Creating wealth and a brand that does 100% GOOD all along the way and still makes 100% Wall Street sense

Mission Accomplished– One of the major missions we ever had while starting out, one of those milestones that we really wanted to tick off since a long long time.

Making our farm co-workers – Gena mama, Vasant mama, Nagesh mama, Pandu mama, Sunil and our first joinees off the farm Pritam, Akash, Divya & Shiva officially owners / shareholders of the company we now are.

Yes our farm co-workers who are literally 4th and 5th standard dropouts who had to take to the life of hard work and toiling, working on the farm due to their circumstances, who never in their life thought beyond their monthly pay check, now ‘owners’ of Two Brothers Organic Farms.

We recently just converted our legal enterprise from a proprietorship to a Private Limited and had one of the top valuation firms do our official valuation which turned out that we are a multi-million dollar brand.

Yes, you heard it right! The small farming startup which sprung from a village, fighting all odds to do what we love now has “THE” money following us, this news just gave us a heavy bolt shot of energy and our joy knew no bounds because despite the entire world screaming in our ears that we were up to absolute foolishness, and that with farming as our business it was impossible to attract the attention and valuation of a tech startup, we for all kept a deaf ear to the outside screams and kept listening to our inner voice, our innate calling and path of joy, and here we are kicking off another impossible block on our way.

The moment we realised this, it immediately dawned upon us that we were rightfully not the only owners of this enterprise but there were so many hands who helped us day and night to come to where we are right now, and prime amongst them were our farm co-workers who being the naive and simple people they are, they always put their faith and hard work in what we were doing, supporting us with words, touch on our backs, unsaid unflinching support, good wishes and a lot of positive vibes.

They were the ones who were ready to bet their life’s hard work on us and they are the ones who have pulled the cart till this point, and YES they are now the rightful owners of TWO BROTHERS ORGANIC FARMS.

So we decided to make each one of those villagers, illiterate, economically poor but humanely very rich people, a MILLIONAIRE – So, we just handed each one of them stock worth A Million INR, needless to say, Free of cost.

And this very stock worth million rupees will be worth a hundred million in the coming days, as we have just started our journey which is scaling up to help 1000’s of other farmers across the country very soon. This is a milestone we have reached but a START for many other interesting things to come.

And yes we have not stopped at just making our employees millionaires but have decided to give 20 farmer friends, souls of the highest order, any and everyone who have helped us in this journey across Pune and Mumbai rightful ownership in TBOF.

We will keep tending to the earth and create a beautiful planet and grow Good food and feed all with food that is medicinal and nourishing – we will take care of all the helping hands by implementing policies that will truly do justice to their efforts and while still being farmers we shall create a billion-dollar enterprise by setting an example of how to create wealth and a brand that does 100% GOOD all along the way and still makes 100% Wall Street sense.

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