What really matters in SEO content, beyond keywords

According to history human beings started writing things around 2600 BC. The Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs were the examples of earlier writings.

The need of writing arose when humans started trading with long distance countries. Even though we relate writing with art it is related to business not only now even in earlier times.

In earlier days when the writers wrote their novels or poems, it was publicized by either the publishing house or magazine or newspapers. But in this era of internet the writers themselves can publish their thoughts and experiences in their blogs.

After finishing the writing how to attract readers to the blogs or web pages? There comes the Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO. SEO is the method in which the content writers can move their websites position upward in search engines like Google, Bing, Internet Explorer, Yahoo etc.Developing a wonderful SEO strategy can bring readers to your website and by that you can increase your income also.

But the objective of any search engine should be to give unbiased and precious content results to the users.  When you enter a search in your search engines, many factors are involved in analyzing and ranking the searches. To do this, search engines are developed in such a manner that they could evaluate millions and billions of articles in half a second. The simple changes you made in your site can increase your ranking in the search engine.


In order to move your rank in search engine you should have some keywords which are most frequently searched by the users or which can be identified easily by the search engine. So, in this era of blogging, keywords are the important ingredient in your content. It is like a sugar or salt in a recipe. Or maybe you can call it as a decoration after you finished the preparation. One should use the keywords as taste enhancer or eye catchers only. Like the over salted or over sugared dish won’t be liked by the people, overcrowded key words in a content will also be neglected by the readers.

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Key words can bring audiences to your site. But it cannot make them to read your blog or story. Following are the ways of increasing traffic to your sites beyond keywords.


  • In order to have a healthy and repeated users or customers, your content and style should be rich and interesting. Today’s audience is so much educated and literate that they always keep looking for new materials to entertain them.


  • Your content should be genuine and valid. Write from the heart. Whatever be the matter, your writing should be genuine and authenticated. Read everything about the topic and subject before touching the key board. Don’t put unnecessary words in order to fill the pages and mock the key word density.


  • Always concentrate on current generation users and pick your topic according to their taste. And the more the topic is current the more it will be searched by the users. So understand your audience and their needs.


  • Try to fill your content with small and easily understandable words. Don’t try to show over smartness to the readers. In this busy words they don’t have time to read your article with dictionary in one hand. So write small words and sentences. If you write long form of sentences, the readers will start yawning and may switch to some other pages.


  • Always do some research about your competitors’work. What they are doing and how they are managing their site etc. And make your content and site above their standards. It is not like copying their method. It is like getting some ideas to improve yourselves.


  • Meta tags and descriptions are also equally important to increase traffic in your web site. Meta tags are not key words. They are HTML codes inserted in head parts of your page.


  • Social media score is as important as keywords in terms of search engine results. If more people are talking about your web page then your social media score should be high. High social media score results in high traffic for your site. So advertise your page in Twitter, Facebook, WhatsappGoogle+, Instagram etc. It is important to start a fan page on Facebook or separate account in the names of your web page.


  • Speed of loading of your web page also determines the number of views. If your page loads quickly, more people will read your content.


  • This era belongs to mobile phones. So if your content is mobile friendly or if you can afford to develop an app for your page, it will definitely be SEO friendly. And it will increase the traffic on your web site. You can multiply your income with the help of app.

Finally Write content for users and try to give pleasure of reading to them. Write your content to attract the masses.  After finishing the writing organize the content for SEO and increase the traffic smartly.

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An MBA in HR and Marketing from AIMS Institute (Bangalore University), He heads digital business he has a rich experience that he has garnered from his previous organisations Including leading Banks, NBFCs & Genpact India. He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Heavy Group of Companies.

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