There’s always light at the end of the tunnel-Ankit Kumar, Founder Alternative Global India

1.Where is this company based in India? And how many people do you have in your operations?

– Our India HQ is in Gurgaon with a team of over 15 people in the consulting & investment wing. 

2.Which are the cities from where you are looking to start your operations? What are your plans to add no of cities?

– Our program “Advanced Air Control” is active across India and we have been talking to few states for implementation 

3.What kind of drone technology will you be using for delivery of essentials? What all things are you looking to take under this service?

We have introduced “Advanced Air Control” allows authorities to have maximum control and monitoring over the drone operations in the city for delivery and other applications. We are in talks with multiple state governments to deploy drones at scale along with Advanced Air Control system. 

Aside this, we are also a part of Dunzo Air Consortium to conduct 100 hours BVLOS trial experiments on delivery of packages. 

4.Have you done any kind of testing for these drone deliveries? What is the maximum capacity ( in KG) for such drones?

– For immediate deployment to fight CoVid 19, we will act as an aggregator and have over 100 drones & pilots which can be deployed in any given city. These are experienced pilots and the drones are capable of carrying 2 Kgs of payload which stand sufficient for carrying essentials and conducting thermal scanning of any given area.

5.Please share your business strategy? What kind of partners are you looking at?

– We have seen several city administration deploying drones in limited numbers and have zero/limited monitoring. We have solutions for such city/state administration to work effectively in order to trace and report. 

6.Do you have any partnerships with online platforms such as Amazon / Grofers / bigbaslet etc? For delivery of their orders? 

 – We are working with Dunzo on conducting BVLOS trials which shall start in late June if the lockdown is lifted. It will be a 100-hours trial which will be conducted in 60 days.

7.Is there any plan to work with such vendors?

 – We as a consulting firm do not directly work with vendors to delivery packages. One of our associate firm, Skye Air Mobility shall be working with multiple online platforms and vendors for package deliveries in the future. As of now, everything is pretty much on trials.

8.What are your future plans for India ?

– We are expanding our footprints in the market with major investments in delivery and drone software space.

9.What inspired you to go for this area of business?

– As a group, we have always been in the business of transportation. We began with EV and then it was a step to jump in an area of business which is futuristic and connected to transportation. Also given our teams wide experience in Aerospace, Drone came out to be the right industry to get into. 

10.What are all the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

– Drone happens to be in its nascent stage globally and the technology is upgrading every 3 months. The challenges surmount more from regulatory perspective as every country has its own set of regulations around drones and its still very new for authorities to adapt. We are working hand-in-hand with the regulators to build confidence in the technology and thats a work in progress as of now. 

– Here in India, Ministry of Civil Aviation is perhaps the most dynamic FAA which has been taking on trials and activities to promote drones and it truly builds confidence in the Industry.

11.Share with us the achievements of your company in the industry so far?

– We have been the pioneers in the Indian Drone Industry so far with respect to new technology introductions. We are working with several technology providers and have been investing in to multiple companies.

12.What are all your future plans for your business?

–  We are expanding product verticals and market. We recently ventured in to Israel with a partner office

– We are in talks with the Govt. of Telangana to build Drone City which shall be a testing & training grounds for Drone Startups.  

13.In the crowd of different businesses, how you differentiate your business ?

– As a global firm, we have enormous amount of data & information from activities around the world which we share with authorities in India to help build industry friendly regulations. Our “Advanced Air Control” is one of its kind system in the market today. 

14.Do you feel you have achieved what you dream of?

 – Its a long way to go and the journey has just started!

16.Any piece of message for young entrepreneurs.

– Drone is not an easy industry, entrepreneurs should look for the niche and target accordingly. Overall industry is at a very nascent stage, therefore perseverance is utmost required. Remember, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

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