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Relationship adviser business idea

Relationship adviser business idea
Relationship adviser business idea

Relationship adviser business idea

If this business idea has caught your attention, then I believe that in your life you have saved one or more relationships from breaking apart. But how is it useful for you to become an entrepreneur? Let us find out.

The thought of relationship adviser business idea came to me from the environment we are living in. The relationships are losing their longevity. We as a society have run out of patience. As we are no more of a compromising or adjusting nature like our grandparents used to be. We have forgotten how used to neglect certain things for the sake of the relationship. We, on the contrary, are growing bitter. Our tolerance level is going low, our ego is expanding, we prefer fighting over compromising. All in all, we are letting petty issues feed on our relationships.

Whenever two people get into a fight, there is always the requirement of a third person. But that third person is expected to be unbiased or neutral. It is because in most of the fights no one is ready to accept his or her mistake. Therefore, the role of that third person is to show them the mirror. That person is supposed the point out the genuine mistakes of each and guides them how they are ruining their relationship for nothing. It is not necessary that every relationship is so fragile to be easily broken. There are some toxic relationships as well. Even in that situation, there is a requirement of a third person who can tell them to move out of such relationships.

When and how

If you believe that you can help those couples who are going through troubles, you can surely proceed with the relationship adviser business idea. There can be no business nobler than this. Many couples who are on the verge of separation may need your help.

Such couples despite their differences want to give their relationship a second chance for the sake of their children. But they need someone to give them the reason to. To move ahead in this business, advertise yourself properly. Let the people feel that a one or two session of counseling with you may save their relationships. You can do it either as a part-time or full-time business, depending on your preferences or cases you can. Be unbiased and neutral as it is the prime requirement for such a profession.

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