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Top Business ideas for women

Best Business Ideas for women

Hi guys in this video i am gonna tell you the real business idea which can be started with low investment and business ideas with having high return on investment easily profitable in nature your ultimate search ends here for top business ideas.

Blog writing Business idea

If you have an idea and you believe that it is worth sharing, then you can do it through your blog. You can also share your knowledge based on your qualification to educate others. You can reach the mass through it. It does not always have to be something knowledgeable. You can also write inspirational articles, stories, poems or any sort of tips and suggestions. You can also start a review blog where you can review the products which you think you are expert on analyzing. You can also share detailed food recipes on your blog.

Online Tuition business idea

Sharing knowledge or educating someone is one of the noblest jobs. Knowledge should never get wasted. Many a time we land up a job that does not let us to fully utilize our potential. If you possess any such qualifications and expertise which is in demand, then you can be the provider of the same. It can be about any skill, academic subject or technical knowledge. You can develop an online course by using articles, audios, and videos. The best part is that it can be done in your spare time and also if you wish, you can do it as a full-time business.

Online courses are getting more popular these days because it offers the flexibility of time and does not require one to move out of the house.

Data Entry Specialist Business

Data entry is one of the dullest jobs in a company. At the same time, it is one of the most important works for the company to function smoothly. The monotony of such tasks attracts fewer people towards it. Therefore, most of the companies are taking freelancers for such jobs. As it does not involve much brain work, it is suitable for those who want to earn some more in their extra time. Being a freelance job it lets you exercise all the flexibility. You can work on your free hours of the day. It sure does involves deadlines but you can have all the liberty of planning it out.

Online secretarial services business idea

Even the secretarial services can be provided from remote locations. You have to do all those tasks which a secretary is supposed to do. Mostly there will not be any specific qualification asked by the company other than good communications skills. The work mostly involves sending or replying e-mails, attending or making phone calls, organizing meetings, making timetables and notes.

If you have better skills, then the work area may also extend up to making PowerPoint presentations, generating reports, data entry and bookkeeping.

App development business idea

If you have the right skills, then app developing can be the area of your domination. The app market is one of the booming ones at present. Almost every small to big company wants to be up-to-date with their respective applications in the market. As a result, the demand for app developers is very high.

This business does not require you to move. Once successful, you can keep earning money with a single application.

Website development business idea

If you are skilled in web developing or are interested in learning it, then there is a huge market waiting for you. Each company wants something different or something unique to offer its website visitors. For that, they are ready to pay a handsome amount to the developers. If you successfully acquire the skill then it would be more profitable than any other business. You can have a full-fledged career in this field.

All you need is the capacity to deliver what is required.  Apart from that, developing a website is not just a one-time thing.  It also requires after-sale services like alterations, update, and many other things. It clearly means that you can have a long-term career even with few numbers of clients.

Proofreading /Editing business idea

There are many budding writers who need your assistance to make their work better. Sometimes as a writer we fail to spot our mistakes. Those mistakes are easily pointed out by others on proofreading. Most people look for freelancers for such assistance. You can provide proofreading as well as editorial services to young writers. All you need is to have a great command over language with good knowledge of grammar to provide better service.

One successful completion of assignment can ensure more work on your plate. This job not only lets you work remotely but also lets you have time flexibility.

Business plan design business idea

Have you ever come across a person who has a brilliant business idea but cannot express its revenue model by using statistics or graphs? If yes, then you must know that there are many others with similar issue. Anyone who is looking for an investor for his or her business idea has to express the idea first. A proper presentation has to be prepared to convey the business plan properly. If you think you can convert those plans into tables and graphs, then you can be of great service to many.

You can work on a contract basis in your free time.

Financial Advisory business idea

If you possess a good grip over the financial sector or have the qualification related to that, then it is just the work for you. It can be done both in part as well as full-time, depending on your choice. There are certain certification courses which you are required to complete before serving as an authentic financial advisor. Your client base can be wide enough including everyone from individual to big companies.

You need to keep updating yourself with new investment tools, taxation policies and financial rules & regulations to serve your clients properly.

Meal planning business idea

You can be an online meal planner for food enthusiasts. You can advise your clients on easy prep meals, suggest food on the basis of its nutritional value and can plan a balanced diet according to their body requirements. It is much more than just sharing the ingredients and recipes, although it is also a part of being a meal planner.

Newly married and hostlers often need kitchen related advice. Like how much groceries should they buy for the week and what all should they buy? A suggestion from an experienced is always welcomed.

Tutor business idea

If you have been a teacher or you believe that you have the required skills, then providing tuitions could be the one job for you. Evaluate your knowledge and then decide which subject you can teach best. And also self-analyze that which age group kids you will be comfortable teaching to.

You can be a home tutor. Or if possible for you, make a classroom arrangement. It is much better because in this way you can teach more students at a time.

Dog trainer/care taking business idea

People often love to keep dogs but have no time to train them well. Moreover, not necessarily everyone has that skill. In some cases when people have to be away from home for some time, they worry about their pets that they have to leave behind. A help in such cases is always welcomed. If you have an experience is such work, you can try it as a part-time or full-time work.

Delivery service providing business idea

You can try being an independent delivery service agent. Hire a few efficient individuals under you and you are good to go. A good delivery service is the requirement of the time. You can expand your area by delivering all types of need. Say for example food, groceries, laundry, online product orders, and other daily needs. You can have tie-ups with your local shops and can charge them for your services.

Telemarketing business idea

Telemarketing is another area with huge opportunities. Many of the large-scale companies depend on telemarketing for their business. Therefore, there is a need for an individual with good communication skills and refined language. The demand for the telecallers keeps increasing with the rise in customer-base in order to serve them properly.

Selling via e-commerce services business idea

When you have a product but insufficient money to have a store and warehouse, then e-commerce websites are there for you. Especially when you sell products which can be produced on order basis, then it is the best option. For example, cookies, snack or home décor items can be produced on orders. With a minimum of investment, one can run a great business through online selling portals.

Graphic design business idea

Graphic designing is another area which is huge in demand. If you possess a great command over Photoshop or any other similar application software, you are very likely to have a shining career in this field.  Graphics have a very important role in marketing. A good graphic creates an impression on consumers’ mind. They subconsciously start associating the graphic with its respective brand. Therefore, a fine graphic design becomes indispensable here.

Graphic designing mainly includes designing logos, advertisement banners, pamphlets, information sheets, newsletters etc. It is also an attractive career for those with creative minds.

Desktop Publishing business idea

Become a publisher by using certain publishing software. One thing to be kept in mind here is that it is not a one-man show. You will need a team to execute your projects successfully. The projects will involve publishing books, magazines, newsletters etc. Therefore, you will need to hire a graphic designer and content writer.

Tax Consulting business idea

This is something which every company as well as individual looks for. Since it is not an everyday job, companies do seek qualified freelancers. They prefer to outsource such work. If you have the right skill and qualification, then you must do it as a part-time work. You can make permanent clients or work on a contract basis.

One thing to keep in mind is that tax policies keep updating. Make sure you have the updated information. You can also brush up your knowledge through online courses related to taxation.

Vloger business idea

Is there any special information with you which must be shared? If yes then do share it with the world. Make a good quality video about it and upload it to the internet. Your earnings will depend upon the number of viewers and followers you attract.

It could be related to anything such as fashion, travel, beauty, cooking and many other similar things. The most important thing here is that it must be related to your interest area because it will bring out the best in your work. And that is how you will be able to attract more people.

Resume writing business idea

Your writing skills will be counted here. Many people are there who are not clear about the format of a resume. They are still confused over what should and what should not be mentioned on a resume. Or maybe they are not much confident about the one they made. If you have an experience in this area, you can be a freelance service provider for writing resumes.

The best part of this business is that it doesn’t require your hours. You can do it along with your existing job. You can charge a nominal fee per assignment and can earn extra in your free time.

Domain name reselling business idea

You can be a domain name trader and earn a margin as your profit. There is no end to creativity. Therefore, there is no end of creative domain names springing up with time. You can buy a catchy domain name and can sell it for a profit.

Few crucial things to keep in mind are that the domain must be attractive enough to have a resale value. Do not make it a difficult one by using jargons or by making them long. Get some knowledge related to keywords and SEO before starting such a business.

WordPress website development Business idea

Nowadays WordPress website development services are one of the low-cost businesses. You just need to learn the WordPress designing skills and for that, you can easily find relevant tutorials on the internet. Initiate with local shopkeepers around you. Further, when you learn enough skills you can approach corporate clients. WordPress is now one of the best platforms to develop a super easy website with the inbuilt tools and free / premium plugins. Click here for the detailed guide

Bookkeeping services business idea

Many companies are outsourcing bookkeeping jobs. If you are qualified in this area, then it is the best option for you. Working as a freelance bookkeeping service provider is much different from directly working under a company. It lets you decide whether you want to go for a part-time or a full-time work. You can choose to work as per your convenience. You can work for multiple companies at the same time.

One thing which is needed to be understood is that there is huge competition in this area of business. The thing which will make you stand out is your accuracy and speed. The key skill which companies look for on a bookkeeper is meeting deadlines.

Online consultancy services provider business idea

People often prefer searching on the internet to get answers to their doubts, problems or queries. You can become the provider of the same. You can give consultancy services on the basis of your qualification and expertise. Being a consultant on the internet has several benefits. The prime one is that the geographical limitations get vanished on the internet. Therefore, it lets you expand your business to as much extent as you are capable of. Moreover, the infrastructural requirement is minimum when you serve online.

The second best advantage of doing consultancy business through the internet is that it gets you easy publicity.

Reviews writing business idea

As a customer, we tend to buy those goods which have positive feedback from existing customers. Therefore, many companies are paying online reviewers these days to review their product on e-commerce websites. It does not mean that the reviewers are paid to write a fake review of a particular product to unethically promote it. You have to be genuine as a user and have to develop your online credibility. You have to create a reputation of your own so that a company would pay you to know your honest opinion about its product.

Serving as a Translator Business idea

In the era of globalization, one does not restrict to its comfort zone. Rather one expands one’s business to take it to an international platform. Practicing it often brings certain petty issues with it. One of such problems is the language difference. If you are bilingual or multilingual, you can serve as a translator in certain companies. There are often the requirements of reports’ translation which you can fulfill.

All it takes is your complete command over the languages which you are translating.

Content development/Marketing Services Business idea

This is another trending freelance job. One cannot be the best in every field that is why companies seek out for specialists. Here, we are talking about online marketing. The firms are ready to pay those who are capable of advertising in social media platforms.

The content development for the websites is another part of it. Good writing skills and a keen marketing language attract such jobs. But most importantly, knowledge of SEO is the prime requirement. To make the content SEO-friendly, the content must have the adequate keyword density, a proper Meta description, and the usage of relevant links and images.

Marketing associate business idea

Such businesses can be proved highly profitable for those who already have a huge group of followers in social media. In such type of marketing, a company gives you its products to use. You are supposed to provide a detailed feedback to your followers and promote it. The success of this business depends on the credibility of your words. Just try to be genuine and touch all the aspects of the product or services which you are promoting.

Once it goes down well, you are very much likely to get more assignments.

Online Photography business idea

Photography is one such hobby that never leaves the person. It stays as a part of him/her. Even if you are in a regular job, you can still make the best out of your photography skills. You can sell your photographs to websites. Almost every website needs original images or photographs related to their content. They are ready to pay a good price against a good quality picture.

Apart from skills you also need to have a good camera, preferably DSLR, to rock on this business. You can do it in your free time and can take work as per your choice.

Video Editing business idea

Many people are currently running a business through videography on the internet. Many are yet to fulfill that dream of becoming a Youtube celebrity. They need a good video editor to achieve the same. If video editing is your thing then you can get many vloggers as your client. As there is so much competition in the videography field, a good quality and nicely edited video is the key to stand out. Therefore, such budding entrepreneurs are ready to pay a good amount for video editing services.

In such businesses, your clients are most likely to stick with you for long.

Call center representative business ideas

The trends related to call center executives are also changing faster. Companies are hiring such representatives who can work from home. The flexibility of time is not guaranteed but a decent pay is. Plus your time is saved which could have been spent on the road in commuting.

A good communication skill is a must in this type of work. Apart from that, a proper phone line connection along with a computer is also required for this job. It is a good opportunity especially for those educated ladies who are housewives or new mothers.

Travel planning business idea

The internet is flooded with travelogues yet all are doing great. It tells that the craze of traveling is found on most of the people. If you have traveled a lot and had earned a great lot of experience in it, then it is the time to make the best use of it. Often when people plan a trip to an entirely new place, they have a lot of questions and doubts. They want someone who has been there and can properly guide them. You can be that helping hand.

You can advise about the best time to visit a particular place, the best and the most economic hotels available, car rentals, best places to visit, places to skip, weather preparation and many other similar things.

Event planning business idea

Presently, event management is also one of the booming industries. Everyone wants to party but don’t have time to do the organizing part. Therefore, they prefer to outsource it.

All you are needed is to develop a good contact with the best hotels, decorators, caterers, and musicians. Rest everything can be managed over phone calls. If you successfully complete your first few assignments, it will ensure you more work in the future.

Courier Service provider business idea

With the rise in e-commerce websites and its usage, the business that has also risen is of the courier service. The performance of every e-commerce website highly depends on the efficiency of local courier services.

It does not involve huge investment and can go a long way if managed properly.

Personal training business idea

If you are a fitness enthusiast yourself and posses a great deal of knowledge related to exercise then you can definitely give it a try. You can work in a gym or start your own if capable of investing.

Apart from that you can also share your knowledge online and develop a fan following.

Cleansing Service agency business idea

Often there is a great deal of cleansing required at home or offices. Not only it is the cleansing of dirt and dust but also that of pests is required. It often involves making a lot of calls. You can be that one-stop service provider for the same.

All you need is to have contacts with pest controllers, housekeepers, AC cleaners, carpet cleaners, and painters. You may not necessarily have regular assignments; therefore, you can do it part-time.

Personal chef  services business idea

People who have moved out of their house for education or job often miss home food. Moreover, some people have health issues and therefore cannot depend on restaurants. If you have good cooking skills, you can be the home-made food provider for them.

Maintain good quality and hygiene to excel in this business.

Internet Security Consulting business idea

In case you have a good knowledge of hacking, internet virus, and other such security threats while using the internet, then there is a great market for you. From an individual to companies everyone sometimes or the other need internet security advice. Being a consultant for them can let you earn a good sum.

Brush-up your knowledge, get updated and learn some more to excel in this area of business.

Website flipping business idea

When you have website development skills, you can work searching for those websites that need improvement. In such works, you have to look for clients that want to update their website.

Patient Assistance services business idea

A person often gets helpless when he or she suffers through sickness. During such moments a helping hand is really appreciated. A patient requires assistance in

  • Searching for specialists for his or her medical situation.
  • Taking care of medical insurance recovery.
  • Other assistance

You need not have a medical degree for such jobs. All you do need is knowledge. The knowledge about hospitals, specialist and expenses involved in different treatments is required. You should also know how to deal with insurance companies. Your existing knowledge plus you can always enhance it; will help you do well in this profession.

Advisor on sustainability business idea

You can either be a degree holder in Environment Science or can have a good knowledge related to it for such jobs. With the rising awareness of threats to our environment, companies are looking for sustainable options for production. They may not necessarily be that innovative in this area and therefore need assistance.

Online tailoring business idea

You need to have the skills similar to a regular tailor but along with computer skills. The days of a common man are getting busier with every passing time. Things like visiting a tailor seem important and unimportant at the same time. Just like how one can buy clothes online, how good it would be to get them customized, altered or stitched through the same mode. You can be that pioneer of your city.

If you already have the skill, spread the word and hire someone to pick-up and deliver the clothes of your clients.

Computer training business idea

If you find people around you without basic computer knowledge, then it’s the time to provide them. If you have a diploma in any special computer course then it is even better. It will let you provide more than just the basic knowledge.

Yes, you have to do the infrastructural investment in computers and classrooms. Therefore, study your environment. If you think it could work in your place then definitely go for it.

Property broker business idea

Many a time people have a property to sell or give on rent. But they struggle with finding the right buyer or tenant. At the same time, some people struggle to fina d good property to buy or live on rent. You can be that link between those two set of people. You need to have a wide range of contacts to work smoothly in this business.

Apart from that, you also need to establish yourself as trustworthy. People often look for such services mainly to get unbiased and genuine information. You have to be the provider of the same to excel in this business.

Beautician business idea

There are various courses and training programs available for one who wishes to be a beautician. It is an education but mostly a skill. Hence, you must have the knack for it. It can be a successful long-term business, once you establish your name.

Be a tour guide or print tour booklets business idea

If you happen to be living in a place which attracts tourists, then it is a good opportunity for you. Learn more historical details about your place and enlighten those tourists as a guide. You can also publish your own booklet with attractive pictures and graphics. Sell them locally to the visitors to provide all the necessary information to ease their trip.

You may also get paid by local hotels and restaurants to print about them in your booklets.

Repairing services business idea

Those who have the knack for electronics and are capable of doing repairs can run a good business in this field. Our appliances and electronic items often need repairs and servicing. In such business, you will never be without work because the requirement keeps coming up every now and then.

You can also take skill training if you are interested in this business but lack knowledge.

Caretaker for babies or old ones as a business idea

In families where husband and wife both are in the job, they need someone to take care of their infant or old ones in the house. In certain cases, there are both infant and old ones who are needed to be taken care of. A helping hand is a much-needed thing in such situations.

You need no special academic skill to be a care-taker but an experience and a heart to serve are the prime qualifications for such jobs.

Laundry service providing business idea

If you can arrange the required infrastructure then providing laundry service is another good business to do. Apart from that you also need to hire a few people under you. Your location also matters for the profitability of the business.

Automobile repairing business idea

Some knowledge followed by a few months’ training under an expert, then you are good to go. This is also one of those businesses which never lets you be out of work.

Video game development business idea

If you have the right knowledge, try creating your own games and sell. The gaming industry is one of the highest grossing ones in the world. Take your creativity and blend it with attractive graphics. Make full utilization of your imagination and develop an interesting video game out of it.

You can always brush-up your knowledge and also there are multiple courses available to learn some more.

Spiritual advisory business idea

If you possess the qualification in the field of philosophy or have attended spiritual classes, then it is time to help others. There are many people around you who are in the need of spiritual healing. Your few words can make a big difference in their lives. Depression, anxiety, frustration are some of the invisible diseases which slowly kill an individual. Meditation can help them come out of their agonies. You can be a hero if you can successfully satisfy their spiritual needs.

Massage therapist business idea

Join a course in massage therapy and become a therapist. You can provide home service to people near you. Having a massage therapist next door is like a dream come true for many. If you serve well, your clients are very likely to stick with you for long. You can also train a few more people and can start your own Massage center.

Online career counseling business idea

If you don’t have much knowledge in this field, still there is nothing much to worry about. You can easily acquire the required knowledge and can start your own online consultancy. Many young graduates around you might be facing confusions regarding career choice. Grab the opportunity and be at their service. Your work will speak for you that is why always toil yourself to deliver a good result.

Relationship advisory business idea

You may not know but there might be people around you who are facing a rough time in their married life. Many of them are might be on the verge of getting separated. Your valuable advice might save their marriage. If you have been a person who is a keen listener and solution provider in your friend circle, you should consider this profession. Other than being a decent earning provider, it is a noble job too.

Market researching business idea

Research work is undoubtedly a necessary part of marketing. But it also can’t be denied that it is a tiresome and hectic job. That is why companies often hire freelancers for such jobs. As a researcher, you can have multiple clients and can work in your own comfort of time. This work can be easily done from remote locations and provides a decent pay.

Astrology business idea

Many people learn astrology out of interest but what they don’t know is that it is a huge market in itself. This area of business includes:

  • Palmistry
  • Tero card reading
  • Horoscope reading

Online Surveyer business idea

Certain websites like Mysurvets, InboxDollar, Global Test Market invite people to do surveys. It does not require special skills and can be done in spare time.

Information selling business idea

If you have detailed information and expert advises about certain topics, you can definitely think of selling them. An e-book format is the best way of doing it. If feasible, sell it in the form of videography.

Personal driving business idea

If you are thinking that you have no other skill than driving smoothly, then you can consider it as a career. Many people owing to their medical conditions or old age are incapable of driving. You can be of service to them. But make sure you have a clean track record and background check. You must possess a valid driving license and must not age below 21 years of age.

Gardening business idea

This is something which depends on an individual’s interest. If you have this as your hobby and also have all the knowledge related to it, then why not this as your career. Everyone wants a beautiful lawn in front of their house or office. Therefore, there is always the need for a specialist. You can charge a fee in return for your services.  You have to be really good at your work to progress in this business. You can also train others who want to look after their gardens by themselves.

Renting business idea

If you have a spare room in your house rent it out and earn extra income without compromising the existing comfort of your life. You can either let out for long or temporarily through Airbnb.

Plumbing business idea

Get the skill under a trained professional and you are good to go. It is also one of those businesses in which you are never out of work. People often need pipeline and tap repairs in their house. Be good in your work and have a rocking career.

Sports coaching business idea

Those who have a history of earning medals in sports can train others to achieve the same. You can join a school or can start your own sports training academy.

Hairdressing business idea

Join a course to learn about hair-styling and then start looking for clients. You can give at-home services or you can start your own salon. Your work will speak for you in such businesses. If you do great in your job your customers will stay with you for long.

Amazon India delivery business idea

Amazon India delivery business idea : Amazon has become one of the leading brands in India. Its widest range of products, quick delivery service, easy returns & refunds, and additional services have made it the nation’s most preferred e-commerce brand. Just what any successful business does, Amazon has brought a lot of employment opportunities with it. It has not only provided wide access to the businesses who are registered as a seller with Amazon but has also generated other business opportunities. One such opportunity is Amazon delivery business idea.

Astrology business idea

Astrology business idea : I see your great future as an entrepreneur. I believe you have some sort of knowledge or interest in this field. Let us understand about astrology business idea in detail.

Many people often believe in some or the other methods of astrology. They believe that they can find answers to their questions through these methods. Questions related to their career, business, love, marriage or any other aspect of their life. Sometimes they inclined towards astrology whenever they face a tough time in their lives. They look for the solutions for their troubles or at least they can know how long they have to endure them. I will not comment on the authenticity of the different astrology methods. But it does provide some kind of relief to them. Astrology has been here for centuries. There must be something that is why people keep coming to it.

Video game development business idea

I think being a gamer as well as an entrepreneur is a great combination. Let us understand about the video game development business idea in detail.

Video game business is one of the highest grossing industries in the world. It is a favorite pass time for children to grown-ups. There are numerous variations in video games. Anyone can choose one on the basis of his or her preference. Video games do have some kind of influence in us. Sometimes they challenge our brains, sometimes they develop a sporting spirit in us, sometimes they test our quickness and yes sometimes they can be very very addictive. In a nutshell, video games have occupied some space in our lives. We all love at least one or more game.

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