Pay attention to what you can offer society through your business – Kewal Kapoor, Director Chai Kreative

Chai Kreative began as Creative agency primarily for creative strategy and branding, this means making strategy for client on how to build their brand. This was specifically for companies as well as people. From day one we kept focus on digital and mobile though we do offline creative work such as brochure, print ad etc but our objective is to provide 360 degree strategy with more focus on digital and mobile. We also did experiment in how we function, we have almost very low overhead cost of operation etc. Also within few month we also acquired Return of the Million smiles and made it part of chai Kreative. Its project that work in elder space primarily its not ngo space but communication awareness space for elder including advocacy representation and liaison on these issue.



  1. What inspired you to go for this area of business?

I have spent many years doing research to print media to tv to script writing to conceiving show to directing to guiding strategy and primarily also devising project that also fulfil need of Government advertising and awareness. Elder space is natural choice as I am passionate and concerned about their situation in society. They hardly get any space where it is done in non NGO sector. Now with recent changes we will bring health services under chai that are about hygiene, technology, data, block chain etc.


  1. What are all the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

The biggest challenges is GST and also recovering dues from client. Our other challenge is how to arrange working capital without giving the equity. We feel we have tremendous ability as we are at the end of the day ” idea firm” and our aim is to become unicorn in 3 year time . But this require huge working capital and India banks and people still haven’t developed taste for investment in small size firm.



  1. Share with us the achievements of your company in the industry so far?

The biggest achievement so far is we manage to remain profitable in declining market we grown , we also invested in 3 meaningful project who is almost ready and they are all laid by digital and mobile,those project surely can bring change . But we are looking for opportunity to pitch them to government, Those project has ability to become huge with time. The other achievement was to give branding and identity to top cricketer we gave shape size and form to his academy that we feel now successfully running and expanding . We did provide turnkey level solution include logo identity brand book etc . One more thing was to provide turnkey level solution again to affordable housing company but our experience of real estate sector is not very pleasing. Our biggest achievement also to devise these three new project and belt entire website, at chai we see peace and nonviolence very seriously and doing something in that area. Gandhi ji ofcourse inpsire us. we often say we do business over cup of chai and we are in business of creating happiness.


  1. What are all your future plans for your business?

To launch these three project, to open overseas office in London and Ireland and to help company come on digital and mobile platform and also to venture in area of event related business with big component of online in it. The future plan where we are working including animal husbandry sector, gandhi , and also elder and we are also working in health service area in term of data analytics and artificial intelligence and simple mobile application laid solution . Our desire is also to work with top ten start up not only from India but from abroad as well to help them become unicorn


  1. In the crowd of different businesses, how you differentiate your business?

Our business if personalise and professional and when people work with us they get more then creative , they get advisory and we bring number game on table and motivate and inspire business to become big by planning their strategy.


  1. What are all the improvements you suggest in the area of Business you are in?

I believe start-up need bigger working capital base and lower rate of interest and bank should have people to understand business. Gst is one very big thing.


  1. Any piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs?

I would advise budding entrepreneurs to pay attention to what you can offer society through your business and design and brand of business you are into.

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An MBA in HR and Marketing from AIMS Institute (Bangalore University), He heads digital business he has a rich experience that he has garnered from his previous organisations Including leading Banks, NBFCs & Genpact India. He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Heavy Group of Companies.

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