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Top 101 Best Small Business Ideas

100 Best Business ideas

“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.”Great journeys start from small beginnings, and that includes your small business. Starting a small business needs utmost dedication, hard work, efficiency, and confidence.  Choose a small business that you are passionate about. Instead of going with traditional business plans, think out of the box about how your business can support or excite people. In this guide we have listed down the top 100 small business ideas for you that will help you brainstorm and come up with the right decision:

1. Start a Podcast

If you are shy and do not want to face a camera; a podcast is the best option out.  You can share your thoughts, meditate, do question-answer rounds, etc. the theme of your topic will first draw the attention of your audience.  So how to start a podcast?

• choose your topic and your podcast name and episode names.

• Check the length and style of the podcast since you do not want it to be lengthy and boring. 

• Select perfect recording, editing instruments.

• Choose where you want to publish your podcast

2. Blogging

Being a blogger is like being your own boss. Blogging is like passion. If you are passionate to expose yourself and your thoughts to the world; then the career is best suited for you. One of the major skills you need as a blogger is communication skills. Your blogs must deliver what you really want to say. In addition to writing consistently, your blogs must reach the audience. Try using different software and SEO-friendly tools to reach out to the audience real quick.

3. Graphic  Designing

Have an interest in designing graphics for magazines, newspapers, labels, etc? Then do not think much and pursue graphic designing as a career. The roles and responsibilities are many, but you can certainly start with taking baby steps one at a time. You can start by looking for some freelancing jobs to master your skills and then start your own brand.

4. Customised Items

Keychains, pillows, mugs, bracelets, etc. the list is endless and the demand is too much. Personalized items are certainly in demand since they add a personal touch in making special dates and events even more memorable.  You can start this business by selling unique items such as plaques or the Spotify keychains that are super popular these days. Such new things attract the customers. For pursuing this as a business; you must have eyes for catching new things and add personal touches to them.

5. Affiliated Marketing

Affiliated marketing is the process of earning a good amount of money by promoting other companies’ products. When a customer buys through your link; you will get the commission. The process is very new and super trending on social media such as Instagram and Facebook; all thanks to the influencers. You can approach the market directly through online shopping sites such as Amazon or even with the help of influencers and YouTubers.

6. Ecommerce Business

The eCommerce business is buying and selling products online with the help of the internet.  The e-commerce industry is flourishing every past day; thus it is a nice opportunity to invest in such business.  You can either sell your own products or even take a franchise and sell them on companies such as Amazon, FBA, etc.  The whole process is very simple, the retailer just has to generate an online order and ship the product to the specific address. Here is a breakdown as to how you can start with an E-commerce business:

• Decide on your business plan and model

• Create your brand

• Register your business

• Build your website.

• Associate with another shopping website

• Handle Logistics and payment gateways

7. WordPress Website Consultant

WordPress is the most popular and easy way to create blogs or websites. It is widely used by many start-up companies to grow their brand online.  If you are skilled enough in setting up blogs or websites using WordPress; then start your business as a WordPress Website Consultant. You can start with showcasing your skills and gaining experience as a freelancer by working for different companies and then successfully transform into your own business as a digital marketing company. 

8. Travel Consultant

When traveling overseas or even within the country for a vacation; people love to go fully planned and thus there comes a need for a Travel Business Consultant. If you have a knack for always planning a perfect vacation, covering all the famous and hidden gems of the place; then it is the best opportunity to transform this skill into a business. You can start by working as a travel planner followed by as a travel agent.  Once you gain experience in this business’s it is time to be your own boss. Create a website, build your social media, promote your business and connect with people looking for all the arrangements starting from plane bookings, to hotel bookings to cab services, and much more.

9. Online Courses and  Teaching

Do you forte in a particular subject? Have you heard of the term as SME? Well; given the time of COVID-19; people have started engaging in online courses and coaching. Offer online coaching to students and build your own community. You can start with showcasing your skills on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or even do a Podcast to help students learn and explore new skills.  Offering online coaching and courses to students all over the world will certainly grow your business and help you earn good money.

10. Translator

If you are fluent in any foreign language;  you can earn good money as a translator. Not only for teaching students; you can also kick-start this business by working in MNC’s and doing translation work for them. Translators are always in demand. The apps are unable to provide the accuracy and precision what a translator can provide.

11. Wellness Coach

A wellness coach or a life coach is the one who helps and guides people to improve their wellbeing by adding a  few behavioral, physiological, and psychological changes in their day-to-day life.  If you enjoying working with people to achieve their goals and lead a better life; a wellness coach business is well suited for you.

How to Start this business?

• Decide what type of coach you want to be

• Set Up Your business plan

• Pul together all the requirements

• Build your website

• Spread some short tricks and tips on social media accounts to gain attention.

• Start networking

12. Freelance Content Writing

Startups, small businesses, influencers; all are looking for content writers who can deliver their work and represent their brand the way they want. The content writing business is one such business that is still evolving.  If you want to work as a content writer; make sure you deliver high-quality, plagiarism-free content.

You can start with working as a Freelancer for multiple small companies and build your portfolio which will certainly lead you to a point where you can work on multiple projects and earn thousands of dollars. If not you can even start with your own content-writing agencies from where people can hire multiple content writers and kick start their business.

13. EBook Writing

With the developing technologies, people are getting deflected towards buying e-book than original hard copies. Being an e-book writer is certainly a tough job, but if you have the talent of burning the midnight oil; you can opt for this career. For writing an e-book, make sure that you can connect with your audience and be friendly with them. Make sure your formatting, cover page, and title are really catchy to draw the attention of the audience.

14. Ghostwriting

A Ghostwriter is the one who writes the content for blogs, articles, or books but doesn’t get credits for their job but they surely get a good amount of money.  Start working as a freelancer so that you can build experience and know what topic excites you more. You can start with working on big topics and then take a big swing towards writing an entire book as a ghostwriter. 

15. Resume Writing

Resumes are the first and last chance for a job seeker to get the job; thus they hold a very important place in business. Many people fail to make a nice and presentable resume and thus even after having qualifications and skills; they sometimes fail at getting the job. If you know how to create a unique and not-so-boring resume; then this is the perfect field for you to start your career in.

16. Uber Business

Uber has become the first choice of most people preferring to travel through public transport. Uber pool, uber bikes, mini, micro; the list is endless and so is the satisfaction and comfort they provide. Driving an uber can help you with a decent amount of money. If not this; you can even buy a car and give it to the drivers to ride them. 

17. Instagram Influencer

Social media has become an inviolable part of people’s life. The rise of these social media apps has led to increasing in influencer numbers. Influencers are described as people who review and give an honest review of the products. They get paid for the promotions and the number of times you buy a product using their links. If you are interested in such a business, then continue reading.

For becoming an influencer; firstly you must know and understand your niche. Some prefer going with beauty, some with fashion, some with travel, some with food; the list is endless and ongoing.

Next, you must maintain your social media posts and the aesthetic to go around with them. This will help you maintain your target audience. Once you build a strong profile, you will start getting promotions via paid content. 

18. Social Media Manager

Billions of people all over the world are using social media these days. Some use it to connect with people while others use it as a business and connect with millions of people all over the globe. A social media manager is the one who looks after the social media presence and posts of the company.  From small businesses to larger firms; everyone today is trying to build the best social media presence and grow their brand. 

Social media consultants should have the following:

• Understanding of the target audience and business.

• Creative ability to promote work through sales and advertising.

• Ability to run campaigns.

• Understand the tools and techniques to check the social media coverage and metrics.

19. YouTuber

From cooking videos to technology to beauty to healthcare; Youtube has become the go-to platform for everyone these days. So, thinking of giving a dive into YouTube? Here are some steps you can follow:

• Start with basic.

• Attract your audience.

• Do not go overboard with tools and other detailing.

• Optimize your search

• Stay consistent

• Promote your video on other social media platforms.

20. Modeling

Fashion designers, international brands, and even homegrown local brands are in the hunt for new and fresh faces for campaigning and advertising. Modeling has always been a growing business.  If you have that attitude and confidence, then this is surely your arena.

Given the present times, the figure doesn’t matter. Today even 100kg women are modeling for bikini shoots. What really matters is your style, elegance, and your networking which is very important in this field.

21. DJ-ing

Good ear for rhythm, technical ability, good timing, creative talent to mix music and stamina, and energy to motivate people; if you have all of these; then my friend Dj-ing is what you should start. Famous DJs are earning thousands of dollars for a single gig. But it is not simple. You can start with your youtube videos, performing at birthday parties and weddings and thus building your audience. It requires lots of efforts and  hard work

22. Web Developer

A web developer uses various computer languages such as HTML, Java, and CSS and creates websites for the company. Ranging from MNC’S to small local businesses, everyone today needs a web developer who can develop a beautiful and fully functional website for them. The field certainly requires lots of skills and an understanding of computer languages. If you have a niche for this then you can certainly start with working as a freelancer or as an intern for a start-up and then gradually as a full-time web developer.

23. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant works from home but has access to all the planners, schedules, appointments, and shared calenders remotely. If you are a very organized person, with good communication skills; then you opt for this job profile.  There are a lot of responsibilities that come with this job profile. Consider taking up jobs from online freelancing sites.

24. Airbnb Hosting

You can host your property on Airbnb for renting purposes and get a good amount of money. Listing your property on Airbnb will certainly give you a good amount of money.  Along with that, it allows you to meet and interact with different people.  You can add certain amenities such as complimentary breakfast, allowing parties, bathtubs, etc to attract more people.

25. Customised Furniture Supplier

People who are buying houses these days want everything as per their needs. Going to the market and buying a ready-made furniture piece is trend ith is followed by very few people. Today people believe in building things from scratch and with their preferable raw material. If you have the skills to work customize and personalize furniture products, then you can earn good money here.

26. Tour Guide

If you live in a tourist spot or love to share interesting facts and figures and show people around the famous spot; then you can become a tour guide. There are certain skills that you must acquire such as:

• Good communication skills

• Knowledge of the places

• Good Storyteller

• Flexible

• Be on time

• Be a leader

• Always high on energy and spirit

 The field is elaborate and you can pick as to what type of tour guide you want to be. Tour guides get a handsome amount of money from the agency as well as some tips from the customers as well.

27. Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokering is a high-income career that offers the opportunity to meet many different kinds of people and flexible hours. Real Estate agents help people buy, sell or rent out their properties with ease. The industry is booming in the United States and brokers earn most of their income through commissions from transactions. To become a real estate broker you must acquire a relevant degree and pass the examination.

28. Interior Designing

Over the past years, people have started hiring interior designers to set up their dream houses, office spaces, and much more. There is always a need for an interior designer to beautify the space and make it more creative and functional. Moreover, usually, the people who hire an interior designer are the ones who come in the upper-end income earning bracket. 

To start with, make Pinterest your best friends. Take out inspirations and ideas and draw a mindmap or vision board to go forward with.  For working at a site, you need to take care of a lot of parameters such as color palette, furniture, tools, labor, etc.  To expand your business you can build a website, social media account, and a strong portfolio to attract new customers and start networking.

29. Photographer and Videographer

From weddings to nature and wildlife to food; people these days have a craze of capturing everything through the lens and save it as a memory for the rest of their lives.  If you have a creative mindset of just look at something from a completely different point of view, then my friend opting photography as a business is best suited for you.

A strong portfolio is the basic and most important requirement of the photographer. You can kick start your career by freelancing or showcasing your work on different social media platforms. Associating with influencers, campaigns, etc. is another yet very powerful tool to start networking in such a business.

30. Event Planner

Birthday parties, receptions, weddings, cocktails, success parties, bachelorette; there are so many special events happening in everyone’s lives that need to be and are celebrated all the time. To manage all these events effectively and successfully; people these days have started hiring event planners.  To become an event planner; you must have good contacts with different vendors such as florist, catering DJ, etc along with that an army of skilled workers who can help you set up the entire vent gracefully.  The process is certainly time and capital-intensive but will surely pay you well.  With the increase in workload; people do not have time to plan out special events and thus hunt for event planners to help them.

31. Personal Chef

The majority of people are so busy with their professional workload; that they do not have time to cook meals for themselves and their families. Becoming a personal chef will help you earn good money. You can start with working part-time at different places or even can work at a single place and earn decent money. 

If not a certified course, you can make YouTube your best friend and learn new dishes.  This can even help you start your own catering business one day and showcase your culinary skills to the public.

32. App Development

If you are the one who comes up with unique ideas to set up an app or with some cool updates an app can bring with and with relevant skills to add them; pursuing an app developer career can be on your list. The app market is extremely competitive and growing steadily. More and more people are coming up with innovative ideas to entertain and help people all over the world.  You can check out different courses online as well as offline. One advantage of building an app is that you do not have to learn heavy computer coding languages to set up an app. Look for your app, what you want it to be, release it in the market, and be open to reviews and suggestions to make it better and successful.

33. Buying and Selling Websites

Websites are important and profitable investments in the future. With that increase in start-ups and local businesses; people today want a very successful pre-grown website with good traffic so that they can get more attraction as soon as they enter the business. Before you think about buying a website, keep a check of how much time and money you can afford to invest and also be ready for loss if the website doesn’t sell. Look into the correct field in which you want to buy and sell your website. Go with those fields that are booming today.

34. Computer Repair

Computers have become the bread and butter of everyone’s life. With the increase in IT sectors, online courses, social media, etc people are buying new computer while some are still stuck with the old ones and get them repaired all the time No matter what your level of technical expertise is, you can start your own computer repair business.  You can start by approaching small businessmen and students around your neighborhood and then consequently increase your boundaries.

35. Data Analysis

With tin advancement in technology, gadgets, apps, websites; companies these days are hunting for people with skills to interpret digital data and provide ways to make them useful. A data analyst job is a very high-paying job with several open opportunities around.  You can get a proper degree in data sciences along with learning multiple computer languages using online courses to get started with the field.

36. Domain Names- Buying and Selling

Domain buying and selling is one such business that is and will always be grown with the advancement in technologies and setting up of more and more companies. Buying and selling domain names is an exciting adventure with good revenue in hand. The key is to identify your niche, trending market and narrowing down names of big blogs, and have the potential to sell them later. 

37. Day Cares 

With the rapid advancement, people today do not have time to sit at home and look after their kids and thus the option of daycares and crutches always comes in handy. Opening a daycare is incredibly rewarding. You can start with opening a small daycare at your home and helping off your neighbors with their kids. And then gradually extending your boundaries with hiring up new space, adding stuff kids needs, hiring new staff, and adding more kids. Try buying or renting the spaces near the MNC’s or office space since it will help you score more clients.

38. Clothing Line

Every clothing brand started as a small business one day and is now flourishing their business. Even though opening your own clothing line is a bit challenging, but with the help of eCommerce, online shopping, and social media platform; it is becoming possible to turn a local homegrown brand into a fully functional, most talked about brand. 

How to start a clothing brand?

• Draw a business plan.

• Identify your niche, is It a hoodie line, jeans, tops, or whatever you want to sell.

• Identify your target audience

• Find manufacturers

• Start designing

• Build a strong social media presence

39. Laundry Services

People will never stop buying clothes and thus will always require laundry services to wash them. Many people go with washing them at home by themselves; while others go out to the laundry services to get the job done. Opening a laundry store will need a lot of investment but gradually with a tie, it will surely pay you off well.

40. Car Washing

The car Washing business is gainful. It has become a need now. The majority of car owners want their car to be squeaky clean. . With good marketing, top-notch service, and perfect location, you can draw in many customers who need their cars washed quickly, efficiently, and at a good price. You need good marketing and networking skills and good tools and skilled labor to start your business. Keep yourself up to date with the new techniques and technologies coming out in the market.

41. Junk Removal Services

People today are looking for someone who can remove the junk. The job profile is a very straightforward and successful business.  You need proper equipment such as trucks, lorries, etc to start your business. You can go with taking the franchise or even with opening your own brand. 

42. Baking

Do you enjoy baking? Do you binge-watch baking competitions on TV? Then you can consider profiling baking as your future career. From cupcakes to cookies, brownies, pies; everyone loves having a small treat. Baking can help you make a good amount of money. You can kick start your business by starting your baking dream from home and building networks. You can find many new recipes on Youtube or can even learn baking by taking online courses.

43. Carpet Cleaning

Every house has a carpet and people are looking for servicemen who can clean their carpets and get the job done quickly. Even though, carpet cleaning is a difficult business; the business is always in demand. To start with you need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner, brushes, and other tools necessary to clean the carpet. Take the help of some tutorials, tips, and tricks to clean the carpets with ease. Further in the future, you can even hire cleaners and start your own business.  

44. Human BillBoard

Instead of the huge hoardings and banners added on every corner of the street; people today are hiring people who can promote their brand by walking or just standing on busy roads. If you have no problem in parading down the streets, carrying signs, and grabbing attention; then you can make good money out of it. Even though the business is quite demanding and stressful; the average human billboard salary can range from $5 to $7,000 per day.

45. Dog Walking

Love to bond with dogs? Then a professional dog walking career is for you. If you have the right experience and training; then a professional dog walking career would bring in regular income. As a professional dog walker, you’ll need to understand the dog’s behavior, breeds, sizes, etc. You will have to handle their barking and yanking. You can take up the jobs coming up online on a certain website or can even start from your own neighborhood. 

46. Pet Grooming

A pet grooming career can be a profitable option for those who love animals and are looking to enter the animal industry. To successfully groom a pet firstly you need to know all the tricks to handle even an aggressive animal. You can add in services such as spa, foot massages, etc. One of the most important parts is buying types of equipment and tools for grooming.

47. Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewelry has its own charm and charisma. From ancient times, craftsmen have been designing jewelry by manual labor only. You can start selling online to bring in customers and eventually open stores. Add a special touch to your services by introducing customization so that people feel free to purchase the type of jewelry they want. 

48. Contract Customer Services

If you have good communication skills and management skills, then you can easily work as a customer service provider. Companies are looking for freelancing customer service providers to cut down the cost of hiring a full-time person. You can start by gaining some experience and then finally either work for big companies or you can even open your own business.

49. Accessories

Hairbands, first copy bags, broaches, wallets, belts; if these things interest you, then you can even start your own accessories store. Since accessories are not too expensive and buyers tend to make smaller purchases to refresh their wardrobe, the business is growing day by day. Make your brand theme a bit more interesting. You can start with selling products online and then eventually open stores as well.

50. Subscription Box Business

Every month receiving a box full of unknown products feels like having a birthday every month right? Well, the idea is very unique and offers customers a unique experience to try out new brands coming into the markets. You can begin with collaborating with some local home brands and then switch to luxe products. Try sending some PR packages to bloggers and influencers to create a buzz in the market.

51. Gift Basket Business

Gifting is always difficult. You do not know what a person wants or if he has the same thing or no. The safer option out is customized gift boxes and baskets. For starting a gift basket business try to find your audience, look for quirky products and packaging and sell them online as well as offline.

52. Bespoke Chocolates and Candies

The average American eats almost 24 pounds of candy each year and spends $84 annually to feed their habit. The market for chocolates and candies is becoming bigger. Perhaps you can start a booming bespoke chocolate and candy business with a small investment. There is so much competition in this industry, so try making your product a bit more unique and sell them to retailers, wholesalers, at events as well as online.

53. Herbal Products

Consumers worldwide try to use herbal products such as herbal skincare, herbal hair care, herbal makeup, etc. If you have an interest and eye as to what will suit which skin type, take this as a business. You can start with a single line such as skincare and then gradually grow your brand as you grow your customers. Begin with selling some free samples and try to take feedback from the people to understand what all is still missing in your business. Take the help of social media along with selling your products at different stores and partnering with other businesses to grow your clientele.

54. Employment Agency

Given the times of COVID-19, many people have lost their jobs. This is the perfect tie and opportunity to start a new employment agency. If you are keen to start your own recruitment business, keep the following points in mind:

• Be clear as to  which type of employment agency you are

• Assess what your competitors are up to.

• Consider your expenses

• Build a solid market plan and goals.

• Invest in tools and people

55. Antique Dealer

The antique market is a profitable business that trades in history. As a hobbyist, it can be a fun way to sell the products but as a professional, it can be an enjoyable way to make long-term returns. Your work will include:

• Buying from different showrooms, dealers, flea markets, etc.

• Selling items to the general public online as well as offline

• Negotiating purchases and sales

• Carrying out minor restoration work

• Maintainance of the items

56. Art Gallery

If you have an eye for beautiful craft, then turn this talent into the business. Art gallery owners know the perfect balance between the creative world and the business world. Try to understand your audience what they really want. Before you open your own gallery, get a deeper knowledge of the artists, their works, what is trending, who are the famous artists around. Rent and design your space and also create an online presence and network.

57. Construction Business

If you are an entrepreneur who is very much fascinated with building homes, rooms, etc; try out the construction business.  It definitely requires a lot of fundings, but here are a few steps you can follow:

• Put together a solid business plan

• Do research 

• Legalise your business

• Build network

• Hunt for skilled labor

• Sourcing for funding and loans

58. Candle-Making and Selling

Homemade candles have become an essential part of home décor. Consumers are buying homemade scented customized candles for aromatherapy as well. You can make your own customized candles at home and sell them either online or at retail stores near your place. The business doesn’t require much investment as well. You can even collaborate with some gift shops, subscription box companies to sell your products and gain some popularity in the business.

59. Car Rentals

A car rental agency is a business that leases cars for a few hours to a few weeks, for short periods. Planning to open a car rental agency? Then keep on reading. Start with researching, good planning, analysis, look for your competitors in the business. Then start with investing in the cars, insurance of the vehicles,  building your company, and hiring some professional drivers. 

60. Restaurant

 The restaurant market is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Opening a franchise or your own brand does require a little investment. To start a cafe or a restaurant, like any other business keep these factors in mind:

• Concept of Your Restaurant/Café

• Location

• Get the required license

• Evaluate Restaurant expenses

• Look For Skilled People

• Design A Stellar Menu

• Hunt of Suppliers and Vendors

61. Music Lessons

If you know how to play guitar, drums, piano or how to string or you have the skill to teach a string instrument; then capitalize your talent, make it a business and start earning money. You can start with making it a part-time job and once you have grown your popularity make it a proper business. Classes can be conducted one-on-one or even in group format from your home, a studio, or at a student’s location. 

62. Organization Business

Professional organizers are the ones who turn clutter and mess into a well-organized space for hoe and office. Their job ranges from organizing a small shoe cupboard, kitchen, bedroom, closet, or even basements and garages.  They have a knack for placing the right things in the right place so they look pleasing to the eyes as well. For people who have OCD problems, this job profile is perfect for them. It doesn’t.t requires much investment, it’s easy to start with only a single client, you get good money as well as you can add extra income by doing short DIY videos, speaking, and sharing some hacks on social media

63. Shoe Business

Shoes hold a major role in fashion.  Shoe stores sell shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, socks shoe cleaners, laces, and other accessories. A shoe store’s startup is massive. It requires a lot of money as an investment. Shoe junkies and hoarders are your main targets. Go for displaying some catchy and quirky pieces in your store. To grow your business, you can also offer services such as shoe cleaning which is pretty rare but will certainly grab attention.

64. Online Dating Consultancy

Dating Consultants advise people who are unable to find their date or a perfect match. They help people create attractive dating profiles and find a perfect match. They offer a personalized touch that sites like tinder or bumble do not offer. To be a dating consultant, you must bring in software to provide users with matches based on their profile, age, preferences, and interests. This business is excellent for someone who has their own unique way and approach to guide people to find their dates.

65. Car Detailing Services

Car Detailing doesn’t require tons of training or up-front investment; it requires skills, knowledge of proper methods tools, business software along with a dedicated team to get started with the job. People who love care, love to keep them in good shape and some even what to customize them as per their needs and requirements. This business is very profitable since people these days are looking to retain the value of their vehicles so that they get good money after selling off their long-term investment. 

66. House Cleaning

Cleaning can be hard but it also helps in providing good money. Many people want their house clean but they do not have the time and energy to do it. You can start a house cleaning company with only one single client. To build your house cleaning business, consider advertising to the homes in your neighborhood, start your Instagram page and grow your business overnight. You can successfully grow this business much more quickly by adding specialties such as office cleaning, industrial site cleaning, etc.

67. Trading

Trading has always been a very profitable business. It means buying and selling goods for earning profit. The trading companies do not manufacture goods, they buy them from the seller at a cheaper price and sell them to the other person by keeping a profitable margin. Having happy customers is the key to this business. Maintain your reputation by selling the goods at a not very high price. The best advice to aspiring traders is to be organized, use some computer tools and software to keep a check of your goods. 

68. Packers and Movers 

Shifting from one place to another brings in a lot of difficulties, especially shifting goods. Packers and movers is an emerging business. Their demand is extensive increasing very fast. To get started with the job all you need is manually skilled labor who can carry off heavy loads and trucks to transport goods. Start with small spaces and then once you gain experience and expertise switch to bigger places.

69. Coffee Shop

Everyone around the globe loves a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Some people head out of their houses and office spaces to coffee shops to just work while sipping on their favorite cup of coffee. The demand for coffee shops is certainly increasing tremendously. To start your business, you need to find an apt location, curate an interesting menu, start networking, invest in tools ad hiring people. You can take up a franchise or buy an already existing establishment or build everything from the scratch.

70. Landscaping

Landscaping Busines sis the one which involves construction, installation, and maintenance of lawns, gardens, yards, patios, etc. All the plant lovers who know basic gardening skills and have knowledge of plants; can look into this field for building their future. It is a highly seasonal profession. The majority of the work will be given to you in summers while winters will be usually off. Add in suitable tools and techniques and you are good to go. 

71. Consulting Business

A consultant is described as an expert in a particular field. This can be an especially profitable choice who are good in fields such as management, law, accounting; giving them higher pay. The key to this business is networking. You need to invest time in connecting with others in the industry and maintaining touch with them. You must always think of your talking points, pen down your pitch ideas for the business; this will help you be more confident and presentable. 

72. Craft Business

Craft is an art that you can either cherish by displaying it in your living room or spread it across by converting this hobby into a business.  If you’re looking for starting a craft business, make sure your craft is in demand.  Think about what people will actually love. Make your packaging and presentation innovative and quirky that will surely grab the attention of others. You can start your business online. Do not overthink; just present your craft in the best way possible.

73. Bicycle-Renting and Repair

Bicycles are generally rented for a few hours. The bicycle renting and repair business can be very rewarding if managed efficiently. But the business is seasonal, people generally prefer to use bikes during pleasant weather.  To start taking care of the following things:

• Make your stands near the most attractive and busy places in the city.

• Buy nice quality bikes and also add trackers and GPS devices to them.

• You can build an app, with which people can rent the bikes by paying some extra security and then getting the refund as soon as they hand over the bikes.

74. Pest Control Services

Office, Home, kitchen, garage, basement; no matter what the location is no one wants ants or small insects and rodents bugging them.  Pest control is a steady business for the owners. However, you need to make sure what kind of services you need to offer. You must understand the technical aspects, tools, and other equipment required for pest control.

75. Spa Center

The spa and wellness industry is growing every passing day. If you are a budding entrepreneur, looking for an opportunity; then opening a spa house can be one. You must have a clear vision of your business plan as to what kind of services you want to offer. What will your brand look like, where you want to open it, what all tools and equipment you will be required, how many skilled professionals you will be needing? A clean vision board will help you take steps more efficiently towards your goal.

76. Import/Export

There is a big jump in import and export business in the past few years which has led entrepreneurs and startup businesses to venture into this area. Here are some important skills you must have if you are planning on giving import and export a short:

• understanding of business, finance, and budget.

• Knowledge of new software and tools being used in this area.

• Expertise in international trade compliance requirements.

• Networking and analytical skills

77. Flower Shop

From weddings to mournings, fowers are considered a very important part of every event and ritual.  Florists provide a cut and arranged flowers for every event. If you have an eye and skill for handling flowers, then consider opening a flower shop.  For working as a florist you must first work as a job trainee to learn more about flowers, their arrangements, margin cuts, and everything else.  Once you have enough expertise, experience, tools, skills, and income; you can start your own florist shops and add some little more amenities such as deliveries at 12 midnight or early morning, chocolate boxes, teddies along with flowers, etc.

78. Thrift Store

A thrift store is just a place where people sell their old but good-conditioned clothes at a bit cheaper price. Recently Instagram influencers have started buying clothes and accessories from thrift stores which have ultimately led to an increase in this business. You can start this business by collaborating with some fashion and beauty influencers who are willing to give away their old clothes, which will not only help you earn money but will also help in networking. 

79. Catering

If you have nice culinary skills and expertise in cuisine or two; then consider entering into the food catering industry. The revenue is high and it doesn’t require much investment. You must be very much clear with what all services and cuisines you can offer to the guests. Open your own websites and social media channels to gain engagement. You can take the help of YouTube or other online courses to learn and sharpen your culinary skills.

80. SEO Business

SEO companies are the ones who partner with other companies to increase their visibility on the internet. For opening or joining any SEO business; you must be familiar with all the important SEO tools and their usage. For this, you can even take the help of online courses or can even sharpen and learn your skills by freelancing in certain startups and small businesses.

81. Grocery delivery

People today do not have time to go to the stores and buy groceries. With the invention of new apps; everything si getting delivered at doorsteps. Grocery delivery is a very easy job with a little investment which is a bike or any other two-wheeler. You can partner with a few stores, deliver grocery and earn some dollars. Once you get the expertise and knowledge along with some capital; you can start your own grocery delivery business in no time.

82. HandyPerson

Do you have the skills to fix almost everything by yourself? Then my friends working as a handyman will help you earn good money. Create a website, hire few people, draw down the list of services you can offer, buy tolls and types of equipment accordingly and do some networking. From one house to many; being a handyperson you will get more and more customers every passing day.

83. Gift Shop

A Gift shop business is a very profitable venture you can start. From chocolates to perfumes to antiques to some customized stuff; everything today is loved by people. Try and settle down in a less competitive area and learn what your competitors are up to. You can take your products online as well on social media platforms. You can even gain engagement, by sending some packages to famous influencers. 

84. Senior Companion Services

As people are getting old and require constant help and support, starting a senior companion service can be a great way to enter entrepreneurship. The cost of starting this business is not too high.  To start such services, you must all have all the four basic skills along with patience and politeness. Build your brand and a website showcasing your skills, services, and prices. The business can turn into a profitable venture if you are efficient and you provide quality services.

85. Trainer

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then working as a trainer can be beneficial for you. You can start as a personal trainer and then grow your own brand. Provide exercise regime and diet plans to your customers to gain more attention. Build a strong social media presence and host some online seminars and boot camps and encourage people to participate in them with nominal fees. 

86. Home Inspector

Home inspectors are the ones who inspect your homes to check for any hazards or structural defects. It is a highly reputed job and needs proper qualification. For becoming a home inspector; you will have to build a network with retailers only then you will get the business. You will have to clear the exam and check for the license only then you can start this business.

87. Bread and Breakfast Owner

A B&B s generally an establishment with 4-10 guestrooms where guests can crash and get complimentary breakfast and basic amenities. If you have a property or if you are looking to buy a property; then becoming a B&B owner will help you earn good money.  You can either take up a franchise or start your own brand. Build our brand, send out fliers and advertisements, build a website and social media presence to grab the attention and customers for your property.

88. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is entering any kind of data in excel sheets. From basic data typing like filling a form to complicated data for MNC; there are endless projects for people looking for data entry jobs. Data Entry jobs require you to be quick with typing and transcription along with good communication and organization skills. Many freelancing sites offer good payscale to people who are willing to work as Data Entry Clerks. 

89. Audio and Video Editors

People recording youtube videos or podcasts are always in the need of someone who can edit their content with ease. For becoming an audio and video editor; all you need is software and good networking. You can either partner with influencers, podcast recorders or search for jobs as a freelancer on various websites. 

90. Kitchen Store

Kitchen stores are popping up in every nook and corner. The technologies are increasing and so are their advacnet=ment in kitchen equipment. If nothing else, people always find themselves bored with their old crockery and cutlery and step out to buy new ones. The business requires a store, employees, a computer, high-speed internet, cash registers, and marketing. In terms of inventory, it is advisable to stock everything commonly used in a kitchen. Try to extend your boundaries and expand your horizon towards restaurant owners as well.

91. Framing Business

There is a huge demand for framing art and photos to be displayed. You can start a picture framing business from home itself.  Collaborate with photo studios, art galleries, and normal customers to generate a regular income. Try adding in unique frames to catch the attention. It requires certain tools and techniques and some skills to start a business like this.

92. Gourmet Products

Gourmet products are high-quality food and drinks that are prepared with extra care and precision. You can start a gourmet product shop. It can be jam, coffee, cheese, or any other specialty of yours. You can sell it online as well as begin sourcing it in your neighborhood.  Try to focus on the quality as well as the packaging of the product which will ultimately represent you and your brand name.

93. Membership Website

A membership website can certainly give you high revenue given you work efficiently. A membership website offers content that is only accessible by subscribers and no one else. Firstly try and understand what you want to take about Bring in new and fresh information and some tips and tricks which truly excites people. Try to be consistent. Add surveys, quiz, and then gradually increase your visibility by partnering with brands and influencers. 

94. Meal Preparation

The meal preparation industry is being used by the elderly as well as working people who do not have the tie and energy to prepare meals for themselves and their families.  You can offer uncooked yet prepared meal ingredients or pre-made and fresh meals whatever suits you. Make your online presence grow so that people get engaged with your websites and social media. Add in your specialties and prices on the website itself making it easy for people to order. 

95. Toy Shops

Kids from zero years to almost 15-16 years love to play with toys. One can take the franchise of the brand such as Hamleys or even start their own toy shop venture. You can add in toys as per all the age groups. Explore the top market thoroughly and look for all the unique and eye-catching items that will surely attract parents as well as kids to buy them. 

96. Personal Shopper

If you have a unique taste of styling and know the correct body types, what all things will suit others; then working as a personal shopper will help buy earn really good money. You can start by showcasing your talent on Instagram. People today are making reals, giving tips, tricks, and ideas to reuse their clothes, redesign them or wear them in more than one way. You can start networking through social media and then ultimately collaborate with influencers or other fashion designers to showcase your talent.

97. Makeup Consultant

Are you a makeup geek? Do you love watching makeup tutorials? Working as a makeup consultant can be your option. Not only this it requires many other skills one must possess such as knowledge of skin type, what will suit which skin tone well, what are the latest trends in makeup, what are the new product launches etc. It requires lots of skills and surveying. You can offer these services online as well as at different brand stores to network and grow your engagement.

98. Pool Cleaning and Installation

Most of the people today have a pool in their backyard. But they find it extremely difficult to clean it. Even though pool cleaning is a simple business but installation is a very tough and complex process. You will require good equipment and tools along with skilled labor to do such kind of work. You can extend your services by providing jacuzzi cleaning and setup, bathtub cleaning, and set up.

99. Beauty Salon

The salon business has always been in profit. From earlier times till now; every woman in today‘s would head to the salons to get one thing or the other done. It truly requires investment but it will surely pay you off well. All you need is professional workers and good equipment along with a prime location to do so. You can take up a franchise or even can start your own new little venture.

100. Knitting Store

Knitting stores are super cute and very comfortable and cozy stores. They sell yarn balls, needles, patterns, knitting accessories, and much more. A yarn store costs about $20,000 ranging from renting a place to buying raw material. While opening a knitting store, try to make the interior a little more creative and attractive. You can extend your services by providing pre-made goods or even prepare and customize them as per your client’s needs.

Starting a small business, earning good money, and being one’s own boss; sounds interesting right? But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be able to plan, accept your failures with grace, be brutally honest and full of energy and confidence. Selecting a small business is completely a personal choice. Deepening upon their interest, money, resources, and skills they have; they can settle down their future. 

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