WYN STUDIO receives funding from India Angel Fund

WYN Studio New Age content startup has received funding from some affluent investors from Indian Angel fund by

Sanjiv Sinha–  from India Japan Partnership fund based in Tokyo

Pranay Anthwal  – Media and Entertainment Industry leader

Narendra Firodia – Chairman of Soham unicorp

Rahul Narvekar –  founder of Startup Studio India and Founder CEO of The Indian Network.

Indian Angel Fund has invested around 50 lakhs into WYN even when it is in the process of setting up completely.

The team at What’s your Narrative (WYN) plans to expand its business with the fund received. They are planning to hire more employers to manage the work efficiently and also are planning to create more creative, crafty and original content for the audience.

What’s Your Narrative (WYN)

What’s your narrative is a freshly set up start-up that focuses on creating audios with a little bit of video content for big brand names like HP. They are also working on the base of original digital content for other leading platforms.

The founders of What’s Your Narrative are- Souniya Khurana who is also TiE Delhi NCR Charter Member-    and  Bijay Gautam who is Inspiring Talk- Finalist for Asia’s Best Podcast Award

They are also into creating and designing podcasts and currently, they have observed a rise in receiving requests for podcasts creation from brands and individuals to monetize their work and content.

The latest Audio produced by them “Can inspire” with RJ Pallavi Rao who is an ex RJ of Radio Mirchi rocked the show and jumped directly to top on Apple podcasts.

While we were cash positive from day one and extremely frugal with our spends, we have realised that this phase has been a boom for content especially audio. Also, thanks to the massive sales of in-ear hardware such as the Apple AirPods, the demand for listening to original content has shot up dramatically and as WYN Studios we hope to create and curate great content audio or video.” speaks Souniya Khurana- co-founder on their first raised funding by Indian Angel investors.

The funding is a great deal for now because the startup is still taking baby steps to completely evolve in the marketing world. The investors showed faith in the startup even when it is not set up completely.

“While we are still in the process of setting up a formal team, I was very impressed with the traction WYN has been receiving so far, as also their frugal spends and sharp revenue focus. With IAF we hope to provide not just some smart money, but access to relevant mentors and also bring in partnerships and alliances which will help WYN studios scale up quickly.” said Rahul Narvekar founder of the Indian Network and one of the investors on this investment.

Pranay Anthwal, Media and Entertainment Industry Leader justified this deal by saying We love content that entertains us. Comedy is not the only content that entertains. Documentaries make you question. Makes you think. Thrillers, true to name give you the thrills. I was searching for a content company that has a strong purpose at its core guiding belief. Layers of interest and contextual entertainment can always be added, but the core intent is non-negotiable. In the core founders of WYN Studio, I see that integrity, hence glad to partner them on this journey.”

“While I have been in Japan for more than 20 years, I am still very much connected to my roots i.e. India and have known Souniya for quite some time. I feel that with some good focus on the right technology such as AI and ML, which are my focus areas I can help WYN enter new areas of content. Interestingly, there is a huge appetite for content in Japan and superstar Rajnikant has many fans in Japan. Since we helped InMobi enter Japan and raise $200 million, we are keen to bring in more startups from India like WYN Studios, into Japan and explore synergies with Japanese companies.” said Sanjeev Sinha.

All the investors show complete faith in the future of startup.