJersey:
Jersey City,
Atlantic City,


New Jersey was also placed second in terms of annual family income earnings. This means that
for every business you create in New Jersey, there will be enough customers, and these
customers will have the money to spend. New Jersey’s government also supports investors,
particularly small and medium-sized firms, by enacting enabling legislation. Online podcasting
business, berry export business, skateboarding lessons, bed and breakfast business, pottery

products, screenwriting services, car rentals services, ATM machine business, roller skating
rinks, soap-making business, solar Installation, interior designing business, stitching and
alteration specialist, Resume writer, personal trainer, freelance web developer, child care
services, healthy food Cafe or restaurant, car wash, and pizza store business are the top 20
business ideas that one can easily establish with or without any heavy investments in New

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