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Top business ideas during coronavirus in india

As you all know due to coronavirus many business are effected the time of crisis gives birth to the new area of Businesses now due to lockdown worldwide and all the business models have been disrupted, due to this un fortunate event, as we all know every challenges bring new opportunities even in this tough time many opportunities are knocking our doors as a entrepreneur we need to identify our as per our strength weakness threat opportunities read till the end you will be able to find out your business idea which can be a great business idea during coronavirus.

E-commerce Business idea during coronavirus in india

As we all know during the coronavirus the supply of essentials in your locality is need of the hour as most of us are in lockdown and people are avoiding physical contact with individuals as this virus transmit from human to human so delivery of essentials at home can be a best business idea and that can be started very easily as well you just need to have below mentioned and you need to start this as early as possible my advice is start small and build process and scale it big below is the dots you need to connect if you want to start e-commerce business idea during coronavirus.

  1. Grocery store owner as a partner you can deal on 5 to 10 % on commission or you can stock some items and can sell on as a margin of 10 to 15 in some items it can go upto 25% as well.
  2. E-commerce Website with Payment Gateway depending upon your country if it is in india payu money CC avenue Cash on delivery etc. if it is outside india you can use international payment gateways paypal stripe etc it can be done with a minimum investment or you can do it for free as well if you know WordPress Shopify Opencart Magenta etc CMS tools as all this CMS platform takes no time to start you can do it in 24 Hours only.

Blogging & vlog Business idea during coronavirus in india

During coronavirus all of us in lockdown so its the best time when you can start blogging as business ideas so if you want to start you blogging you need to identify a niche in which you can start you blog you need to find out your passion or skills you know on the topic you can write any time ways by which you can earn money in lakhs

Google Adsense

Affilate marketing

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Influencer marketing

Online training business Idea during coronavirus in india

As you all know the industry will evolve and human interaction will go down by 80% as if now our most of he training business delivery mostly is done with the help of offline class room training wherein, if you have a good skills on a perticular field you can start your own online training business with the help of social media and video platforms

Local service provider as a business idea during coronavirus in india

due to coronavirus most of the people will be working from home office therefor they will be requiring services like home office setup services, Desktop repairing services, AC repairing services and other support services at home so you can start an digital platform from where your customers can basically book services from home.

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