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Top Business ideas for housewife in 2020

Housewives are the pillar of strength of any house and every housewife business ideas holds infinite capabilities that need to be explored and discover. Housewives who can run a household smoothly are very much capable of running a business with being committed to their household responsibilities. It just takes some right amount of efforts, hard work, commitment and a little amount of capital to be invested to see a positive outcome and eventually building a smooth-running dream business of their own by sitting at the comforts of their home.

The advantage housewife business ideas of working from the comforts o their home is that they don’t need to compromise with their daily routine of adhering to responsibilities of being a wife and parent which is also equally necessary for women.

There are many fields and scope for different business ideal for a housewife who is willing to set up her own business in order to shape her identity apart from being a beautiful and dedicated wife.

Presenting the housewives with some of the great ideas that they can imply without stepping out of home and in order to become independent and earn their own money-

1.Baby Sitting Centre

Housewives are probably great when it comes to managing children and kids. Managing kids and pampering them needs a lot of patience, calmness and capacity to deal with children of different age and habits. But housewives are very much efficient in doing this. For this reason, this is one of the ideal small business that a housewife can set up which will not require much investment and will give positive responses from families where both of the parents are working and are looking for secure day centres where they can leave their children and work in office peacefully. Parents can happily trust a housewife for their children and will have faith that they can manage it all well. Another advantage of this business is that they don’t need to adjust much in their daily routine which they follow up every day. Apart from that, children always give moments of joy and happiness which will always motive to keep the business going.

For setting up a babysitting business, you will require an investment of around 30,000 which will include the promotion of your centre to attract parents and stuff that you need to buy for the children who’ll be coming to your daycare centres and you can charge desirable fees in return.

2. Tiffin Service

Housewives have mastered the art of cooking and serving outlandish dishes. Tiffin service is one of the best business that a woman with decent cooking skills can conduct! There are so many students and bachelors living around in a city who usually depend on tiffins for food after working the whole day. Tiffin service will let you work on following your passion for cooking and spreading the magic of your hands to quest the craving of “Ghar ka Khana”

Setting up this business will not require you much investment. You just require investment in buying groceries for the dishes that will cost you around 10000 Rs you’ll make and it will cover up from the amount you’ll charge from your customers you can make a margin of 30 to 40% on each items.

3. Hand-made Home decoration items

When it comes to decorating and beautifying homes, women are probably best in it! With this home decoration items business, you can flaunt your creativity and out of the box ideas which you think people will love to purchase to decorate their homes. It can be a beautiful two or three-tier wall hanging made out of cloth, ice cream sticks and other such materials, a hand-made painting, beautiful flowers to decorate the walls, dream catcher, lamp jar, flower vase, earthen pot or photo frames splashing elating colours and vibes.

You can set up an online platform to sell your homemade decorative items and can ship it to anywhere from the order is placed.

The investment will only include the amount that you’ll spend on purchasing stationery materials up to 10000/- that will be required which will be eventually covered up by the amount you’ll charge on orders.

4. Teach cooking online

If cooking is something you love to do, conducting online cooking classes through online platforms is something you can do to inspire people to cook some delicious dishes. You can open your youtube channel with an eye-catching name that will flood your channels with visitors. You can teach a different type of dishes ranging from starters to the main course. Once your channel will be able to attract a good amount of likes and views you’ll probably get offers for brand promotions and paid partnerships who generally choose budding influencers.

It will not require much capital, it will take a good quality camera to capture your quality photos and videos that will be used to attract the audience.

5. Bakery items

If you’re into baking cakes, muffins and choco cups and often receive compliments for your baking skills setting up a bakery business is very relevant for you! You can come up with your creative cake ideas according to the theme and can take orders for birthday parties, anniversary parties, kitty parties and other such occasions. You can come up with new creative ideas to decorate the bakery items that will help you to stand out among all! This will spread sweetness and happiness at the same time and will give you a chance to explore your baking skills and thus making money out of it.

This will fairly call a low-budget investment that will only use for the materials that you’ll be required for baking and the boxes and other things that you will need to manage the orders which will be eventually covered up by the order fees.

6. Online coaching tutorials

If you have a keen interest or hobby in teaching, you can go for teaching online. There are many ed-tech such as White hat, Prepladder, Vedantu, etc platforms that call for the teacher to come and teach students from their home and in return pay them a salary. This will let you follow your dreams to educate children and spreading education and knowledge is one of the best things a person can do! You can teach whatever subject you’re comfortable with.  The best thing is that this calls for no investment at you just have to be fit into their criteria of teachers or sometimes they ask to give a test or demo class.

If you don’t want to work with any ed-tech platforms, you can for creating an educational channel in which you can add videos of the topics that you’ll like to teach and attract students. This will require good quality of camera to capture good-quality videos.

7. E-book or a blog

If you are good with words and vocab, writing an e-book or a blog is waiting for you! Kindle provides you with a feature of writing an e-book and costs you nothing in return. There are many other online platforms too which let you write an amazing e-book. Your words and your voice deserves to be heard and appreciated! Follow your passion for writing. You can even set up a blog of your name and live your dream of becoming a writer and having your name as a writer.

The E-books will cost you nothing and give you pure joy. Blogs are also free to set up. However, if you go for a word press blog which is more reliable, it will cost you a minimal charge according to the plan you choose for yourself.

8. Personalized Hand-made gifts

Spread love and handmade happiness with your personalized gifts to each corner and let your hand magic do the rest! Handmade gifts are more in demand nowadays as they’re considered more creative, beautiful and different. They’re not just gifts they speak the language of love and emotions. Handmade gifts are usually the best! If you have got this creativity, create them and sell them. You can set up pages on various online platforms to show your gifts and let people order from across the country. Try something new and out of the box that will fairly attract people to buy it. You’ll love what you’re doing if you choose to set up this small business for yourself.

The only investment it will call for is the promotion cost and the material cost which will be easily covered up once you’ll hunt customers to buy it from you!

9. Pet sitting

If you’re an animal lover, this is the right thing for you to do! You can take care of the pets while their owners are away. This will not only help you earn but also you’ll enjoy spending time and playing with those creatures and in return, you will also get the fees for managing them. With Pet sitting you can also offer some other services such as grooming, training, veterinary appointments for which you can charge extra.

This will not involve much capital, you just need to buy some stuff for the animals and some animal food to feed them which will be at the end covered by the fees you will charge from their owners.

10. Travel Guide

If you love travelling and think that you can guide travellers online, this business is very much suitable for you. You can make an online website for yourself through which you can reach people to guide them. You can create a Facebook and Instagram page that can also serve as a medium for attracting customers. You can even make your youtube channel where you can upload videos of the places you travelled, share the experience and memories and guide them accordingly. Your video can attract more people to seek guidance from you. You can even write an online travel blog with all the steps where you can describe places, must-visit places and the special things about any place from where you can hunt your customers.

The only investment is the cost that you’ll be needed to set up a tourist-friendly website with a travelling theme which will help you to target the audience.

11. Setting up a beauty salon

If you’ve relevant skills of a beautician and considerable capital, opening a beauty parlour in your home can be the right choice. These days, beauty parlour services such as facials, waxing, hair cutting and relevant services are much in demand among girls and women. You can use one of your room in your home to set up a beauty salon and offer your services to the customers. Beauty salon business is a little tricky and tough than other businesses as it requires a definite plan, really good beautician skills and time management skill as beauty parlour will consume time as you’ll fix a particular timing for which your salon will be opened.

With services, you can also sell beauty products, hair and skin products to your customers which will help you earn some additional money.

Beauty parlour calls for a good amount of investment which you’ll be required for setting up the business for which you’ll buy all the products, furniture, mirrors and clothes.

12. OnlineMake-up tutorial

If you have a passion for makeup and beauty and setting up a beauty parlour is not your preference, you can probably go for online make-up tutorials. You can upload videos of make-up tutorials, skin-care, hairstyle videos on youtube, Instagram and Facebook so that people can learn from your skills. Once you have a decent amount of followers, you can even receive paid promotions from brands which will sponsor you.

This business just needs a good quality camera and the products that you will be using for the videos.

13. Party planner

If you don’t want to take up a large scale party projects such as wedding and engagements, you can go for planning small parties such as kitty parties, birthday and anniversary parties. For this, you need excellent organizational and client-management skills as well as a willingness to market yourself and your services to everyone you know. Managing children party is fairly less stressful. Decide the decoration theme, follow kid trends such as for a girl plan a frozen party theme and for a boy plan a superhero theme. Decide on the menu and games that will be played in the party and manage everything accordingly. This will be a fun business to conduct with according to the reason for the party.

For this, you need little investment for promotions which will be eventually covered up by the fees and all the products that you need for the party can be adjusted by charging advance payments from the customers.

14. Podcasting

Podcasting is something for which you require good command over your speaking skills as you’ll be recording broadcasts that will reach to the audience. You need to be a lot creative for doing this. The road to podcasting is not very easy as it seems to be but it will be a very joyful experience. You have to attract your listeners to your podcasts who will listen to you and appreciate you. You’ve to upload your podcasts on various social apps and remind your audience to listen to your podcasts from time to time.

This doesn’t call for investment, you can use free online software for podcasting.  You can use your home computer or laptop and the built-in microphone to start your Podcast.


15. Jewellery making

Women are usually fond of jewellery and nowadays customized, designer and intimate jewellery are in fashion. If you have the skill of designing jewellery and come up with your own ideas of designing it and making it your own, this is perfect for you. You can start showcasing your self-made jewellery designs online and start taking online orders from customers who will admire your designs and would want one for themselves and start shipping it and spreading your design to different parts of the country.

The investment required in it is the material that you’ll be using for making jewellery.

These days everyone wants double-income to manage their household efficiently considering the current world scenario. For this reason, housewives who are sitting at home and want to earn something can set up their own business from the ideas mentioned above which are fairy convenient to set set up and initiate.