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Top 20 business ideas in Ohio

Top 20 business ideas in Ohio
Top 20 business ideas in Ohio

Are you searching or looking for the perfect business idea to establish in Ohio? Then you’re at the right place. We have, after thorough research, statistics, and analysis, compiled a list of the top 20 business ideas that one can easily establish in Ohio with a small investment and can generate millions of profits from that business. 

Ohio ranks 34th in terms of area, 7th in terms of population, and 10th in terms of population density among the 50 states that make up the United States of America.

Ohio’s location allows it to serve as a crossroads between the western and eastern sections of the United States.

Many financial indices place Ohio State high in terms of ease of doing business, business-friendly fiscal policies, beneficent tax regimes, access to small business loans and grants, obtaining a business licence and registration, and the availability of necessary infrastructure.

The top 20 business ideas in Ohio: 

The following are some top business ideas in Ohio that one can easily establish with a small investment and that have the highest success rates and generate enough money for you.

Crafting business  

If you’re a creative person or if you love to craft wonderful things out of wood or any other material, then you can easily establish a crafting business with almost no money, which will be a very profitable business for you. You can buy some raw materials like plastic, paper, glue, tools, clay, etc. to start and establish this business. You can sell your crafted things through online platforms like Amazon, Filpkart, eBay, or on social media platforms, or through offline channels like a store. You can also design and make school assignments or projects for children and teenagers. This is a very creative and prosperous business that one can easily start from their own home.

Online Consultant  

Many experts and consultants charge huge amounts of money for their services and advice. You can take advantage of this opportunity by establishing an online consultancy business. You’ll help people by solving their problems in their day-to-day lives by providing them with a reliable source for their help and situations. You’ll offer them personalised guidance in their life and in their relationship. You’ll have to be good at your communication skills, psychological skills, mentoring skills, understanding skills, etc. Even if you’re a person who has studied psychology and provides guidance and help to your friends in their lives, then you should go for this business. Make sure you don’t make false assumptions or profiles for your personalised clients. 

Law firm business 

Law grads might start their own firm and market themselves to gain some quick cash. The next big thing in startup culture is quick clients. Law firms are one of the most profitable and prominent businesses of all times that make huge money and profits on a regular basis depending upon their clients, attorneys and legal cases. You can establish a law firm business of your own with some huge or modest investment or money, you’ll require some initial investment or money and experience of this field to get started and set up the firm. 

Stitching and alteration specialist  

People will always need a person who can do stitches, fix things, mend buttons, etc. on their clothes. You can establish a sewing or alteration specialist business on your own with almost no money, even at your home. All you need is some stitching and mending skills. If you love sewing clothing, then you should definitely start this business, make a strong bond with your customers to maintain healthy relationships with them, and then gradually increase your customer base by making wonderful dresses or clothing for them.

Freelance web developer  

You can establish a web developer business in which you’ll provide many technical services to your customers. There will be a wide range of customers in this line of business, like specialised clients, tech companies, startup companies, famous and branded organizations, etc. You’ll have to help them by building their websites, solving technical software problems, etc. This business has a huge scope and demand in the worldwide market. You can easily provide these services on a freelance basis to your customers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., or you can also take on personalized projects on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

Personal Trainer  

You can establish a personal trainer services business with a little investment. You can provide services like Personalized training, exercise or yoga sessions, boot camps, dieting regimes, aerobic sessions, heavy workout sessions, ab workout sessions, etc. to your individual clients and customers. You can list your services on a website or on social media platforms to connect with nearby customers or people. And you can even open a centre where you’ll provide personalized workout sessions for your customers. This is a very profitable business. Many clients and celebrities pay huge amounts of money to their personal trainers for their 1-hour workout sessions. On the plus side, this line of business and profession will not only make you good, but will also keep you in good shape or good health. 

Freelance graphic designer  

This is a business that you can easily start and run from your home. This business can be easily established with a little investment. All you need is some good design or graphic design skills. You can work at any time, depending on your daily schedule. If you provide services on a freelance basis, you can connect with people on a global level. Just build a perfect portfolio to attract customers so that you can help them by designing their projects, etc. You can also design websites, apps, graphics, blog graphics, etc. for your customers or clients. Many big companies and organizations look for graphic designers to help them with designing their projects, websites, blog pages, etc. 

Resume writer 

We all know that writing the perfect resume, CV, or portfolio for a job is very important. It basically demonstrates your potential, knowledge, expertise, and experience. The resume is very important because it is the first form of contact or conversation that your HR or manager seeks. A perfect resume can get you a profitable job. And writing a resume for yourself is somehow a headache. Most people are talented and skilled, but they’re unaware of the fact that writing a perfect resume is also a skill. If you have the proper knowledge and academic and professional writing skills, then you should consider establishing this business. You can also write resumes for your clients on a freelance basis, or you can provide your resume writing services through social media platforms. 

Freelance writer  

If you are a person who always receives an A+ in writing essays, articles, or assignments, then you should know that many people, clients, or publishing companies will pay a huge amount of money for you to write perfect content for them. Whether it’s email, blogs, documents, product description documents, business writing, technical writing, etc., you can select your niche or work as a wholesome writer. You’ll be paid by your clients after they receive your written documents or assignments. You can provide your writing services on online freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. or on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Translator/ Interpreter services  

If you speak a foreign language or more than one language, then you should consider establishing a translator or interpreter business. This business is quite a profitable and prosperous business that one can establish with almost no money. You can provide translation services to different people of various countries on a global level. Just make a website or provide these services through a freelancing site. Many companies, organizations or clients need these services on a daily basis. An AI software can surely translate from one language to another language, but it can’t depict the proper meaning through that translation, and hence, people will always need translation or interpreter services. 

Garden designer business  

Many American people love their backyard gardens, and they want to design them more authentically so that they bring out the whole aesthetic of their house. But they don’t know how to design the perfect backyard or front yard garden, so they require these services to setup and maintain their beautiful garden. If you’re a person who is very creative, loves plantations, and knows gardening, then you should definitely consider establishing this business. This business can be setup with a little investment. All you need are some gardening supplies, tools, and equipment. You can provide a template design for your customers, or you can design a perfect garden according to your customer’s preferences and their outdoor space. 

Video-Grapher Business 

If you’re a person who loves to capture and record wonderful moments and scenes, then this business is the perfect choice for you. To get established and to setup a video production company or house requires some investment and money to get established. This business is quite expensive to set up, but trust me, once established, it will make you a huge amount of money. Make sure you market your videography services very well on social media platforms to attract more customers or clients for this business. Or you can even make a website listing your videography services and your previous work and projects. This business is a highly profitable business. 

Personal chef 

If you love cooking food and know how to make tasty recipes, then you should consider opening your own personal venture as a personal chef business. Everyone loves to eat tasty and healthy food or meals. You can create a portfolio to market your cooking services on social media platforms or on a website, where people who want a personal chef will connect with you or contact you. This business can be easily established with a small investment. You’ll just have to cook tasty food for customers, and trust me, if you cook fabulous and tasty meals for your customers, they’ll definitely market your cooking skills in front of other people. In the beginning, you can also cook for your friends, neighbours, or relatives. 

Property Managers 

Many people have several properties or apartments in different areas of the country or state. And therefore, they need people who can manage and handle their property or apartments or take good care of their property. With a small investment, you can easily establish a property manager business. You’ll just have to take good care of the property, i.e., house or apartment, and have to use it as a lease to the renters. This business is a property business that can generate huge margins of profits. You’ll also have to fix any issues or situations related to the apartments.

Massage therapy business

Believe me when I say that grooming, relaxing, and massage therapies are usually very expensive. One can easily establish this business with a small investment. All you need to know is some basic massaging techniques and skills. You can also setup this business at your home by just organizing a room, like a massage therapy room. Or you can even rent a room or a place to set up this venture. You’ll have to give proper massage therapy to soothe the aching muscles of your clients or customers. Purchase some comfortable and portable beds for your customers or clients. 

Interior designing business  

You can easily establish an interior design business with a small investment. When you buy some furniture or things for your home decor, you must plan and organize everything accordingly as per your convenience, preferences, or the space you have. It’s better to document or to record your organizing skills and designing skills or patterns to create an interior design portfolio for your customers. This is a very profitable and prosperous business. All you need to do is to make your client’s or customer’s apartment or house more attractive and aesthetic by designing its interior and furniture, etc.

Tour guide  

If you’re aware of all the famous tourist spots and historical places in your state, then you should definitely consider establishing this business. Select your niche, i.e., historical, cultural, sports, adventurous, haunted, social, food, etc. for your tour guide services. And by niche, I mean giving a tour that features all the historical places of the state (a historical niche) is far better than giving a random tour to the tourists or your customers. You’ll have to do some thorough research about the places that feature on your tour, and you must also be aware of all the local and famous places, hotels, restaurants, etc., in the state. This business is quite profitable.

Event planner  

You can establish an event planning business by providing services like planning the whole event, which may be a wedding, a birthday party, company meetings, etc. You can select a specific niche for this business, or you can also choose to do all the trades or all kinds of event planning. If you’re a person who is highly organized, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, creative, and has some experience in planning or organizing large or small events, then you should definitely consider establishing this business. This business can be easily set up or established with a little investment. 

Homemade baked goods 

If you’re a person who loves cooking and baking, then you should definitely consider starting your own home-baked goods venture. You can easily establish this business in your own home with almost no money. Truth be told, many people don’t like packaged foods such as cakes, muffins, brownies, or chocolates. People prefer eating fresh baked goods and items rather than any packaged foods. You can simply start making some baked desserts or cookies and sell them at your neighbourhood places or nearby places. You can also rent a store in a marketplace to open this venture. You can also take orders from parties, events, weddings, etc., and bake goods for them.

Makeup artist  

Many celebrities, people, and photographic agencies give huge amounts of money to makeup artists and professionals. You can start this business on your own with very little investment. You’ll just have to buy some proper makeup products. You must have proper knowledge of or skills in makeup or its techniques, which you can learn from an expert makeup artist, popular makeup YouTube channels, paid workshops, and so on. You can list your services on social media platforms so that people who require or want makeup artists can easily connect with you. You can create a portfolio to market your skills on social media platforms by doing different kinds and types of makeup for different events. 


If you’re looking for the perfect business idea to establish in Ohio, then you’re at the right place. Select a business that matches and requires your skills, knowledge, and experience. You can establish a business in Ohio with a small or huge investment that will generate enough money or revenue for you. In this article, we have made a list of the top 20 business ideas that are both profitable and prosperous in Ohio. Makeup artists, home-made baked goods, event planner, tour guide, interior designing business, massage therapy business, property managers, personal chef business, video grapher, garden designing business, translator or interpreter services, freelance writer business, resume writer, freelance graphic designer, personal trainer services, freelance web developer business, stitching and alteration specialist, online consulting services, law firm business and crafting business are some of the top 20 business ideas in Ohio that you can easily establish and can generate enough revenue from it.

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