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Online teaching business idea

Online training business ideas
Online training business ideas

‘Teaching is the highest form of understanding.’ –Aristotle
Teaching is the most important asset one can possess. Every day one learns a new thing. Today it
doesn’t; really matters if one is learning things online or offline. Online teaching which was
considered the future of the world is becoming a reality today. Online learning is giving wings to
even adults to start learning things they were hesitant about.
Online learning is a type of distant learning that is conducted with the help of the internet. Online
learning can be done using various methods such as webinars, one-to-one video chats, recorded
classes, and much more. Freelancers, professors, or even housewives who have the skills,
knowledge, and understanding of computers can work as online teachers.

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The Internet has become the most integral part of our lives these days. Online teaching offers an
effective and flexible alternative to real-time classrooms. It fills in all the voids that are seen in the
classroom teaching process. It allows students as well as the teacher to teach or learn from any part
of the world. Online teaching allows students to set their own learning pace.

There are so many skills and programs that are not taught in classroom teaching programs. Today
with the help of online learning, students, as well as adults, can learn new programs along with
getting the official certificate, diploma, or degree without even actually visiting the
university/college. The online mode of learning is much more economical and pocket-friendly as
compared to classroom learning.

Problem Faced:
Even though online teaching looks easy and simple. But certain challenges come as hindrances when
you offer online teaching. Check them out:

Many online teachers are not well-equipped with good speed internet or might sometimes face
technical issues. Some are even with good subject knowledge and skills are unaware of computer
basics. They face challenges with understanding the icons, word documents, material-searching
online, etc. Thus unable to access these online platforms for teaching and sharing their skills.

Online teaching can sometimes distract the teachers. They are unable to focus and give their 100%.
Some of them who are professionals and have the habit of using whiteboards and markers for
explaining; find it hard to teach using videos and presentations.

Connecting with students is a difficult task for some online teachers. It can be from either end.
Sometimes the student finds it very difficult to open up during online means of education or even
certain teachers just join the classes and start teaching without interacting with students making it
hard for students to ask questions and doubts they have.

Time management is yet another issue faced by online teachers. Most teachers who prefer taking up
online teaching jobs are housewives or the ones who are studying and just offering online teaching
for earning side income or experience. Since online teaching offers flexible timing; it is sometimes
difficult for teachers as well as for students to come up with a common time during which both of
them are free.


Learning a computer is very easy. There are several Youtube tutorials you can open on your mobile
and follow them step-by-step. Try starting with that, once you get the hang of it; the finish line isn’t
too far.
Teachers who are skilled and have a habit of using whiteboards and other equipment that are used
in classroom teaching programs can fix a whiteboard near them or their web camera which will
make it easier for them to teach as well as for the students to understand. Even this method of
teaching will enhance a student’s understanding of the concept since it will give him the best of both
Even though teachers are teaching online; they need to interact with students to make both parties
comfortable. Try making the initial classes less of studying and more of connecting to build a
relationship with your students. This will help them as well as you during the process of teaching and
Managing time is very important. You can start with making your day planners and sticking off the
tasks you are getting done with. Make sure they adhere to the planner and it will gradually help you
make a routine for yourself. If not you can sometimes opt for pre-recorded classes and then giving a
brief or taking up doubt from the students in the next class.

Earning potential:

Online teaching is rapidly growing, especially given the ties of COVID; people are trying their skills by
opting for online teaching. Some people prefer collaborating with online teaching companies and
work as a subject-matter experts while others opt for working individually and growing their
Online tutoring companies decide a fixed amount that will be paid to the teacher while the income
for the teachers who don’t collaborate with other companies varies. Teachers can earn up to $15-
$30 hourly depending upon the company, their experience, and educational background.

If you want to shape the minds of young children, you can opt for online teaching. To become an
online teacher the basic necessity is a bachelor’s degree in the particular subject you want to teach.
There is no minimum experience required to become an online tutor. But if you hold experience of
quite a few years, students will prefer you over others.

The competition in the field of online teaching is increasing. To become an online teacher, the basic
requirement is a good reliable internet connection. Other than that laptop is the most important
tool an online teacher needs. A stylus can even be used to draw diagrams, highlight important
terms. Even though whiteboards are used in classroom teaching; online teachers can also take the
help of whiteboards to offer better subject understanding.

About market:
The average hourly salary of an online teacher who is a beginner is around$15-$20. The salary
totally depends upon your educational background, subject expertise, the experience you hold, and
the number of hours you are willing to offer. Along with hold technological skills, online teachers
need to have a creative mind. They must be able to make students understand lessons with the most
creative ideas. They can take the help of quizzes, assignments, and projects. Strong communication
skills are very important to build relationships with students.

Online teaching is the most demanding and integral process of teaching. One can start online
teaching from anywhere be it their homes, coffee shops, co-working spaces, etc. It offers flexibility
and the opportunity to connect with others while sitting at home. Teaching online is not the decision
that should be made overnight. It comes with lots of responsibilities and works load. Look for its pros
and cons before taking it as a profession.

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