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Top Business ideas for women housewife

Are you looking for profitable best business for women ?

In this article we are going to give you the best business ideas which you can start immediately and all this Business you can start from your home and it does not required much investment to start it. please read carefully till the end and we are very sure you will be able to start your own business by the end of the entire blog.

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All the ladies out there who have taken the responsibility of being a housewife, I think you are wonderful. You are running a great responsibility in the form of household and raising children. A better society always depends on the culture that parents impart on their kids. Ladies who are homemakers are having a major share of this responsibility which they do marvelously. I have never seen such a multi-tasker like a housewife. Their job is often underrated despite it takes all those skills which one requires to run a company. Skills like time management, financial management, resource management, motivating others, finding solutions and many more.

I understand that many of the housewives are willing to be financially independent but without compromising their household responsibilities. Therefore, I have come up with some home-based business and job ideas for you. But to proceed with any of them, you need to arrange a few infrastructural requirements. They are a computer, the internet connection, a properly installed phone line connection or a mobile phone and social media presence. Now, let us find out what are all the business ideas for a housewife.

Are you a housewife ? Don’t want to dependent on anyone for your expenses? Wanting to turn your passion into profession?

We got few business ideas for you. Housewives are said to be the backbone of the society. Being a housewife better to be told as homemaker, it is not always easy to do the house chores. A housewife require a lots of patience, tolerance and energy than a man working in the office. Along with that housewives show lots of love and care to their husband and kids. Starting from making bed , breakfast till doing dishes after dinner, every women have got so much power and patience to do it.

If you have free time and you think you have to take care of your own expenses, we have got some business ideas to uplift your life and you can restart your career with this opportunity. You are never too late to start a business or upgrade your career. Read the article till the end to completely understand the investment and earning of the particular business, tips and tricks to start a business.

BLOGGING housewife business

              Do you know to incorporate your writing skills? If you know to put your words beautifully and  attract readers ,  you can earn by blogging. This business is like a passion turning into profession. You wouldn’t be needing to invest money to start this business. You will require basic writing skills, research about the topic without plagiarism. The key to success for this business it to do paid advertising, marketing. As this business is quite easy to start, you will be facing lots of competition, you should know to attract and fulfil your readers with your words.

You can register and buy a domain and start writing on topic based on your interest. Blogging is all about quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter how many blogs you post it is all about the amount of takeaways from your blog. The income from this business depends up on the reach of your blog. You can earn on an average of $300- $400 a month. Some celebrity bloggers even earn between $ 20,000- $ 20,000 a month.

CAKE MAKING AND DESIGNING business ideas for women

              Most of all women know to cook and bake delicious food for their family. Do you get praised by your family members for the food you cook for them? Why don’t you take that part as a source of income for you. No function or events or parties are complete without cutting cakes. If you know to bake cakes, you can make money out of it. You can start this business in your home with few materials to take your orders. The key here is to be creative, the presentation, the quality of the materials you have used, the reasonable prize you offer.

Customers are also expecting the customizable options you offer them. You will be needing not much money to start this business. Again, the investment for the cake shop totally based on totally depends upon your wish. If you rent a kitchen and put a shop there you will be needing $ 12,000 which includes the rent for the space, the license, the equipment, packaging, marketing and other miscellaneous cost. The earnings through the cake shop could be ranging from $ 2800- $ 7000.

DAY CARE CENTER business ideas for women

            Do you love to play with children? Do you have the patience to deal with children? Then why would you considering opening a day care center for children and infants. Most of all the parents are busy working and running errands for their day. They don’t have the time to take care and look after their kids , most parents are in the search of day care center for their children. Day care center is basically to take care of children, toddler and preschool kids who are left under your guidance by their working or busy parents. If you find 9 to 5 job is boring , you can readily opt for this business. And if you feel like not to leave your family , you can always choose this business.

Since daycare center allows you to take care of the kids left under your care and your family at the same time at home. It would be great for women having experience handling children. You would be requiring as low as $ 5000 to start the day care center. You can make an average of $ 37,000 per year. The thing to be taken care here is marketing since you are setting up the center in your home , you will have to spend some penny on advertising your business.


           Are you a graduate? Can you share your knowledge by teaching students? As Mahatma Gandhi once said If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start teaching students”. Studies have found that women are great at multitasking. As a woman, you are gifted with some special superpowers. You can use your immense knowledge to teach others. You can take either online or offline classes based on your preference and convenience. Home tutoring is simple to start without spending any money. Based on the number of students , the subject and the duration , you can earn money. On an average you can get an income of $ 600- $ 800.


           Are you creative ? Do you love to do art and craft works? We have a good business idea for you to start which is making gift baskets. You can begin with making gift cards, birthday gist box, cake gift boxes. You can even sell your products through e-commerce websites such as e-bay, amazon, flipkart. You can design combination kits and make it more customizable to your customers. You can even sell combination products , kits such as ice cream gift basket, a bit of sunshine gift basket, college survival gift basket, coffee lover gift basket. You can upgrade by selling return gifts for weddings, birthday parties.

The gift basket business is easy to start and the materials are easy to avail. The startup costs for gift basket business is somewhere between $ 2,000- $ 10,000. You can do the gifts at your comfort of your home and at your own free time. If you sell a gift baskets at $ 45- $ 50 each, say if you sell 5 gift baskets, you can make an average of $ 225- $ 250 per day. The annual revenue of $82,000 to $ 92,000.


           Are you interested in grooming others? You can make a plan to start beauty parlor. Everybody wants to groom themselves beautifully and attract the opposite gender and also to make them feel self-confidence. Makeup artist are much popular as much as other actors. Makeup artists are paid high amount based on the popularity and the service they provide. The beauty parlor can be started from a single room of your house and then you can move it to store and upgrade your business. You can provide other approved treatments in your parlor such as facial treatment, waxing, threading and even massages. If you know to style hair that is also an added advantage to your business. The money you earn through haircut, keratin treatment would be large since some treatments require more than one seating to get the proper output.

You can even take online and offline classes to teach makeup to others. You can make use of your parlors to sell beauty products and make profit out of it. The amount you earn through business is based on the popularity and the market value your parlor and you have. Least popular make up artist can earn $ 50- $ 70 per bride. Some popular artist are getting paid $ 3000 on average per bride. You can earn some more by grooming the bride’s sister and others.


          Do you love to cook? Have experience of cooking for more members? You can start catering business with these skills. Food is the basic need of every human being. Whatever the festive season maybe everyone wants to eat delicious and traditional foods. The catering services can be started from your kitchen and with the profit and money you have you can move your business to stores. You can make a ton of money especially during festive seasons. People don’t have the time to cook traditional food in their home when there are more people during festive times. Everyone want to be happy and share their days with cousins, niece, nephew when the meet after long time. No need to mention, housewives are great at cooking. This business will help to increase their income by just doing their everyday chore that is cooking but at large level based on the customers requirement.

Since the business is home-based business, you have to concrete more on the feedbacks, marketing. Provide your customers with regular offers, discounts, and they will definitely suggest your business to their friends and families. The grocery you need can be picked from stores; the vegetables can be picked from nearby market. Stick to one supplier for both grocery and vegetables, it will decrease the amount you spend on it. The investment for starting services won’t cost you much. It would be somewhere between $ 130- $ 350. The profit you make through the catering is solemnly depends on the number of people you cook for and the varieties of dishes.


            Love doing arts? Do you know that you can earn by selling them? The trend has changed people started to gift handmade gifts to their loved ones on special occasions. Handmade art and craft works are thought to be close to their heart since it is made fully with love even if it is a gift. Since the art and craft works are much more customizable people find it to be attractive. Starting from the handmade gifts, explosion boxes to wooden craved keychains, photo frames.

The products can be sold in online through the e-commerce websites available such as e-bay, amazon, Flipkart. The way to the growth of this business would be being creative with orders, making good presentation, reasonable prize you offer, the packing of your orders, the duration of delivery of the orders.

The items you will be needed for the works can be easily available in stationary shops around your town or city. Research about the shops and the cost and quality of the items being sold there. Based on the material you needed for making the particular art and craft the cost will be varying. Also the income by selling your products will depend on the amount you charge for each item and the customizable option you provide to the customers.


                Everyone is busy running towards making money and they don’t have time to groom themselves. Even if they get time, the time will be wasted by travelling to the parlor, so most of us wouldn’t like them. They need some to come to their home and do the treatments or the service they need. If you learnt about the beauty treatments and you don’t have the money to start a parlor, you can provide your service by travelling to the place of customers. It is one of the most growing trends in the beauty services. Not every parlor is offering it, it would be highly beneficial to start this business.

Make sure that you provide good services. Your connection and customers will increase with the feedback from your previous customers. You will be needing some tools and products to start the business. The earning through the mobile parlor depends on the package the customer has availed, the products used for that customer and the service charge you determine. The charge also varies based on the location of the customer. You can make up to $ 26.59 per hour on average. More is the quality of the service you offer and more is the quality of the products you provide for your customers, it will help you to grow your business.


             Want to become an author? Ready to share your thought and experience through books? You can write and publish books. This is more like turning your hobby into business as writing. You can publish stories for children, novels, cooking books, self-growth books and much more. You need not to write some 300 pages book, you can start by writing 20 pages per book and make money out by selling it. You can sell your books through online e-commerce websites including amazon, Flipkart and much more.

Marketing is the main key to success. Without marketing you can’t reach your many target audiences. You should be knowing to attract your readers through the level of English and being clear on the topic you are writing. You can start this business with zero investment. You will be earning based on the popularity and the content of the book and the target audience.


           If you love planning for events , you will love this business. This business is highly profitable and you will also have fun doing the business. You can help people by planning their events such as wedding, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and much more. Starting from finding the location according to your customer’s preference till the end of the event, you have to help your customer for the successful completion of the events. It would be great for you to have contact with local vendors, transportation service, food, spaces etc.

The main idea to succeed is to be creative and present the decoration beautifully and attractively. The average of income you earn through the event planning business is $ 400 per event. Based on the expectations and requirements of the customer, the amount of profit can be varied.


          Interior designing is the art of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve aesthetically pleasing environment. It would be sensible to learn about the designing through proper learning before starting this business. The skills you would be requiring is to be passionate about designs, unique language and level of interior design language. Although this is a home-based business, it is not enough to have unique, creative talents but it will be good to have some practical experiences by taking up internships and learning from your friends and other designers.

The average earning for entry-level interior designer is around $ 5500 per annum but you can make up to $ 42,000 per annum as a senior level designer. Giving detailed information about the designs to the customers, keeping up with the trend, communication skills, knocking for apt design will up lift your career.


        In today’s generation, it is felt really necessary to groom yourself beautifully. It will make others to have good impression on you. If you love to teach and know about self-grooming, you can start by taking self-grooming sessions. You can cover topics such as threading, skin care, hair care, self-makeup, nail art, facial and much more. Self-grooming results in increased self-confidence. You can take as both short term and long-term courses and issue certificates to your participant also. You can also include teaching about subjects such as personal development, etiquette, dressing.

You will be needing to get makeup products and hair styling products and also the tools such as beauty blender, brushes, straightener, curler, hair spray, hair dryer and much more. You will need to invest money based on the requirements of the product. You will need to invest $ 200- $ 500. You can earn based on the topics you cover and the charges you determine for each class.


              If you have learnt about yoga and you can professionally teach yoga, you can take yoga classes. Everyone knows that health is wealth. It doesn’t matter how much money we earn at last our health is all that really matters. Many people started to maintain the physics. It will also make you to look good and make you healthy from inside. The continuous sitting posture in chair, sofa in both home and office makes our muscle to be cramped. You can start both online and offline classes. You can begin this training from the small space available in your home later you can move it to larger rooms. If you are a certified yoga trainer, you can make a lot of money out of it. You can even post videos in online platforms like YouTube that will add some money to your income.

The investment to start yoga training is not going to cost you much. You just need to get yoga mats for you and make some advertisement about your training class. You can earn based on the number of students opted for your class and the level of training say beginner, intermediate, advanced. On an average you can make about $ 400 per month as a yoga trainer.


             Most of all the women love cooking. Why can’t start the cooking as a business. You can start by teaching your recipes to your students. Since there are many students out there searching for right place to learn cooking. In many countries it is not cheap to eat in a hotel or restaurant all the time and it is not health too in some cases. The business is so simple that you are going to teach the recipes you know to others. You can even publish your own recipes in a book and sell it. This is going to add some earnings to your pocket.

The business is easy to start from your own kitchen. Later you can rent a place and move your classes there. You can always have an option of taking online cooking classes which is very much easy. If you are taking online classes, make sure you have proper video, audio and network connection. And when it comes to online class, you should be able to clear the doubts of each student otherwise there is no point in taking classes. The earning through cookery class is variable. It depends on various factors such as the level of the program, the duration of the program and much more. The excepted profit from taking the cookery class is nearly 40% and more.

Tip :

 You can even turn this business into a catering service and also you can share your recipes through online platforms such as YouTube which adds money based on the reach, views, shares and likes of the video.


               Although we say that education is necessary. Most of the students’ struggle getting to know about the different job options available for them. Children blindly go to the school every morning and return in the evening just because their parents made them to go. Some children don’t even realize the purpose of studying. Even after completing the college, they are able to choose the right field for their career. They have to seek some external support. Some students don’t even have an educated parent or brother or sister to teach them. Career guidance is one of the growing and profitable business. You have to know about the career trend, current employment opportunities, what will the scope of the field in the future and then you have to guide your customers accordingly.

You can earn based on the service you are offering to students. If your customers get satisfaction, they will pay you accordingly. If you starting the career guidance you can earn about $ 350- $ 700 per month. A mid-level career guider earns $ 830- $ 1400 per month.


           If you have to stay at home and earn from the kitchen of your home, you can start baking and sell them through that you can earn income. Since you are starting from the kitchen of your home, there is no need to pay rent fee. Before starting have sufficient skill and knowledge of food preparation and dietary issues. It will be added benefit to your business if you are licensed by the appropriate authority. You can bake cakes and other pastries at your home and distribute it in our local bakeries. If you find people liking your taste and your savories are in high demand among people, scale your business up. The main key here in the baking business is to provide unique taste, quality of the items used in that particular item and the presentation.

You will be needing to invest your money in equipment, ingredients, packaging and then marketing. It will cost you around $ 400 for all these items. You can a profit of about 5-10 % from the beginning and if the business takes up you will be experiencing the increase in the profit.


 Provide more customizable options to your customers and bake the product accordingly.


        Do you love gardening? Why don’t you start growing flowers and sell it? You have to handle the flowers with utmost care and have the patience to look after them. Keeping flowers in the home everyday fresh can calm your soul and the aroma from the flowers will give peaceful mind and keep you away from worry with that adding a good look to your home or office. People need someone to deliver fresh flowers to their home due to the time constraint. Being a housewife, it will be easy for you to start this business. You can plant and look after plants such as Lily, tulip, gardenia, hyacinth, jasmine and much more. You can even supply your flowers for decorations in parties, weddings etc.

The investment for this business wouldn’t empty your pocket. You will be needed to buy the seeds or saplings, plant pots, soil, compost pits. You can compost the wastes from your kitchens and use it for your plants. You can buy these things in nurseries under $ 300. If you know a local farm, you can even collect from them. Adding some other innovative ideas like decorating the package in such a way that the plants would get crushed or dried, can increase the growth of the business. The earnings through this business are nearly $ 420 per month.


        Proofreading is a job where you will have to check the documents carefully for errors before it gets published and shared. It is basically last stage of the writing process. If you have the knowledge and good level of understanding and good grammar in that language you can do this job by simply sitting at home. Besides doing this freelance proofreading, you will also get to know about different topics and the information about it. The skills required would be impeccable grammar. Look after trustworthy websites and register yourself and apply for companies. There will be high demand for editors as long as the writing exits.

You won’t be needed to invest any money in this job. This solemnly depends on your grammar and knowledge. Do not get frauded by others always check with the client and ask for proofs and payment details and other things. You can earn an average of $ 300 per month. The earning will be increased when you gain experience and hired by bigger companies.


          Content writing is basically researching, writing and editing contents for website and even for social medias. It is easy to start from home and you can work based on your own time. Just like proofreading and editing, the skill for content writing also requires good grammar and language proficiency. It would be added advantage to learn about various SEO tools available. Apply through licensed and trust worthy websites, do no take up assignments through social medias. There are more chances for you to get scammed by them. Always ask the company for documentation and it is better to have one on one talk with your company and clear your queries.

Just the language proficiency, grammar and the patience to research about the topic would be enough for you to start this job. You won’t be requiring any money to invest. If you are at the beginner level, you can earn about $130- $ 280 per month. If you are experienced you can earn an average of about $ 280- $ 830 per month.


         Typically, the data entry professionals would enter the details provided into desired formats or other documentation platforms. Sometimes they will be asked to transcribe data from recordings or through phone conversations. There are so many websites offering you the data entry jobs and you can register yourself with one or more companies based on your computability. There are no such necessary skills to start data entry jobs but you can learn about proficient typing and transcription, technical skills, organizational and other time management skills, administrative skills, multi-tasking, accuracy and attention to detail.

Just like other online jobs, this job doesn’t require any of your money to invest. It would be better if you have a laptop to do your work. Besides some companies will use different software for data entry. And also, it will be good for eyes and doing multi-tasking is also easy in many laptops. Learning speed typing will definitely help you to complete your work within deadline and you can have extra time for your family. Data entry professionals on an average earn about $ 1200- $ 3500 per month. On an average data entry jobs will yield you $ 12.92 per hour.


         Everyone want themselves to be fascinated by others and go along with the fashion trends. If you know to sew or you are graduate in fashion technology, you can always start a business with your skills. If you know the basics of tailoring, you can immediately start this business. It is great way of earning money by designing or alternating clothes. Start at low level if you are not sure by sewing simple pillow cases and then gradually increase your business for sewing fancy clothes, wedding gowns etc. There is no age limit to learn anything. Women are tend to learn more quickly then men. It is a promising business. No one is going to stop wearing clothes, right?

You will be needed to get a sewing machine to start this business. You can chose the sewing machine based on the work and the levels of stitching, the types of clothes you needed to stitch, the durability of the machine. Sewing machines are available from a minimum of $ 30- $ 50 and if you wish you can always invest higher amount in the sewing machine. Tip here is to start sewing clothes for your neighbors. If they like your service and the designs you provide, they will keep coming back to you and also ask them to share their feedbacks with their friends and families. By this way, you can extend your circle. Depending on your experience and knowledge you can earn an average of $ 220- $ 340 per month. If you design wedding gowns with high quality, you can score lump sum of money through it.


               Everybody loves travelling. Every family trip, or a trip with friends or even colleagues will definitely heal oneself from whatever the worries may be. There are some issues when people are travelling to new places. They get scammed by others and they will have to pay more money than usual. The major problem that couldn’t find the untouched beauty of the nature. They need someone to make arrangements for their stay, food and to travel around the local places. Nowadays everybody takes at least one trip per year to make themselves feel happy and joyous. You can just simply travel around with the tourists by adding money to your wallet. You can make arrangements for their stay in the best and affordable hotel as per your tourist requirement, some them the beautiful places around your area.

The investment to become a local travel guide is zero. Although it is a seasonal business, it will provide your high income. Most local guides earn about $ 50 – $ 150 per day in high tourist areas. Entry level tour guides can earn about $ 8- $ 15 per hour.


Learning additional languages other than your native language, will get you more tourist.

              Paid to click job is a business form of advertising. You will be a middlemen between advertisers and consumers. The company will pay you for displaying advertisements in the Paid to Click websites. Having some knowledge about the internet and the browsers available will be enough to start this job. There are many websites available for the paid to click jobs as like other online jobs such as content writing, data entry and much more.

Apart from the basic knowledge, you won’t be requiring any money to start this business. Once you are registered through the website, you can find lots of ads available for you. You can click them and watch them and earn money through them. Most companies use pay pal account to provide you the earnings. You can easily open a pay pal account online. Although the earning through PTC is low, it will add money based on how many ads you click and watch. You can earn up to $ 150 per day by doing the pay to click jobs.


        Dancing is the hidden language of the soul. Dancing is a kind of art that rejuvenates your body and mind through sequences of movements. If you have learnt about dancing and can teach others to dance, you can pick up dancing as a business. There are many people wanting to learn dance but couldn’t find any trusted persons. You can start dancing classes both through online and offline methods. You can even start a YouTube channel and teach dancing through that channel too. It will add money to your bank account on the basis of views, like, comments and shares.

Starting a dance class is not going to cost you much. But if you want to take classes in a big space, you can rent a place and use it as a dance studio. On an average private dance tutors earn up to $ 50 – $ 85 per hour. If the number of students you are taking and duration of the classes increases, your pay will also be increased.


              Just like humans, people also need their pets to be groomed. There is no home without a pet now a days. Since everyone is living under the same roof as that of their pets, they want their pets to be in a hygiene state. Basically, pet grooming is where the pets are bathed, brushed, dried and get a haircut. Many pets will become very naughty when coming to bathing. You should have the patience to take care of them and the love you share for them will make them so close to you. You will also love to enjoy grooming the pets and also earn by doing so. You will also need to remove any buildups in the ear of pets and check for any other sign of infection.

You have to be in a good knack with the pets. Some pets would act different when they meet any stranger and restrain from touching them. You have to undergo pet grooming training to start this business. You will also have to invest on some equipment to start pet grooming studio. The investment would be somewhere around $ 210.  The income through business depends on the location of your pet grooming studio or can even start it in your home but make sure to have good marketing and advertisements through other sources. On an average you can earn about $ 420 per month approximately.


                Photography is one of the most popular and growing business in today’s world. Many women are into photography business now a days. Image consultancy is to help people to present themselves in the best possible days. Everyone knows that photography is to capture moments. You can take photos in birthday parties, weddings, proposal parties and much more. You can even make yourself available for model photoshoots, maternity shoots etc. Some people even also do food photography, basically presenting food in a beautiful manner.

You can even shoot videos for companies as advertisements and wedding videos and much more. This photography business is easy to start with camera at home. If you want to do it in a large scale, you can rent a place and set up a studio there. You have to invest some money to get best camera for shooting photos and videos. This could cost you approximately $ 1000. You can an average of $ 500 per month. If you do shoots with celebrity and models, your market will more likely increase to another level.


             Skincare is supposed to be gender neutral. Everyone wants to own a beautiful, glowing, acne-free, healthy skin. Not everybody knows about skincare. There are people who doesn’t even know about their skin type. If you know about skincare and can-do certified treatments, you can start a skincare and beauty spa. If you can check the people and can suggest treatments and products, you can earn money with that. If you have learnt professionally, it will be great to do treatments on your spa itself.

You can offer herbal and natural therapies to your customers that will make you to grow in this business despite the competition available. You can start the spa in your home with sample space and you can have separate rooms for products and clients for their privacy concerns. You will be needing to invest $ 350 for the products and other arrangements. The income through this business would be approximately $ 300 – $ 600 per month.

Tips for saving money for housewives and homemakers

  • List out the expenses and make budget out of it and stick to it.
  • Avoid yourself to fall into unnecessary expenses. Learn to differentiate between wants and needs for every possible thing.
  • Always keep a track of your income and write down whenever you spend money on something. This is to make you aware of where your money goes.
  • Always make a list before going to shopping and stick to the list. Shopping without pre-planning will most likely cost you so much extra and you end up buying literally everything in the store.
  • Always pay with cash when it comes to smaller expenses. It is reported that we will lose track of expenses when it comes to paying with card.
  • Set a goal in the ending or the beginning of the month to save particular amount. Including this habit will help you in saving much more money.
  • Set a long-term or even short-term goal to make your savings goal oriented. If we intend to buy something say car or new washing machine with the savings, we will definitely stick to that goal.
  • Don’t buy things blindly. Always compare prizes with other stores and know much money you can save through making use of the discounts and coupons available in online stores and e-commerce platforms.
  • Being so much keen in saving and thing only about money will definitely make you sick. Stay healthy and eat healthy foods. This will save your money by reducing the medical expenses with improper eating, unhealthy diet and vitamin, nutrient deficiency.
  • Don’t get fooled by discounts, sales etc. This is a trap to make you fall and waste your money in things which you are not even going to use.

This are few money saving tips for housewives and homemakers. Women are capable of doing anything. You can start saving money with these tips mentioned and begin a startup or business with your own saved money.

Hope you got an idea and know about what to expect from the business and what not to do in that business. Always start slowly and set up your foundation strong. If you find this article useful kindly share it among your friends. If you know anyone who wants to begin business but doesn’t know how, show your support to them by sharing this article with them. Remember there is always way to uplift and upgrade your life.

If you have any queries and if you need any support or if you have any feedback to share, kindly write us at [email protected].

Have an awesome day!

“ You have what it takes to be victorious, independent and fearless woman”. – Tyra Banks

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