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Top 20 business ideas in North Carolina

North Carolina
North Carolina

Are you searching or looking for the perfect business idea to establish in North Carolina, America? Then you’re at the right place. After thorough research, statistics, and analysis, we have compiled a list of the top 20 business ideas that one can easily establish in North Carolina with or without a small investment and can generate millions of profits from that business. 

Charlotte, North Carolina, is the state’s largest metropolis and the country’s third fastest-growing city. When it comes to acquiring a job or finding a job, entrepreneurship, starting a business, or pursuing a career, Charlotte is recognized as one of the best cities in the United States. 

As the country’s 17th largest city, it has a sizable consumer base for a variety of small enterprises. As a result, Charlotte has a plethora of good business ideas!

The top 20 business ideas in North Carolina:  

The following are some top business ideas in North Carolina that one can easily establish with or without a small investment, which have the highest success rates and will be highly profitable for you.

Start A Blog 

You can start blogging. It requires almost very little investment or money to get established. Just create a website and design it in an organized manner so that your articles or blogs are represented in front of the users or audience in a pleasant manner. You’ll have to select a particular niche that interests you the most, and you’ll have to write blogs related to that niche. Most people don’t know that blogging is a perfect and viable legitimate business that one can easily establish and run from their own home. There are about a thousand bloggers that are making billions in North Carolina, America. Starting this business doesn’t require any necessary supervision, qualification, or heavy investment. If you love writing, then you should probably write or blog for your own website business.

Affiliate Marketing 

You can establish an affiliate marketing agency. It’s a lucrative and profitable business that can be started or established at home. Every business requires marketing services. Without marketing, their business cannot grow or expand in a steady manner. They need marketing services to get leads or customers for their products or services. If you have proper knowledge of marketing, you can establish this business with a little investment. You will have to collaborate or tie up with several big companies, agencies, and organizations to promote their products and services. You can either create a website to promote those products or you can also promote them on social media platforms. 

Virtual Assistant Business

A virtual assistant is a person who works from home. A virtual assistant business is another lucrative and prosperous business idea that can be established or started at home with a small investment. Many big companies and organizations around the globe now need or want part-time services like part-time virtual assistants, part-time professionals, etc. to help them with their work or projects on a regular basis. And they pay good money for these services on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis. All you require to start this business is a laptop, a WI-FI connection, and 4 to 6 hours depending upon your schedule. You’ll help these organizations, companies, and clients with services like document verification, customer support, bookings, daily task management, sales support, etc., from the comfort of your home. 

Online Consultant

Many experts and consultants charge huge amounts of money for their services and advice. You can take advantage of this opportunity by establishing an online consultancy business. You’ll help people by solving their problems in their day-to-day lives by providing them with a reliable source for their help and situations. You’ll offer them personalised guidance in their life and in their relationship. You’ll have to be good at your communication skills, psychological skills, mentoring skills, understanding skills, etc. Even if you’re a person who has studied psychology and provides guidance and help to your friends in their lives, then you should go for this business. Make sure you don’t make false assumptions or profiles for your personalised clients. 

Freelance web developer

You can establish a web developer business in which you’ll provide many technical services to your customers. There will be a wide range of customers in this line of business, like specialized clients, tech companies, startup companies, famous and branded organizations, etc. You’ll have to help them by building their websites, solving technical software problems, etc. This business has a huge scope and demand in the worldwide market. You can easily provide these services on a freelance basis to your customers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., or you can also take on personalized projects on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

Personal Trainer

You can establish a personal trainer services business with a little investment. You can provide services like Personlized training, exercise or yoga sessions, boot camps, dieting regimes, aerobic sessions, heavy workout sessions, ab workout sessions, etc. to your individual clients and customers. You can list your services on a website or on social media platforms to connect with nearby customers or people. And you can even open a centre where you’ll provide personalized workout sessions for your customers. This is a very profitable business. Many clients and celebrities pay huge amounts of money to their personal trainers for their 1-hour workout sessions. On the plus side, this line of business and profession will not only make you good money, but will also keep you in good shape or good health. 

Freelance graphic designer   

This is a business that you can easily start and run from your home. This business can be easily established with a little investment. All you need is some good design or graphic design skills. You can work at any time, depending on your daily schedule. If you provide services on a freelance basis, you can connect with people on a global level. Just build a perfect portfolio to attract customers so that you can help them by designing their projects, etc. You can also design websites, apps, graphics, blog graphics, etc. for your customers or clients. Many big companies and organizations look for graphic designers to help them with designing their projects, websites, blog pages, etc. 

Food truck 

On a yearly basis, this business can bring in between $250, 000 and $500, 000 in revenue. If you work hard in your food truck to deliver good, hygienic, and appetising meals to your customers, you can make a lot of money. This is a business where you can quickly change your venue or location based on consumer traffic. However, you’ll need some cash to get started. You can either purchase a customised food truck or organise and set up a local food truck. Continue using the strategy that best fits your budget and investment goals. Once you’ve established yourself, all you have to do now is make delicious cuisine or meals for your customers on a daily basis.

Stitching and alteration specialist   

People will always need a person who can do stitches, fix things, mend buttons, etc. on their clothes. You can establish a sewing or alteration specialist business on your own with almost no money, even at your home. All you need is some stitching and mending skills. If you love sewing clothing, then you should definitely start this business, make a strong bond with your customers to maintain healthy relationships with them, and then gradually increase your customer base by making wonderful dresses or clothing for them.

Social Media Marketing Business 

We are in the digital era, and in this era, establishing an online business is much easier and simpler as compared to an offline business. In 2022, you should take advantage of this opportunity and should definitely consider establishing a social media marketing business that will generate enough revenue for you and your expenses. Specialized digital and social media marketing services are frequently sought by many businesses. If you’re strong with social media skills, pick up some more online skills to become an expert and start selling your services on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can choose your own clientele and can also work on different assignments as a social media marketer.

Travel Agency 

The state has very popular tourist attractions, so people around the globe visit the state throughout the year to experience the beauty of these locations. One can easily start a tourism business with a modest investment and some knowledge. All you need are some good resources, links, marketing knowledge, and knowledge of the popular tourist locations available in the state. Every year, a large number of people visit North Carolina. There is such a large market for the tourism industry that one can start a travel agency business that provides services like bookings, international ticketing, foreign currency exchange, and other bookings as well as those included in various packages.

Bed & Breakfast Business 

You can start a B&B business in North Carolina, USA with a small investment, knowledge, and hard work. To grow this business or to get more tourists, leads, or customers, you’ll have to market your business and services digitally. The state has a significant tourism industry. If you live near a popular tourist destination, then you can start a B&B venture, i.e., a bed and breakfast venture, from your own house. Rent out your spare room on Airbnb to travellers looking for a cheaper option to 5-star hotels and motels. You can also provide breakfast services to tourists or customers as a complimentary service.

Golf Course Cleaning 

You can establish a golf course cleaning business in North Carolina where you’ll provide cleaning services to various golf courses in the state. This business may require some equipment investment, but it will recover quickly. In the metro area of the state, there are many public golf courses. You may hire some help and charge them for their required services in order to keep the course and the clubs clean, tidy, and in good working order. As a side hustle, you can also start a shop or store where you’ll provide golf equipment to people or to clubs. 

Small Bar

You can establish a small bar with a little investment. A bar is a place where teenagers and adults usually hang out, party, or celebrate special occasions. Anyone is welcome at the club who wants to take a sip. You can offer several drinks to your customers, ranging from mineral water to pina coladas, whichever is available and needed by your customers. You can also provide hot beverages (tea, coffee, etc.). It all depends on how far you’re willing to go with this. It just requires a small initial investment to get started, but it offers a lot of room for expansion. Start the shop near a busy intersection, and a large crowd will gather.

Real Estate Business 

The real estate business is a very lucrative and promising business, which is also considered the business of the future. Find and engage with people who are looking for a new place to live or who want to sell their current home. You can act as a link between the two, then charge fees for successful transactions. Apparently, the real estate business does not require any investment; all it requires is some marketing, which can be achieved through business cards or social media, and, most significantly, solid professional abilities.

Entertainment Lounge 

Charlotte is a vibrant metropolis. In this metropolis, sources of live performances are always welcome. If you have a bright personality and enjoy social gatherings, opening an entertainment lounge is a great idea. This may cost some money, but if you have visitors, you can quickly recoup your costs. There are numerous choices at this location, ranging from bowling to a snack bar. You can also ask people to help you expand your lounge’s entertainment options in exchange for a cut of the profits. This will reduce your investment while increasing your clients, keeping your finances in check.

Handyman services 

This is a fantastic concept for a part-time business. Mention the list of things you can fix quickly and distribute fliers in your neighbourhood or at local businesses. Remember to purchase the appropriate equipment and supplies for your handyman business, or you can consider purchasing a used handyman toolbox. You’ll be able to turn a profit as soon as you start receiving calls from property owners, older folks, or those who don’t have time to repair and fix things by themselves.

Music Classes

Do you have a strong grasp of a musical instrument and a desire to pass on your knowledge to others? Starting a small-sized music school is a fantastic business concept. This may necessitate a location to hold the lesson, which could be a spare room in your home. People that are interested will show up, and you will be able to make a lot of money. You can also teach through online portals; just create a social media page and provide all the necessary details. In this way, you can teach people who are from another state, city, or country and take classes online for them.

Home-based Baking Business

This is a great concept for people who enjoy baking and want to work from home. You can either open a small bakery to sell your products or supply them to other bakeries in your neighbourhood. In any case, it’s a highly promising business. You have a wide range of options to deal with, from bread to pies. Concentrate on a few specialties first, then gradually expand. You can also take orders for things that are customized.

Cleaning/Hauling Services

Cleaning garages or attics takes a lot of time and physical effort. Even after it’s completed, there’s still the matter of removing all of the undesired debris. This job can be pretty enjoyable if you have the ability to accomplish these tasks successfully. You may generally find a few gems amid the rubbish that most people are happy to throw away, and you can supplement your income by repurposing those items and earning some additional cash.

The best marketplaces in North Carolina to establish or start your new business: 

Location is a very important factor that determines the success and growth rate of your new business, organization, or venture. Below are some top marketplaces where you’ll find good resources and enough customers for your new business in North Carolina:




Elizabeth City, 



High Point, 

New Bern


North Carolina’s economy is quite diverse, with enterprises from a wide range of industries. It is a powerful agricultural state due to its abundant hydroelectric power, agreeable climate, and diverse soils. North Carolina is home to a number of well-known corporations in industries such as information technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and banking. The state produces the most flue-cured tobacco and sweet potatoes in the United States. Blogging, affiliate marketing, virtual assistant business, online consulting, freelance web developer, personal trainer, freelance graphic designer, food truck, stitching and alteration specialist, social media marketing, travel agency, bed and breakfast buisness, golf courses cleaning services, small bar, real estate business, entertainment lounge, handyman services, music classes, home based baking business, cleaning and Hauling Services are some of the top 20 business ideas that can be easily established in North Carolina, by anyone with or without any necessary investment, which will be highly profitable business. 

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