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Learning through online courses is much more compatible and flexible than offline ones.  The requirement of knowledge may arise any time. One might already be in a job or business or any other commitment when it happens. Learning as per one’s convenience sounds incredible in such situations. Saving commuting time, the comfort of home, liberty of choosing the preferred hours of the day are some of the several benefits of opting for an online course. As a knowledge-seeker, one’s comfort matters a lot to learn better. Hence, there is a huge market for the business of online courses.

You can also develop your own online course. For that, you must possess some qualification and expertise. You can try creating courses in areas such as technical knowledge, academic subjects or any type of skill. Apart from your existing knowledge, you will also need computer skills. Although it doesn’t require much of an expert yet you need to be equipped with some basic information to work. You can take a short course or ask for the help from any well-informed acquaintance of yours. In case you do not feel much confident, brush up your knowledge. Re-read those old books or new editions if any. Search down the internet and read every bit of the information you get to retrieve your confidence.

When and how?

The answer to the ‘when’ is today. The best time to start your business is right now. Now, let us talk about ‘how’. You can always use your own creativity for such businesses. Still, if you need some guidance, go through the following points.

  • First of all, you will need to develop a curriculum. Segregate everything chapter-wise. Start with basic information then keep getting into details with each chapter. Make sure you don’t miss out anything of importance.
  • On the basis of curriculum, develop the study material. The material should be original and free from plagiarism. If you are not sure about the plagiarism part, then there are many free online portals where you can upload your files to check for plagiarism for free.
  • Try to make the study material interesting by usage of graphs, tables, cartoons and an attractive color scheme. Make powerpoint presentations to make it easier for your students.
  • In case you are not into writing and hence can’t develop your original content, then use videography. There are two ways in which you can make an online video course. One involves you directly lecturing about the topic and another involves graphics relevant to your topic along with your voice-over. In case you are not good with stuff like video editing, hire an expert.
  • You can also develop a full-fledged package including everything viz, articles, statistics, graphs, Powerpoint presentations, audios and videos. In this way, you will attract more people.
  • After the course has been fully developed, you can either create your own portal to upload them or you can choose platforms like

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